Jail worker arrested

Woman, 59, allegedly furnished alcohol, tobacco and scissors to inmates
Aaron Krause
Feb 6, 2013


An Erie County Jail kitchen worker was arrested Wednesday, a day after authorities received a tip that she provided inmates with alcohol and tobacco.

Mildred Hensley, 59, of Sandusky, was scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. today on two charges of conveyance of illegal items or deadly weapons onto the grounds of a detention facility or institution. One of the charges, a second-degree misdemeanor, is in connection with bringing alcohol into the facility. The other charge, a fourth-degree felony, came after Hensley allegedly admitted to authorities she brought scissors into the jail so an inmate could cut his hair.

Erie County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said tobacco, by law, is not a "drug of abuse." Therefore, Hensley isn't charged with bringing it to the jail. He added jail officials consider scissors a deadly weapon.

"We have no idea what the inmate could or could not have done with those scissors," Oliver said. "We take any allegations of this nature very seriously because the safety and security of our jail operations is paramount."

Hensley had been a sheriff's office employee for at least 20 years. She's technically not an employee now, since the jail contracted kitchen services out to another company.

Oliver said authorities received an anonymous call on Tuesday from someone alleging that Hensley provided some inmates who work in the kitchen with alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday. The caller also alleged Hensley had brought tobacco into the jail, provided it to inmates and planned to do so again Wednesday.

Detectives conducted interviews and corroborated the information, Oliver said. When Hensley arrived for work on Wednesday, jail administrators met with her. Sgt. Nick Kotsopoulos and Oliver interviewed her.

"She admitted that she bought alcohol into the facility on Sunday," Oliver said. He added she admitted bringing tobacco products into the jail for at least the last four months and admitted bringing scissors to jail.

Hensley was arrested after police interviewed her.

Oliver said the suspect was cooperative.

"She said it was stupid that she made mistakes and she obviously realizes she's going to be in trouble for those mistakes," he said.

Hensley was held at the Erie County Jail pending today's arraignment at 9 a.m. at Sandusky Municipal Court.



All she seen was the $$$$ the guys where willing to pay. You know she didn't take the risk for free. Tobacco brings money. And like you seen you don't get in as much trouble as illegal drugs.


Money? In jail the currency is Reese's peanut butter cups, no cash!! I think she was just buddy-buddy and trying to be cool/liked. Unless she likes stale candy with a slight hint of man-ass.


Money as in the guys call or write home and say send this much to so & so. Thats how big debts are paid off. It's not all chips and candy. Real money gets paid when people think their loved ones are in trouble only to find out later it's for crap like this.

swiss family

is smoking still allowed inside the jails???




Does she have a relative in Erie County Jail? Stupid, stupid to jepordize your 20 yr pension. And a dangerous weapon! Thank God she was stopped

Brock Lee

wtf free cigs an beer in jail an free stuff in cbcf i want go


Well it beats that "Butt Hash" stuff they have been sniffin to get high..


poor judgement. She probably felt motherly to some of the inmates, gin? scissors? they must have really done a number on her. She could be lonely, remember in the word convict [con] is only the beginning. Safety for staff and other prisoners mustof went over her head.


Hey give her a break maybe that pair of scissors was on its way to being the answer to a prayer to a mother of a rape victim! God works in mysterious was


As for the alcohol and tobacco. Who wouldn't like a drink and smoke after killing a rapist? ?? You people are sick minded

Kottage Kat

Wonder what mark is on forehead


That's the mark that was left behind after she was hitting her head on the wall and saying, "Dummy, dummy, dummy, what was I thinking?"