New airport board members being announced today

Huron County commissioners making three appointments to airport authority board.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 7, 2013


The Huron County commissioners will appoint three new airport authority board members at this morning's meeting.

"We need to appoint three and I've got two," Commissioner Tom Dunlap said when asked Wednesday if he had his mind made up after a number of recent airport board applicant interviews.

"This process is going to be give-and-take," Dunlap said, adding he doubted if any of the three commissioners would get all three of their preferred applicants appointed.

Other topics the commissioners planned to discuss this morning include the 2013 budget and a plan for county vehicle replacement, which includes sheriff's cruisers. Look for the full story in Friday's Reflector.


Ralph Wiggum

They wrote a document, never signed their personal or business name to it and talk about themselves in the third person through the whole thing? Get a name on that thing and try again soon.


Clarence, the only "delusions of grandeur" are those emanating from 1300 SR 18 and 180 Milan Avenue.


you should have applied.


A dog and pony show.


Clarence 2. Windy & propman 0.


A little partisan aren't you Kurt.
Wouldn't have you ref a pee wee league.


Ahah...we will wait you out. Time is on the taxpayer's side & they will get their say when this is finished. This isn't 1969.


While you are waiting, go ahead and hold your breath.
Given your mentality, 1969 is a few centuries in your future.
At least since your already drive a oxen @ cart you'll be prepared for the county falling back to the dark ages.


Did I miss something, or has the article announcing the appointments NOT been posted in the NR online? If it hasn't, does anyone other than me find this odd?


teiwaz - What is more odd is that the Huron County Commissioners filled the vacancies with individuals who have NO aviation background whatsoever. There were SEVEN qualified applicants who were interviewed that DO have a background in aviation, including two who had already served on the airport board. Why would the Commissioners select people who are NOT versed in aviation to serve on an AIRPORT board? Hmmmm . . . . this really makes me wonder what's happening "under the table" . . . .