Norwalk woman sent to slammer for stealing dad's checks

During search of vehicle, deputies found heroin and syringes.
Aaron Krause
Feb 9, 2013


A Norwalk woman who stole checks from her father has been sentenced to a total of 16 months in prison.

Melinda M. Holtz, 41, most recently of 4641 Plank Road, was sentenced Friday in Huron County Common Pleas Court to six months in prison. The judge ordered her to serve that term consecutive to the 10-month term she received for an Erie County case.

She pleaded guilty Friday to two counts of receiving stolen property. In exchange, the state dropped forgery charges.

The Huron County incident happened in mid-November, when Holtz's father reported the theft of six checks.

As Detective John Harris was completing the paperwork in the case and taking a statement from the man, a Firelands Credit Union employee called him on his cell phone. Sheriff's Capt. Ted Patrick said the clerk reported the man's daughter, Holtz, was in the drive-thru attempting to cash his checks.

Harris and Deputy Shannon Lyons responded to the Cleveland Road bank, where they confronted Holtz who was in a vehicle with another female subject.

"She (Holtz) became combative," Patrick said.

During a search of the vehicle, deputies reported finding three suspected heroin syringes and a small amount of heroin.

She was arrested and initially charged with resisting arrest and theft of checks. However, prosecutors decided to only charge her with receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony punishable by six to 12 months behind bars.



Good man her Dad.
Shamn Dame!!!!
Chin up Max!!!
In need of serious self-check dear.

Kottage Kat

Max hang tuff


Went to school with her. Was one of the prettiest girls. Always nice to me. Shows what drugs do to ya. Now is nothing but white trash! Hope she learns her lesson in prison by some of the "prison bitc*es! Stealing from her dad..needs her as* beat..she'll get hers. Have fun in the "joint"!!HAHAHA! Do another needle full and see where it gets you!! You deserve what you got!! Another junkie thief off the streets!


The Bath House will not be accepting personal checks as a method of payment for dues.


I don't condone what she did, but she is a good person, as I know her well. She was just in a bad place, and made bad choices. Tearing her down isn't going to help anyone. She was trying desperately to keep up with her child support, living with next to nothing, and the judge threw her in jail every time she couldn't keep up, forcing her to lose her job every time. Kind of hard to make those payment behind bars, and hard to keep getting a new job every time she got out. She did what she had to do to survive, and she didn't hurt anyone but herself. I wish her the best.

SeƱor Clown

I don't believe that using heroin is what one has to do to survive, but I don't live in Huron county, so I can only speculate. And stealing from your own family could certainly be seen as hurting someone other than yourself.


my thoughts exactly..
we all hurt because of crap like this.
wish my Dad was still here.
i would never treat him like that...EVER!


At least this time the sentence was something other than CBCF or "intense" probation.


I can't believ her dad is a snitch.. lol


Are you kidding me?! That man has worked hard for what he has and for his druggie daughter to come and steal that away is garbage!!! You want to sit here and call HER DAD A SNITCH! What a fu**ing scumbag you must be to stand up for a druggie b!**h that screws around with 16 year olds!! You will be joining her in HELL rotting away!!


Are you serious??? I bet if the truth be known, He gave her several chances. And reached the point, where enough is enough.
Good for dad!!!! For finally putting a stop to it!




Melinda is a good person. Thanks to those of you who know her and wrote good about her. Nobody condones what she did. 26 months is a long time. Maybe it will save her life. Heroin sucks! Glad I only did it once. Hey WASP71, It's funny how hateful you are of someone you claim was nice to you back in school. Maybe people shouldn't be so nice to you. Hey slimwhite56. Judging from your previous posts and your screen name, you're an idiot.


Hey- She wants to turn around and not be a thieving junkie white trash and steal from her dad then I won't be nasty to her. Until then, oh well. She needs to sit her as* in prison no matter how nice she was 25 years ago. She isn't nice now, and being in prison and a dope head, probably won't be later either. She did it to herself, her choices. Not my fault. Tired of people sticking up for people that make their own choices and steal from others and do drugs. But it's because of this or that. Bullsh*t. They made the choices. They deserve what they get. Sorry for not being politically correct for ya. No I'm not. She's not a good person now, and that's what she needs to fix or be low life white trash the rest of her life. Her choice. It's not a disease or anything else. That's an excuse. She did it. Now pay the Piper.


Good people don't do drugs and steal. Maybe she could keep up with child support if she wasn't buying heroin.


Hey ( THEREADER ) who gave you permission to speak to me?.. watch your fingers!! You aint scared of me!


My big sister. It's sad because I love her, and I'm sure now that she is sitting in jail, clean, she will start to realize that she has hurt so many people that love her. 16 months is a long time, and its sad to say but maybe its her last chance to get and stay clean.


hang in there camper...stay positive.
you are loved!



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koning van de d...

Stealing from family is inexcusable, period. Too many of us hard working honest people are fed up with this kind of crap! Between the government, and these kind of crooks, it is hard to keep what we have worked our lives for, let alone try to get ahead.