No jail time for teen mom sorry for 'heckuva scene' at buffet

Prosecutor: 'Young lady was in great distress, doing more heroin than she should'; Worker says she was running around topless in parking lot.
Cary Ashby
Feb 8, 2013


The teenager and new mom, who has been convicted of attacking a paramedic and stealing a relative's credit card, proclaimed she's "happy" to be clean and sober.

"I'd like to get my GED," defendant Lisa M. Barnett said in court Tuesday.

In December, the former Norwalk resident pleaded guilty to one felony count each of assaulting a paramedic and receiving stolen property. The receiving stolen property incident happened Sept. 11.

The assault happened Sept. 27 at Brian Buffet, a Plank Road restaurant where Barnett, 19, now of Sandusky, had a heroin overdose.

"This was a heckuva scene at the Brian Buffet. The young lady was in great distress, doing more heroin than she should," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said at Tuesday's sentencing hearing.

"The people who were there reported it was worse than what was in the police report," he told the judge.

Prosecutors earlier said Barnett "was crying and screaming and yelling about having Hepatitis C," went into the bathroom, "shot herself full of heroin" and then "was throwing up all over herself." A witness who works near the restaurant said Barnett was topless as she ran around the parking lot before North Central EMS arrived.

"I'm sorry for what I did; I really am," Barnett said Tuesday.

While paramedics attempted to treat her, Barnett scratched and bit a female medical worker. Huron County Public Defender David Longo has said the bite didn't penetrate the victim's skin.

Since being released from the Huron County Jail on house arrest after her Dec. 20 guilty plea, Barnett has tested clean during random drug screens, Longo said. He requested Barnett be required to do an intense outpatient program as part of intensive probation.

Leffler said Barnett had a 10 heroin balloons-per-day habit that went back as much as two years. He recommended Barnett spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility so she could continue to "make strides" in addressing her addiction. A CBCF is a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

Barnett told the court she hadn't been tested for Hepatitis C since the assault. It's unknown if she was positive before she gave birth. Barnett's aunt is taking care of her 2-year-old girl in Sandusky.

As part of her three years of intense probation, Barnett must work toward her GED and pay almost $278 in restitution to the receiving stolen property victim. She's also prohibited from having any association with her one-time boyfriend.

Citing the importance of Barnett being with her daughter and proving she can be sober, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway ordered Barnett to undergo substance abuse counseling. He didn't impose any jail time.

"I'm giving you a lot of credit," said Conway, who ruled Barnett faces 18 months in prison if she violates her probation.

The judge ordered her to be screened for the Benchmark program, which he said he found was useful for drug defendants when he was an Erie County assistant prosecutor. Barnett could be screened for a CBCF if she isn't accepted.



hmm, really? What kinda wool are you pulling Yoda?


Huron County should really host its own reality show. Between the drug users and losers and all the criminal activity around this would make the show COPS look childish.

Sitting In The ...

They could us the public access channel to air it and like you said, with all the crime in this county they would have an endless source of material.

Brock Lee

she aint blond it red

jack langhals

Like I have said before,this is funnier than you tube gags !

believe it

No doubt it's bad with the thing to remember is if you lived in a big city you have more murders, break ins(even more than here), thefts, robberies, etc. You're going to have stuff happen no matter where you are, it's just that in this area it's even more with drugs and that's really about the only news to report on around here.


I think what Mr. Leffler was trying to say is that doing a modicum of Heroin at BB is still "safer" than eating...... Whew. Almost said that out loud.


She must not of learned yet from all the trouble shes in because shes always posting on facebook how shes getting wasted and crap shes only 19 I believe her going to that drug program would help her change because with her being on the streets shes not going to change she will get wrapped back into the drugs... she has a child to support and i bet she dosent even have a job.. the judge is to light on theses drug offenders

Good 2 B Me

More Heroin that she should?

Ellis dee

Kinda cute

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Very sad. Maybe, just maybe she will change and become a productive citizen?


Hope she will change. She from Willard originally?


One time I was ripped up on heroin and wound up on a beach in Uganda with John Stamos. We shared the same needle for six months. As a matter of fact, I still have the needle. I keep in framed next to my autographed copy of season three of Full House.

swiss family

nothing will change here in Huron County until people contact Mike DeWine @


Good luck with that!

Karma Watcher

Another sad story. I've seen this story before. And I knew the girl. And years later she is now dead. The sad part is most treatments for heroin is another drug called suboxine. Which is now selling like candy cuz this is used to get high too. Herion is one of the worse if not THE WORST drug out there. I tried to help my friend years ago but for any treatment out there that even MIGHT work is about 30 grand. But around here they just substitute one drug for another. So sad.


Prayers for the medical worker that she does not get this person's cooties...


No jail time? How about some hospital time? You know, maybe the South Pavilion. There's got to be some kind of reason why the woman feels the need to take off her clothes when she's not feeling right! People usually don't go around doing something like that. Then again if they did she wouldn't have been looked at like that. lol