Governor's plan would benefit Norwalk schools

Numbers released for state's new school funding plan.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 8, 2013


Four local school districts, including Norwalk, would receive additional money in the next two years under Gov. John Kasich's education plan.

Others benefiting would be Monroeville, South Central and Willard.

But those four would be in the minority as 60 percent of Ohio school districts would get no additional money. That includes the Bellevue, Edison, New London, Plymouth-Shiloh and Western Reserve.

The detailed information for each district was made available this, nearly a week after the governor released his plan. To see a district-by-district list of funding, click on the link below.

Stories about the plan, including the local impact, were published in the Reflector on Thursday and Friday. To read more, pick up a copy of those issues or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read the stories now.


swiss family

oh good.... more money for the schools... how about hiring a couple more $100,000.00 Principals who only work 184 days a year.....

swiss family

I am happy the League Street school is 100 years old. But with limited actual school days per year I believe in Norwalk it is 184 per year, I am not sure that the time and effort that was put into the celebration, at the expense of actual learning days for the students was worth nit. I think that the students at that age, really cared much about being the 100th day in the 100th year, But I understand that the teachers and administration would be very excited about it, with that being said it is too bad that the celebration was not help after school hours so the parents of the students and the adults in the community could be part of the celebration, without having to use up limited learning time for the students. I am glad that they did take the picture with the kids in the 100 shape, it is cute but all of the "learning" time used to plan and pull off the big in school celebration, might have been better used on actual education..