Firefighters called to Aldi

Smoke accumulating inside the store.
Joe Centers
Feb 11, 2013


Norwalk firefighters were called to the Aldi grocery store at 195 Milan Ave. just before 2 p.m. today to investigate a possible fire.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered light smoke inside the store and a heat source coming from the ventilation system on the roof.

Norwalk Fire Chief Shawn Dickerson said the smoke was coming from an air-handling unit on the roof. The power was shut off to that unit and Dickerson said the store should re-open soon.

Look for the full story in Tuesday's Reflector.



Maybe that's how their smoked hams get their flavor?


Seems like all the employees smoke outside - maybe one was smoking in the bathroom since it was cold and windy outside.

yogi bear

Did they get to use the brand new 900,000 dollar ladder truck?


had something to do with the heating system..i heard the motor fizzled out!


maybe the guy who tried to rob them several years back the one they tracked down at a cline street address got caught in the duct... :D
wonder if their thermostat is controlled from corporate?