New airport board members being announced today

Huron County commissioners making three appointments to airport authority board.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 7, 2013


The Huron County commissioners will appoint three new airport authority board members at this morning's meeting.

"We need to appoint three and I've got two," Commissioner Tom Dunlap said when asked Wednesday if he had his mind made up after a number of recent airport board applicant interviews.

"This process is going to be give-and-take," Dunlap said, adding he doubted if any of the three commissioners would get all three of their preferred applicants appointed.

Other topics the commissioners planned to discuss this morning include the 2013 budget and a plan for county vehicle replacement, which includes sheriff's cruisers. Look for the full story in Friday's Reflector.



Let's all look really surprised when they name Essex, Silcox and another one of their cronies that wants to sell the airport. The Board of an organization is supposed to make decisions which benefit THAT organization, NOT the demise and sale of it. It's like putting the fox in charge of the hen house or Yogi Bear in charge of the picnic basket. What a joke!


This is a taxpayer county owned facility. Decisions should benefit the TAXPAYER and COUNTY. Commissioners should appoint members who will look out for the TAXPAYER and COUNTY. This is not your country-club. Most taxpayers agree keeping Summit happy is a benefit to the taxpayer and county, therefore the board should select members with that disposition in mind. Find another playground, or build one of your own, and for once, st*u.


Ok Clerence, May you enjoy being a serf to DUKE BADER
Bader benefits BADER not the people of the county

Brock Lee

who craes


If you are a taxpayer in Huron County you should!


The big question is, Why would you fly into Huron County Airport?

If they do not have a good answer to that question, sell it.


Yep as expected the commissioners appointed Essex (the saboteur)and two others with no experience with aircraft/aviation.
They'll learn what the FAA can do to those that fail to abide by their commitment.


Clarence 1 . Windy & propman 0.


kURTje and Huron County Taxpayers = 0

When the Commissioners try to sell the airport, who do you think is going to have to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines the FAA will sanction on the county? THE TAXPAYERS! Neither the three stooges in the Commissioners' Office nor Bader will have to take it out of their own pockets. These idiots are gambling with the TAXPAYERS money!


As reported earlier by Sandusky Register, the FAA will not necessarily oppose the sale. I would wager they may even suspend fines once they see the possible revenue to the county.

Quit stomping your feet and throwing a hissy fit...the gravy train, secrets and free-for-all club house days are gone. Your little secret mini society is over. The taxpayer is now the BOSS.


Ok Clarence, Why don't we sell Bader rt.20 then. Just think of how many spectators could watch that. That would be far better then allowing people to get to work and supplies getting delivered.


As reported by the Commissioners' 2011 Clark & Winestock Report (which cost the taxpayers $7,500), it would be next to impossible to sell the airport. At the minimum, Bader would have to be willing to pay FAIR MARKET VALUE for the land. The Huron County Auditor values that land at $1.5 MILLION. If Bader wasn't willing to pay $800,000 for an already-built oval track in Mansfield, what makes you think he is willing to spend $1.5 MILLION for the airport land alone? The way the Commissioners have been going about this whole issue, Bauer, Silcox, Hintz, and Dunlap are destined to put Huron County in the spotlight just as Jimmy Dimora did for Cuyahoga County.


Dimora and Cuyahoga? lmao you sure do have delusions of grandeur! hilarious! You people just cant get over it can you? My God, grow up already, this airport is not YOURS. It wasn't built for YOU. It may just go away no matter how much you scream and cry. I know it has become a habit after having free rein all these years, doing whatever you wanted while no one was paying attention....but its over now. Try to be a bit mature and graceful would ya?


Sorry Clarence, it isn't over til its over. And this thing is far from settled. The fight has just begun. Yes, it may go away someday but not in the near future. The FAA has too much at stake in this. The FAA policy is clear. No sale of obligated property for the purpose of economic development.


Who you fighting with? The taxpayer? You, the tiny few that have run amuck for years are now going to "fight" to keep the entitlement that you have so are only fighting within yourselves.

And please, the FAA will not force this county to lose revenue and go bankrupt for a tiny airstrip that serves only a few. State legislatures and the Governor would even intercede if need be to help keep our county viable. The FAA understands our tiny airport is not Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, you need to acknowledge that as well.

Delusions of grandeur, can't help but repeat it since you appear to not understand. Get a life.


So Clarence, you feel the county should bend over backwards for Bader's benefit?
That is the only one to gain from the robbery of the airport from the people of this county, unless certain public officials are getting a personal gain as well.
That would be the same public officials that have been running this county into bankruptcy for awhile already.


Bader only one to gain? banging your head against a wall over and over. One more time: THE TAXPAYER GAINS. All together now: THE TAXPAYER GAINS. HURON COUNTY THRIVES...yada yada yada. Please feel free to keep banging your heads against the wall until you get it right.


Clarence - Show us the figures that PROVE the RACETRACK is "the mega revenue generator" for Huron county. If you can prove it without the use of the study funded by Bader, then you will have some unbiased figures that we can all believe.

Ralph Wiggum

Windy - Show us the figures that PROVE the AIRPORT is "the mega revenue generator" for Huron county. If you can prove it without the use of the list imagined by LeClair, then you will have some unbiased figures that we can all believe.


Ralph, Carl, Harold, "Imagined by LeClair" I've seen the list of businesses. They are based on the air traffic that has flown in to the airport, or businesses the passengers confirmed they were visiting. You can always go to their website and look at the pictures of the planes. You should be able to handle viewing the photos. "Imaginary" is thinking that Larry Silcox is still a commissioner.


Reasonable, Ralph probably still thinks Silcox is a commissioner.
Ralph, how does the sun feel on a troll like you when you comes out from under your bridge?
The third billygoat is coming.

Ralph Wiggum

I live, work, vote and pay taxes in Huron County and was just called a "troll" by a person that lives and works in Lorain County? HAHAHA!!! Don't worry poopman, I'll let you know the next time I "comes" out from under my bridge. I'll even bring along a dictionary for you when I "comes" out.


Ralph, TROLL fits you for the way you operate on this site.

In Internet slang, a troll (pron.: /ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[3] The noun troll may also refer to the provocative message itself.

Anyone who has seen your posts would agree you fall under that Definition.


Ralphie - Everyone keeps telling us that the RACETRACK is "the mega revenue generator" for Huron County. I have asked for someone to show us the ACTUAL FIGURES which PROVE this ASSUMPTION, without referring to the study financed by Bader. Since you are attempting to turn the focus back away from the racetrack, it is obvious that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you, or anyone else, to provide ANY SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE of the racetrack's benefit to anyone but BADER.

Ralph Wiggum

Any private company operating inside Huron County should be considered a "mega revenue generator" at this point. Do you read any of the other stories in the Reflector about the lack of county tax revenue and the lack of companies providing jobs? All businesses in the county need to be quantified now? Do we need to measure their tax value to determine if they're worth county support or are you and the airport boys attacking the racetrack because it's a personal threat to your hobby? The airport country club members demand Bader prove his county tax worth while they operate on county owned property demanding more and more tax money? Simply amazing!!


Ralphie - Since "any private company operating inside Huron County should be considered a 'mega revenue generator' at this point", then all of those companies in Huron County which appear on the list of 100+ documented businesses that benefit from the airport should be considered EQUALLY as valuable as the racetrack. Why, then, should ALL of those other companies have to suffer because of ONE?

Ralphie, yours is NOT a wise business mind. You must be a Huron County Commissioner.

Ralph Wiggum

What local company has spoken up and said they'll suffer? There's a list compiled by a private pilot who possibly has an axe to grind and that's your proof? The only Huron County business I hear publicly talking about suffering is the racetrack. That's because an airport and a group of hobbyists stand in the way apparently. The private pilot needs to collect public statements of support from the companies on his list to back up his opinions and pictures. They can reprint the statements on their Facebook page one by one or throw them all in with their next unprofessional Facebook rant.


Talk about an axe to grind. Ralph, you are the pot calling the kettle black. I remember when you stated noone used the facility other than a few hobbiest. Then someone proved you wrong and listed businesses documented using the facility. Then you cried foul again. Nobody is here to please you even though you whine as loud as Billy Jr. You are upset because a few people have enough documentation and knowledge to stop your plans to steamroll over the county's airport property for the sake of the Bader family. You talk big. It's time for you to produce the actual amount the county auditor receives annually in sales tax revenue as a result of SMP. You won't!! I want to to prove thru documentation how many more individuals are employed by local business in Huron county as a result of the 10-15 days of SMP special events. You'll come up short there too. Until you provide with actual figures (not one of Billy paid reports) hold your stones for someone else - maybe you can throw them at all the local farmers who use the aerial spraying service annually.

Ralph Wiggum

So the private airport user proved me wrong with a list of businesses? A list absolutely free from possible biases or favorable twists for personal benefit? Oh wait, what's this? On their list I'm looking at #34 and I see Kalahari, Sandusky Ohio. An Erie County business that received confirmed business from the Huron County airport adding to it's value. Why on June 21, 2011 did this same person post 5 pictures on Facebook of the Kalahari parking lot with race car transport trucks sitting around? They posted a comment below the pictures that states, "Tuesday night, 06/21/2011. Racing Semi's are lined up in the Kalihari parking lot. Guess most of the 100 million dollars the raceway talks about is going to Erie County, instead of Huron County." What? Didn't their list say that was a positive?


Ralph here is something for you to read, not that you'll understand but this comes from the airial applicater-
Aerial Fertilizing / Seeding Services Based At The Huron County Airport
Do You understand the importance of the Huron County Airport to Agriculture

Have you used the Aerial Fertilizing / Aerial Seeding Service which has based its operation over the past 3-4 years during spring and summer months at the Huron County Airport, working with the local Sunrise Agronomy Co-Op. The Aerial company has fertilized over 40,000+ Acres of local farmland each of the past 2-3 year, spraying over ¾ of a million dollars of chemicals annually, increasing crop yields by 2-3 fold, and most important, profits for the local farm community members who used the services. Aerial Fertilizing /Seeding is becoming more popular and cost effective each year drawing more local farmers to use aerial methods in their farm operations.

Our current County Commissioners Larry Silcox and Gary Bauer, have done everything they can over the past 4 years to put our airport in a downward financial spiral, and increase danger to the users of the facility. Even though Silcox and Bauer have changed their positions as we get closer to election, their end game, no matter the consequences to agriculture, has always been to close the airport, and sell the county property to Bill Bader for his personal expansion. They refused to sign grant applications in 2011, and 2012, to improve the facility, and all at NO cost to the county taxpayer. They also made 2 recent airport board appointments, who instead of promoting and improving the airport for local agriculture, and other businesses, have done nothing but purposely create turmoil, and interfere with normal airport operations at every turn.


First, the airport is only a mile from the Sunrise Agronomy plant which makes their transportation of chemicals/fertilizer/seed very convenient, and cost efficient. The airport facility is in a perfect location to service the agricultural needs of Huron County farmers, as well as those from Erie, Ashland, and Lorain County. The paved runway is 75’ wide, and 4200’ in length which is important during the summer months when aircraft need a hard surface runway due to wet weather, and the extra runway length to ensure a safe departure on hot summer days when carrying full loads of fertilizer. There is self-serve fuel for convenience and 24/7 operations, especially important to get projects completed before the onset of inclement weather. There is also the ability to secure and store the aircraft and Ag equipment at the Huron County Airport during temporary down time.


What would closing the airport mean to local farmers who use the Aerial fertilizing or seeding services???
First, the Aerial Service would have to find a suitable airport with a paved runway long enough for use during the summer when chemicals are loaded to capacity. They would require accessible fuel 24/7, and equipment storage. Possible sites with all required services include Mansfield, Lorain County, Sandusky County, Ottawa County, and possibly Wakeman (a private airport), 12 miles NE, located in Lorain County. Moving the Aerial Fertilizing Operation to another airport location will add:

1. An increase in aircraft time to, and from farm locations,
2. An increase in the amount of aviation fuel used,
3. An increase in the Pilot’s time to and from farm locations, and the new airport,
4. An Increase in employees time, and
5. There may also be additional charges in the form of landing fees, storage of vehicles, chemical, etc.

Who do you think will pay for these additional expenses??? OBVIOUSLY, YOU - THE LOCAL FARMERS WHO USE THE AERIAL SERVICES

This is from october and I posted it on here then for people to see.