Ohio gas prices ratchet upward

Prices in Norwalk and Willard above the state and national averages.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 6, 2013


Northeast Ohio gas prices jumped 16 cents this week to $3.546 per gallon.

Prices around the country have increased significantly due to escalating oil prices, refinery issues and preparations for the switchover to summer blends.

"The national average has ticked higher in the last week, as rising oil prices have put upward pressure on gasoline prices," said Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy.com senior petroleum analyst. "Unfortunately for angry motorists, there doesn't seem to be much relief in sight, at least for the time being, as retail prices continue to climb in virtually all areas of the country."

Today’s national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.533. This price is 17 cents more expensive than one week ago, 23 cents more than one month ago and a nickel more than the average price one year ago. Today’s price is the highest on record for this calendar day.

A gallon of gas averaged $3.613 in Norwalk and $3.621 in Willard.

While prices in every state have increased over the last week, the increase was most dramatic in the Midwest, California and Colorado. These regions have seen the most dramatic price increases because of higher regional crude prices and production concerns as refineries prepare to make the conversion to making summer-blend gasoline.

Despite dramatic regional surges, the most expensive gasoline in the continental U.S. is: Calif. ($3.91), N.Y. ($3.87), Conn. ($3.85), Vt. ($3.72) and Maine ($3.71). The cheapest prices remain in the Mountain States: Wyo. ($2.94), Mont. ($3.04), Utah ($3.13), N.M. ($3.16) and Colo. ($3.17).

At Monday’s close of formal trading on the NYMEX, the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) settled down $1.60 at $96.17 per barrel. While prices moved lower today, WTI, the traditional U.S. benchmark product, traded last week at its most expensive level since September 14.



Here we go again! Everyone bend over . . .


Record big oil profits!


Try the Dollar is worth less because this administration keeps printing more.
GET READY FOR INFLATION, it will be worse then what we had from Carter.


What's the price of tea in China again? Because that has as much to do with it as your silly statement. "I don't know anything, so I'll just blame the black guy."


Not Pres. Obama - Fed Chair Bernanke (blame the white guy?).

Not unlike the 1930s; The New Currency Wars:


Your pitiful strawman arguments are stale.


Yeah...I think you're gonna have to look up 'straw man.' When someone says it's the adminstration's fault, and I say it's silly to blame the administration, that's not a straw man argument. I understand you're desperate to sound like you know what you're talking about, we you made it clear during the election that that is too much to ask.


@betrump...Obama is more "WHITE" than black. Just incase you didn't know that. Also, you do not understand inflation either. What a surprise.


Thank you armcorn! Please, tell me how gas prices are the result of Obama's policies. I'll get the popcorn!


Your the idiot that brought up the good old race card, which btw doesn't work anymore. The answer was simply put above. The devaluing of our dollar by our current president who hasn't shut the money machine off since he was elected. Both are facts, so whats our rebuttal? More race card playing? Or blaming Bush?


@ arnmcrmn:

Actually, much of the backlog in oil inventory in Cushing, OK is finally making it through new pipelines to the refineries and may help bring down the price of gas.

If Pres. BHO would "green light" the Keystone pipeline it may also have a short-term positive psychological effects on the price.

All of these improvements are being done IN SPITE of the anti-oil and anti-fracking policies of Pres. BHO and his cronies.

The word is that in his SOTU address that he's gonna take some "wacks" at coal fired plants which produce about 50% of the nation's electricity.

Brock Lee

it bush falt he white

swiss family

oh that's right Not One of our local gas dealers ever did release what they actually pay their distributor for a gallon of gas.... they claim they only make Pennies per gallon..... right!!!


Check out CNBC to see what gas it trading on the open market and add .4833 cents to it (federal, state, local taxes) and that is what the gas stations are paying. If you want to know the price of gas, check out SAM's Club, they sell gas at cost. Most gas stations make about 10 cents per gallon, that is a fair mark up when you consider that the taxes the local and federal government makes .4833. High gas prices kill the local gas stations, look at what most people do, they put $20 in the tank, if it is $4 per gallon they get 5 gallons, if it is cheaper they sell more gallons and make more money. The only ones that benefit from high gas prices is the refineries and the big oil drillers...not the local gas staitons.

swiss family

what you say is just not true... the truth that you did say was to check the prices at Sams... last Friday their gas was 3.29.... and in Norwalk it was #.59... so the Norwalk stations are making 30 cents per gallon, according to your statement... well 30 cents times 15 gallons. is $4.50... and chunk of money.. and it is certainly the lie that they have been telling us for years.. that they only make "pennies" per gallon... 30 cents is technically NOT pennies... it is insulting especially when gas in Fitchville, Clyde, and Bellevue was 3.39... now that is what I would call pennies... 30 cents is what I call GREED


Last Friday was a day the price increased, Sam's may have been 3.29 when you saw it but what was the price at the end of the day. Everyone jumped to 3.59 that day. You say 30 cents is ripping people off? Let's take a look at restraunts or any other retailer. You buy something for let's say 3.20 and mark it up to 3.50 what is the profit margin/mark up? 9.1%...not much when you think about it, if they use a credit card the profit margin decreases...if they don't buy anything from the convenience store and put say 10 dollars in gas in you make 85 cents less credit card fees, not much when you think about it. My point is the government makes more per gallon .4833 to the 10 cents (or even up to 30 cents) as you say.


Swiss thinks that if he/she/it drives around burning fuel looking for the lowest price that he/she/it saves money.

Reversion to the mean.

Swiss will eventually be driving to Venezuela.

Besides, states are talking about raising taxes to help pay for much needed infrastructure repairs.


swiss family

you, along with all of the other gas station associates, have again Missed the point... the Gas station owners locally have been lying to us for years... they will tell you that their supplier tells them at what price to sell their gas.. and they will also tell you that they are only making pennies on each gallon, and that it is almost not worth the bother to sell it because they make next to no money on it.....so AGAIN.. I challenge any local gas station owner to open your books to the Reflector, and show them the price you pay your distributor for gas, and then show them how much you are making off each gallon.... but AGAIN no one is willing to back up their lies and prove me wrong

I am all for making profits for businesses... I am against being lied to though... they tell us that all stations that are their suppliers brand are charging the same as they are.. NOT TRUE In Norwalk gas is always at least 20 cents higher per gallon than in any other area... In town you will find Sonoco, BP, Shell < Marathon etc.. so by their lie, all stations selling this same brand is just as high everywhere else... THAT IS A LIE... I do not go traveling around looking for the cheapest gas.. that is what a computer is for.. I do, however travel outside of Norwalk fairly often, and I ALWAYS find that gas outside of here is ALWAYS cheaper than the same brand in NORWALK...

I know that every business makes a profit on their wares...and I also know that if you have gas stations close together like they are outside of Norwalk, they compete to be a penny cheaper than the station across the street from them.. all of Norwalk s dealers must have a pact to share the same price so no one capitalizes on volume because of the lower price.. You would have to be a MORON to think that being lied to is alright, you would have to be a MORON to think that anyone travels around to find the cheapest gas, you would have to be a MORON to think about buying your gas from another country....... and hey look who is saying those things........BINGO!!!!!!!!


So when these gas stations go out of business, you can drive to Clyde, Bellevue or Sandusky to get your gas to mow your grass. I don't really care how much they are marking it up, I'm not going to drive 20 miles and waste more gas driving to get there than what I perceive to be saving. The stations in Norwalk are locally owned, look at Speedway and Circle K's gas prices on gasbuddy. They all pay the same as you say...look at the price range for all of the Speedways around the state, it can vary as much as 50 cents. They go low in Sandusky and high in Cleveland...look it up, I'm not making this stuff up.


BUT....if the supplier for gas station X buys gas from a refiner that charges more then the stations that use it charge more. Sam's club more than likely has a different SUPPLIER than the stations in Norwalk. Now with that said, I think it ALL is a giant rip off that the government and the "speculators" are running. When ONE excuse is proven wrong or no longer believed they come up with a new excuse. Right now they are blaming an explosion/fire here in Oregon,Oh. (this fire was OUT in under an hour). Just like EVERY refinery in California is under routine maintenence at the SAME time! If anyone wants to see the economic recover they should start with the price of gas! It effects EVERYTHING!




don't worry. it won't affect the middle class because prezo said NO tax increase on the middle class!! rotflmao!!!!!!! (to clear confusion for some of you left leaners..there is taxes attached to fuel so when it goes up so does the tax)


Swiss thinks every gas station should sell gas at cost because profits are a bad thing. Meanwhile, booze is marked up 25% everywhere you buy it and fast food chains make dollars off of every "value" meal you buy. LOL.


Record profits or greed? No wonder Diesel died under strange circumstances.


We are talking about gas stations here kURT.....trying and keep on the same page. I know sometimes its hard.


IMO, the "conspiracy geniuses" that think that the local gas stations are making big money oughta build some and compete or buy shares of stock in oil and refinery cos.

My daughter used to manage a station. The profit was in snacks, cigs, lottery, etc. Gas was essentially a "loss leader."

An aside. She warned me: NEVER leave your keys in the ignition while fueling. She saw vehicles get stolen that way.


^Contango....I've always said, put your money where your mouth is. I agree. If these complainers are so right, then they should build and start up their own gas station. Then they can get on here and tell us how they were so wrong.

Cliff Cannon

I realize that on the topic of gas prices, like so many other emotional topics. Once, the average person has come to their conclusion. Neither, fact nor fiction will ever sway that opinion. So if you opinion is set in stone. Read no farther.

However,if one chooses to look at the ‘big picture’, you will of course, find at all levels, piles of debt that will not end. So in an eFFort to ease the debt burden as well as get American’s spending again. ( so that a depression that likely will out do the “ Great Depression “ does not happen. )

The “ Federal Reserve “ has lowered interests rates to zero of course, as well as put the printing machines to work, printing money at the rate of 45 Billion a month. Money, that of course, is backed by nothing more than our “ good credit “. Even worse, the fed is of course, buying its own debt back. (Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that ? )
Obviously, this is very inflationary. So instead of inflation moving along at a brisk pace everywhere, inflation has settled into the commodities markets for I believe the long haul. Which means anything, that one can hold, feel, touch or eat is steadily moving higher in cost, with gasoline being at the top of the list. After all, if you owned an oil well, would want a debased American currency that looses’ value by the day or would you hold onto your oil ?

Of course, there is one other conclusion: Pay more, much more with your debased currency and you can have my oil. So we do, and the price at the pumps reflects that inflation, doesn’t it ?


Look in the mirror mean. Or wonder why VW-Xl1 never made production, though Motor Trend liked it. Naw...to good of MPG that was real & was documented. Alas you never studied physics. If only you were in MENSA.