Owner: We do not serve minors

Newton Street resident Tammi Long demands to know why her 16-year-old daughter supposedly was allowed into Charlie's Bar earlier this month and was drinking "with a bunch of friends, all underage." And she wants to know why police didn't take immediate action.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Newton Street resident Tammi Long demands to know why her 16-year-old daughter supposedly was allowed into Charlie's Bar earlier this month and was drinking "with a bunch of friends, all underage."

And she wants to know why police didn't take immediate action.

"Even at my age, I'm ID'd everywhere," Long, 34, said.

Donna Rossman, who has run Charlie's Bar since August 1983, said there's no way Long's daughter made it inside her establishment July 6. Charlie's Bar has been in business since about 1933.

"We did not serve that girl," Rossman said defiantly. "No, we check IDs.

"Nobody served alcohol (to minors) and we have two security guys who check IDs," she said. "We don't serve underage. We catch them. We kick them out."

A person accused of serving or selling alcohol to a minor would be charged with sales underage. The first-degree misdemeanor is punishable by up to six months in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000.

"Obviously, if they are underage and not with a parent, it's illegal" to drink at a bar, Norwalk Police Chief Kevin Cashen said. "If we (can) make a case, we do so. If we can't make a case, we send someone in to make a (controlled underage) purchase."

Cashen said his officers have the option of doing their own investigation of juvenile-related alcohol complaints or submit it to the Ohio Investigative Unit, or doing both.

"We typically handle our own investigations," he said.

The chief noted it's not unusual to get complaints like Long's, about juveniles at Norwalk bars, but said those cases are difficult to prosecute if the family or juvenile don't cooperate.

Long said she found out about her daughter going to the Benedict Avenue bar after two women told her the girl had bruises on her face.

"They questioned her about it," Long said, and the girl accused "two grown women" of jumping her after she left work.

Long went to the intersection of East Elm Street and Woodlawn Avenue to pick up her daughter July 7, the night after she reportedly visited the bar.

"She knew at the time I knew about the drinking," Long said. She found the girl walking on East Elm.

"Her daughter did not want to go with her and said, 'I'll get another domestic violence (charge) if you don't leave me alone,'" Capt. Jack O'Neil wrote in his July 8 report. "Ms. Long then left her walking and went home, hoping she would come home."

She was located Friday in Mansfield by the Mansfield Police Department.

Since May 2006, police have made 10 underage consumption arrests at Charlie's, Cashen said. In the same time, there were two arrests on furnishing alcohol to underage persons.

Rossman calls her business "tight on security," saying her bouncers "are walking the floor all night." She said it's possible someone could have brought alcohol to a minor outside Charlie's Bar or that a minor snuck in while a bouncer was taking a bathroom break.

Charlie's bouncers are required to put large X's on people's hands if they are under 21, signifying they're not allowed to be served alcohol. Long said when her sister filled out a police report, O'Neil doubted her allegation that she had witnessed Charlie's bartenders serve alcohol to underage drinkers.

"I know Capt. O'Neil is following up," Cashen said.

"Dating back to January 2005, that establishment (Charlie's) had only one violation of underage consumption," said Tom Hunter, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

"Obviously, we would prefer that would be zero. But over the past 30-plus months there are no signs of problems with this establishment. The times we have been in to check we have found no problems."


duh who wouldn'...

serving to minors is bullsh*t

Re: Fed Up! (An...

I couldn't agree more!!

Re: T$Robinson!...

Are you stupid or you must not have children your self! The mother is not trying to pass the buck! If you were a mother wouldn't you blow the whistle on a bar that was serving alcohol to your child? This mother went to police who in turn did nothing about it. So she decided to go to the Norwalk Reflector and give her story! I am glad they released this story because now we can see who are the real idiots in this city! If being a bartender or bar owner is hard and you can't seem to control who comes in and out of your establishment then maybe you are in the wrong area of business! Now you claim you never seen a bartender give drinks to a drunk person then maybe you haven't been to Charlie's. I am not saying that the 16yr old problems are due to Charlie's bar, I am just saying they shouldn't allow any teenagers into a bar and serve them alcohol.

???? (Anonymous)

has it inn fact been proven that this young lady was indeed served alcohol in this bar? or did she come in drunk? i have to agree with T$ on this. maybe the girl got in the bar by mistake but was she actually served. you'd believe the girl anyway if she said she was because that moght lessen the trouble she gets in.

Ando (Anonymous)

It hasn't even been proved that the girls was in the bar at all. That is just what she told her mother. If she had gone into wal-mart and stolen a pair of jeans nobody would be on here trying to blame wal-wart for enticing her to steal.

sep.problem (An...

hello! about the septic problem-the Health dept. has been notified many times of this continual problem, for appr. 4 yrs. now.And still nothing has been done about it.The guy says it is illegal for them to have a leaky septic & not have it fixed properly.Which he stated in means of:they can either tap into the city sewer or put in a new septic.Which neither has been done!About 3 or 4 wks. ago these people filled the area with concrete top over top of their existing concrete cap.It's about 3'inch or so bigger around than the old one.Now the same guy at the health dept. says that is ok because one of the homeowners lost his job.And he has been told that it is still leaking!My friends next to this dumpy house have a beautiful home.They have really brought the property value up in that neighborhood!I was over visiting again today,& the wife has some medical problems so she wanted to sit out in her back yard for awhile,& it was all we could stomach that nasty, disgusting sewer smell!It smells like someone is putting you into a very small room with no fan& just taking repeated craps!So we went back in & she had to turn their air on again!They are so tired of their air con. always having to be on because they can't breathe the air in their own yard!This is sad!Wait until one of the kids in the neighborhood gets sick from playing in this when it gets really full again!

T$Robinson (Ano...

to "Fed up" you seem to be all over the place with your opinion of who is at fault for the bad behavior of certain unruly teens.. you say that it's certainly NOT the mothers fault that she can't keep her unruly brat under control , and this is her own flesh and blood , where there should be an inherant amount of respect , but you claim that you can't blame the mother for her childs actions ! but on the other hand , you seem to think that a total stranger who happens to have a job , at a bar is the one who should be liable for the illegal activities of this unruly brat !! thats the craziest thing that i have ever heard .what will you claim next , that the poor cashier at a convience store who is just trying to earn some money , are you saying that the cashier should be held responible is some "low life" comes into his store and breaks the law by robbing him ?? that just doesn't make too much sense .. why don't we simplify this and make every person responsible for their own actions , especially if those actions are illegal

to you all (Ano...

each of them need to take blame the 16 year old for not doing as her mom told her. the bar for letting her in to it. but the only person that will get all the blame and fines in this town is the mom that thought her kid was in bed a sleep. and then did as the police told her to do the next day and go home and what until she came home.

Gas Guzzler (An...

Iam going completely off subject here , and i apologize for that , but i need to vent my frustration .. I drove to Bellevue yesterday , and i was shocked to see that the price of gas was $.20 higher per gallon, in Norwalk !! i want to know why?? i amgoing to stage me own "gas out " for the remainder of the summer , or for however long it takes .. i think that the Norwalk dealers are gouging it's citizens , thinking we won't do anything to show our dissatisfaction !! but please , i want to show them that they have underestimated us!! i want to show them that we wont just sit back and pay these higher prices without an outcry of injustice, on our part.. i am a product of the late 60's , and early 70's where we would protest this kind of injustice!! and i believe that that spirt, and caring is not dead !! so please tell your friends and neighbors and anyone that you email , that we are staging a summertime "gas out" by refusing to buy gas from any Norwalk station that refuses to lower their price to be competitive with the nearby towns !!A $.20 difference from town to town, is unacceptable .. so pleas join us , and show them that we are unified , and that we know that we are being taken advantage of , and we refuse to sit back and take it ... Thank-You

re:gas guzz. (A...

hello! u can change the subject, that's fine by me!I thought things were starting to get intresting on the septic post, but it seems like nobody cares!I truely feel for those people!It sure would be nice to have an all-around conversation board through this process, for local folks.We could talk about anything without feeling a little guilty about changing the topic!Well, about the price of gas in Bellevue-the prices have been 15-20cents lower for quite sometime now!And see,when schields grocerystore in Norwalk opened their gas station,they said "they were making very little money on their gas"! Yeah right!!They were hoping some of us don't get around enough to know this.I have been up to Westlake& Avon,Ohio quite a few times in the last couple of months,& their gas is cheaper like Bellevues also!These local owners ARE gouging us!What we need to do is form a PICKET,& carry signs to this effect!Hey I'm game if you are!

Gas Guzzler (An...

.. thank you for supporting this idea with me .. it is appalling to me to think that the norwalk merchants are wanting and needing us to buy their products , and at the same time , "jacking" their prices up on us , that it's not even in the same ballpark as surrounding areas !!why should "we" buy things locally , when they are insulting us by trying to increase their own profits by such exhorbitant amounts. I am asking others to please stand with us on this issue , we can , and we will make a difference , if we all stick together on this and refuse to buy gas in norwalk , until the gas station dealers , here in town , lower their prices , to a competative price , with the surrounding areas ... thank-you