Jim's Pizza Box sees more than three decades

Business founder credits family for success
Aaron Krause
Feb 8, 2013


When Jim West visited Las Vegas with his wife, Jen, she wasn't winning at the tables.

Jim told Jen that as far as he's concerned, he's already won.

He wasn't referring to gambling, but to his life, with a beautiful wife, beautiful children, health and a great business.

On Wednesday, a celebration took place at that business, Jim's Pizza Box, to commemorate its 35 year anniversary. But listening to West speak, it sounded like Wednesday's event was also a celebration of his family and friends.


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Congrats Jim.

Kottage Kat

Jim you are more awesome than your pizza
Best pizza around
Love all the west family
35 years I was just a baby LOL
DO NOT check with Snotty on that one


Cliff Cannon

" Jims " is like " Cheers " where everyone knows your name ( and the food is great ) Thanks West's for making such a wonderful place to go.


Jim's ! a many of yrs and birthday parties etc.. Fact to all. If you want to start a local business in a small town. It DOES pay to get involved on city counsel. Lack of "competition" always helps.

Judy Moody

Best wishes for 30 more years at this local treasure!


I grew up on Jim's Pizza Box, and even though I don't live in Milan anymore-I try to get there as much as I can.


I once ate at Jim's and spilled some pizza sauce on my shirt. The stain resembled an image of John Stamos. I have never washed the shirt to this day.


Congratulations! This is a great place!