Norwalk voters to decide council races

5 vying for 4 council at-large seats
Scott Seitz2
Feb 22, 2013


In the Norwalk city council at-large race, Republicans Steve Euton, Kelly Beck and David Wallace all filed paperwork with the Huron County Board of Elections prior to the deadline.

They will join Republican Stephen Schumm and Democrat Scott Meyer in that race, which now features five candidates for four seats, pending any Independents filing in the coming months.

Democrat Deb Lucal in the first ward, Republican Bob Carleton in the second ward and Democrat Chris Mushett in the fourth ward have all field and are presently unopposed.

In the third ward, Republican Samantha Ludwig is being challenged by Democrat Shelley Robenalt.


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Needa put ludwigs @ss in the mental ward

yogi bear

Glad to know the voters will decide the council races;I thought maybe a rousing game of rock, paper, scissors would be used this time.


Too bad more younger people aren't active here. They imo know better what is going on.