Railroad worker finds bag full of money

Bank bag ready for deposit contained more than $1,500.
Cary Ashby
Feb 8, 2013


It was a good and honest deed.

An employee with Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway was doing some maintenance in downtown Norwalk when he found a bank bag containing cash Tuesday. The man was working on the Benedict Avenue railroad crossing near Charlie's Bar.

"There was over $1,500 in there," Norwalk Police Capt. Mike Conney said. "It was supposed to be a deposit."

Police determined the bag belonged to a U.S. 20 business. Conney wasn't sure when the worker discovered the bag, but he assumed it was "probably in the morning."

The bag and cash have been returned to the owner.

"The actual person who lost it was located and confirmed all the money that was in there (when it got lost) was there when it was returned," Conney said.

He said it could have been just as easy for the worker keep the missing money, but instead, he reported it. Conney said he's trying to track down the man's employer to let him know what happened.

"His actions restored my faith in the decency of man," Conney said. "I think what he did was outstanding."




Good 2 B Me

Well done!


That's great news! There are still good people in the world.


Nice story!


It is great to get a story of an honorable person!
We hear of it so seldom people are forgetting what honor is.


How does one "lose" a $1500 bank deposit?

Cliff Cannon

"His actions restored my faith in the decency of man," Capt. Conney said. "I think what he did was outstanding." Ditto


@ CC:

IMO, the next loser that the NPD arrests will "restore" it back to normalcy. :)

As is said: Character is what you do when no one is around.

Yrs. ago, Readers Digest reported on an experiment where wallets were left on sidewalks in various U.S. cities.

One part I was struck by in the reading was the number of people who said that their returning of the wallet was dependent upon the wealth or lack thereof of the individual who lost it. The richer the perceived person, the less likely they were to return the wallet.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : I'll agree wholeheartedly with your character definition. I can even see the sad truth in your 'Readers Digest' story.

I'll even go one step further and tell of an Isreali security expert conducting terrorist training in some of oour city's. What he would do,is leave a bag sitting in bus ,train terminals,etc.

Then film the reaction.About 1 out of 10 times. A citizen would call 911. About 3 out 10 times the bag would be turned in,with the rest stolen. Of course,in Isreal 10 out of 10 times the citizens would secure the area and summons the police. (Which helps explain how they survive )

So here's hoping for better trained character filled citizens in the future as we are going to need them. Most of all today,thanks again to this citizen for being honest and warming our hearts because of that.

P.S. did Don Henley and the " Eagles " turn you into an enviromentalist yet ?


@ CC:

IMO, "Desperado" was the the best Eagles album.

If desiring clean air and water makes me an "environmentalist," then I've been there - done that.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : " Desperado " the best Eagles album. Can't argue with any selection of the Eagles best album, as they all were darn good


@ CC:

IMO, "Long Road Out of Eden" stunk up the joint.

On a recent road trip I had a manager of a gas station give me too much change in return for my purchase. I pointed it out to him.

He said that no one had ever done that before.

I told him that over and under was a two way street. If short-changed I would have said something.

Especially after livin' in Chicago, I ALWAYS count back my change. There, whether through theft or ignorance, it seemed like I was constantly getting short-changed!

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Agreed. " Long Road out of Eden " was like the work countless best selling singers,authors,etc in need of money have done. Turn out something that looks the original.But....

You are correct as well on your " over and under " thesis. Honesty is truly a 2 way street.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : In my response,I forgot a fantastic 'money '/ " Eagles " story. We had a furniture dealer at " Sugarloaf ski-resort " in Carrabbasset,Maine. Needless to say as one of New Englands playgrounds for the rich and famous--- it was extremely beautiful.

Just down the road in Kingfield,Me. I found a totally cool extremely small restaruant,in the back of a gas station overlooking the river. ( and a perfect fit,in an artsy,eclectic type town).

So one morning,me,the cook and one other guy are there for breakfast. The cook, is a wannabe musician looking for someone to finance a recording session in Boston.The other customer,whom --he was slobbering all over-- was allegedly very rich.

The man's story was that he was an heir to the Mcllenny tabasco sauce fortune and had been an aspiring musician in L.A. who met Glenn Frey's cousin.Then Glenn,him and the cousin all had then spent a considerable amount of time together in L.A. & Hawaii. Where Frey had penned a song about him called: " New Kid in Town "

I came home checked out the ' Mcllenny ' company story which matched his and still tend to believe his story.

The next week, the wife rides with me. Of course,I take her to this amazing rest. The 'new kid in town' isn't in there.....yet. The cook and his wannabee musician buddy are shredding this man as a liar who thinks the Eagles actually wrote song about him,etc.

Till he walked in. Then they couldn't slobber enough over him and urged him to tell the 'New kid in town ' story,again which he gratefully did.

Of course,the correalation to finding ,then being honest enough to turn in a sack of money, I find apparent. After all were these back-stabbers any diFFerent than the people in the 'Readers Digest' story ?

Bottom line,is your definintion of 'character' rings true. It's just that I find it even more scornful to pretend you like someone because they can do something for you. Then it is to anonymously steal their money.

P.S. Cue " Tequlia Sunrise " " Oh and it's a hollow feelin' ,when it comes down to dealin friends. It never ends " How true.


@ CC:

Reads potentially like a confidence game.

I guess it shouldn't, but it amazes me how many millions of dollars are stolen every yr. in Ponzi schemes.

Even Bernie Madoff with his promise of an annual 10% ROI regardless of market conditions was from my perspective, "too good to be true." His scheme survived for 20 yrs.!

I tell my daughter to look at what percentage the 10 Yr. Treasury is currently yielding and anything that anyone promises you over that contains RISK.

(Investment risk is like fire. Learn how to use it responsibly.)

Of course some would (and should) say that Treasuries are risky, but that’s a whole other topic.

I was "compelled" to play "Desperado" and some Pure Prairie League last night while fixing dinner. :)

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : It was actually last evening when I read and commented on your " Desperado " thought. So ever since,I've been humming/singing " Tequlia Sunrise " from that album. So thanks for that


@ CC:

Years ago when I played guitar I used to know TS.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : You could play " T.S. " ? Considering,that just might be my favorite " Eagles " song I am jealous.


I found this story very boring! I wish they wouldn't waste the page space


Not sure that I agree with character being what I do when I'm alone .


That would be due to your lack of character based on your two posts here.

It's a Jeep thing

Id keep it. Shhhhhh


The guilt of keeping it would bother anyone with morals. Have to report it. Might of been an employee dropping off a deposit and they would of had to replace. well done


Always nice to read something positive. It's great that the person turned it in. It would be tempting to keep it but I too would have to turn it in.


It was probably the money a swiss family member got out. Of the bank to get. Serviced by lori7777 near the dumpster behind charleys bar. Like many have I'm sure. Lol she probably has bad knees from it!! Was that a low blow? Pardon the pun

Brock Lee

note to self put money in bank not on track

Cliff Cannon

@ Brock Lee: Got a belly laugh out of this one. Thanks