Collision blamed on texting

Sheriff's major: Female passenger tells driver he had a text message, which he then tries to read, resulting in collision with another vehicle.
Cary Ashby
Feb 8, 2013


A local man accused of attempting to read a text while driving was charged with failure to control in connection with a two-vehicle collision Tuesday.

Jonathan S. Goble, 30, of 25C Summit St., was northbound about 7:45 p.m. in the 2900 block of Ridge Road in Norwalk Township. Huron County Sheriff's Maj. Greg Englund said Goble's female passenger told him "he had a text."

"He looked over at the phone, trying to read the text," Englund said.

Goble's 2001 Chevrolet car went off the east side of the road. He returned to Ridge Road, crossed the center line and hit a southbound Jeep, Englund said.

Both vehicles sustained minor damage, but there were no injuries.

While Goble only was charged with failure to control, Englund said deputies would have charged him with texting while driving if the law had been in effect.

"It doesn't take effect until March 1," the sheriff's spokesman said.

Goble also was issued a summons on possession of drug paraphernalia.

Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel provided more information on the new texting law, which is part of House Bill 99. He said it's considered a secondary driving offense for adults and a primary one for anyone under 18.

"If an officer sees (an adult) person texting while driving, they can't pull them over for (just) that violation," Christophel said.

No person shall use a "handheld, electronic wireless communications device" while driving any motor vehicle "on any street, highway or property open to the public for vehicular traffic," the law states in the Ohio Revised Code.

Christophel there's a six-month grace period that started Aug. 31 when police could issue written warnings to drivers and notify them about the law.

Englund said this is the first Huron County incident he knows of when someone could have been charged with texting while driving.

"That shows these incidents are happening and that they lead to accidents," he said.


Simple Enough II

How many of these Gobles are there in the area? Shame on the LEO's should have charged him with "Driving without due regard to the safety of others", didn't need Rex Damnshroder to push through a law that will be abused for example
SHP: Sir/Ma'am, the reason I pulled you over was I saw the glow of a cellphone, I suspected you were texting. Pick next comment 1. Have you been drinking, breathe in my face. 2. Do you have drugs in this car, I smell the odor of raw Mary jane, can I conduct a search. 3. Ma'am, I suspect you are under the influance of intoxicants or drugs...(sound of zipper) I'll need you to do a breathealyzer test......Nope no chance of abuse here folks.


stop texting and driving people!!!
!!!!!!!STOP IT!!!!!!