Man and woman face felony charges after dad catches them in bed

Woman's father pulls half-naked man out of bed and throws him to the floor.
Aaron Krause
Feb 11, 2013


A half-naked man and his drug-addicted girlfriend were arrested after her father caught them in bed together. Both face felony charges.

Following an investigation, Charles Danser, 21, of Vermilion, was charged with receiving stolen property. His girlfriend, Clarissa Jarvis, 39, of 12209 Andress Road, Berlin Heights, was charged with theft and forgery.

Danser and Jarvis were arraigned last week in Erie County Municipal Court.

On Jan. 14, Erie County Sheriff's deputies were called to the Berlin Heights home to investigate a possible burglary in progress. The report stated "the homeowner had located a small subject hiding in a bedroom and had detained him."

When deputies arrived, they found Danser, who was naked from the waist down, lying on the floor.

Jarvis told authorities she had invited Danser into the residence. He snuck in through the window.

The two reportedly were having sex when one of Jarvis' children came into the room. The child then notified the grandparents.

Jarvis' father entered the room and located Danser hiding under the blankets. Danser told deputies he knew the woman's father didn't want him at the residence.

The father pulled the man out of bed and threw him to the floor, deputies said.

Jarvis' parents reported several items, including a cell phone and laptop computer, had turning up missing during the past few days and they suspected Danser was responsible.

"(The father) advised he confronted Charles about the phone prior to our arrival and was told by Charles the phone was at his residence in Vermilion," Sgt. Dennis Papineau wrote in his report. "(The father) advised both the phone and laptop were last seen at the residence between Saturday and Sunday. (The father) went on to advise Clarissa had also stolen checks from their check book and he wished to pursue charges against Clarissa as well."

The couple reportedly provided deputies with copies of four forged checks stolen from their check book. Their daughter is not authorized to use the account and wasn't given permission to take the checks, deputies said.

"I spoke with Clarissa about the checks and she admitted to stealing the checks from her mother's checkbook and cashing them at a Lorain National Bank," Papineau wrote. "Clarissa advised she knew she did not have permission to write the checks and used the money to purchase Suboxon illicitly in Lorain."

According to the report, Jarvis said she didn't know where the cell phone and laptop were, but thought Danser may have taken them. He denied he had the items.

"Charles indicated he only told (the father) he had the phone because he was scared (the father) may strike him," Papineau wrote. The father reported Danser had made several calls in the past few days.

Danser and Jarvis were taken to the Erie County Jail, where Jarvis admitted stealing the checks to pay for Suboxon -- a drug to help her stay off heroin.

Although Danser snuck into the residence through a bedroom window, authorities decided not to pursue burglary charges because Jarvis had invited him, Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

Jarvis remains locked up in the Erie County Jail. Danser, however, has been released.



more people stealing from their parents..


We all know that Judge Conway is going to assign them to CBCF and "intense" probation. Let's just fast forward and save the taxpayers some money on a public defender and court costs.


You betcha windy - even though this episode took place in Erie county. Not sure what Judge Conway has to do with this whole thing, but let's not sweat the details . . .


Oops, my bad.


never too old for a good old fashioned ass beating..

hor mone

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Myrtle Turtle



hor mone spells it just fine for the way he/she means it. it be a play on da spellin ... :)

Oh yeah,, Way to go to the dad .... a 60 something throwin a 20 something around like a rag doll.... that musta been quite a sight....

Yall Make Me Sick

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Should actually be "any" and he was making fun.




"naked from the waist down"......"a small subject hiding in a bedroom " I'll let that speak for itself.


You got to be real messed-up. This is totally wrong. The man not only has to raise his grandchildren, but keep an eye on his "39" yr old daughter, and keep her from drugs and guys who probably keep her in dope for sex. He probably was trying to keep her from having another child, he would eventually have to care for.. My advice.....Just boot her out, forget about the path she took, you did all you can, now just focus on the grandkids.


She is a bad apple....if you get my drift...or am I barking up the wrong (apple) tree?

Second Opinion

Anyone else seem to think she's high in the picture?
She seriously looks like shes buzzed on something

R U Kidding me

well It says a 39 year old woman was arrested but why would they put her moms picture up there. That woman has to be in her 50s or 60s. Oh drug addict never mind I see the resemblence now

Brock Lee

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The journalistic style here is deplorable: to begin an article with such "sensational" details about nudity and scandal are so misleading to what this the story is actually about in an attempt to draw a reader in. It reads like a reality show screenplay. Poorly written.


The "sensational" details about nudity" along with the photo which helps us visually imagine the scene is put in there to help us stay on diets.


Not sure I would pay her anything for sex. And shyt the prescription they give you at the health department for the bumps will probably cost more than the laptop is worth..


Breaking news! Kid used window so he and fata$$ didn't have to share dope with the old timer ..


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Karma Watcher

Once again. Suboxine. The pill used to treat drug addiction. Funny how that is also used to get high. Treat or continue the addiction. Just another drug bought and sold on the street. Oh and suboxine doesn't show up on a urine test. Go figure.

Karma Watcher

Once again. Suboxine. The pill used to treat drug addiction. Funny how that is also used to get high. Treat or continue the addiction. Just another drug bought and sold on the street. Oh and suboxine doesn't show up on a urine test. Go figure.


wow, your child finds you in bed w/ this lowlife, you snuck in through the window, what a role model you are. My my you must be so proud,stealing checks, letting this a$$ take property from the only people in this world that ever loved you. Take off ,leave your children w/ your parents, dont poison their lives anymore. Give your mom & dad some normalcy, peace before you give them a heart attack. If you love them[at your age] let them have a life. Disappear.


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Well as I see it this woman has broken 2 of the top ten. "Thou Shall Not Steal" and Honor thy Mother and thy Father". Then again Dad sorta took care of some of the problem himself. What's kinda funny about it, the boyfriend must have been a little afraid to move as he was in the same place he was put when the law arrived. lol


As far as what the picture looks like, To me it looks a little bit like she had been crying a lot and she also looks a little ashamed for being caught doing what she was doing. She should have been because doing something like that when her child was up. Shame on her! Finally, Hey Mom that's really being a good model for your child! Showing that it's ok to steal from your parents, now watch and see if the child doesn't do the same to you. Good Going! NOT!


What are you trying to hide in your life that talking bad about people on here hides? Why try to aim a spotlight that's already on??? You know what you have done