Sex offender released from jail

Probation officer shares details in case; Judge puts man on intensive probation.
Cary Ashby
Feb 12, 2013


A convicted sex offender who violated his probation was released from custody Monday.

Former Norwalk resident Eric L. Carroll, 20, was about 16 when he was convicted of sexual imposition through Huron County Juvenile Court in 2009. In mid-June, he was placed on three years of probation in adult court for attempted failure to register as a sex offender.

"He had two jobs," said probation officer Jim Zappa, but Carroll lost both of them.

Zappa also told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway the defendant's problems started when he tested positive for marijuana in December. The probation officer also said he and Carroll straightened out "some confusion" about changing his residence; the defendant had spent the night at two residences -- a relative's and a convicted felon's.

"It sounded like Eric was on the right track and had some setbacks," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said.

Carroll admitted to testing positive for marijuana Jan. 16 when he submitted a urine sample at the Huron County Jail. He also failed to show up for a probation office visit in early January and since June 14, he failed to make payments on his supervision fees, fines and court costs.

Following the joint recommendation between Longo and the state, Conway upgraded Carroll to be on intensive probation. The judge credited him with being behind bars for about 30 days and released him on a personal recognizance bond.

Carroll's attempted failure to register conviction relates to when he left Ohio to be with some of his family in Kentucky, but didn't comply with Kentucky's sex offender registration requirements.

"There was no clear intent to commit a felony," Longo said in June.



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I see the NR took the comments off the other sex offender story why is that? Is this a sex offender to fear or not please tell us what to do? Does this mean that a person may move into my area and I may or may not find out? Should I fear this person like the man that sells drugs to kids? Or fear him like the man that was released for murder when he found a cheating lover? Oh tell me media what my reaction should be and what level of fear should I have????


good luck finding answers to those questions here.
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