Girl, 15, was 'legally allowed to be behind the wheel' in fatal crash

Crash killed teen driver's grandparents.
Cary Ashby
Feb 6, 2013


The state Highway Patrol's investigation of a double fatality that killed two local grandparents remains open.

North Fairfield residents Rodney D. Williams, 69, and his wife, Betty L. Williams, 66, of 203 N. Main St., were pronounced dead at the scene of the two-vehicle collision that happened at 2:18 p.m. Saturday on West Ohio 162 in Fitchville Township.

Rodney Williams and his wife were passengers in the 2000 Dodge Dakota pickup truck driven by Karlie Conaway, 15, of Greenwich, their granddaughter. The other driver was Troy A. Green, 40, of 91 Birchpark Drive, New London.

Conaway has a temporary instruction permit, said Lt. Douglas Hamman, the Norwalk post commander. Permits are eligible for teens who are 15 1/2 years old.

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Here we go again... Let's see how many nasty comments will be posted over this.. She was legal.. I am glad about that...but in-experienced...God BLess everyone involved..


Hope the other driver recovers. He's been forgotten in this mess.

jack langhals

Great thought !


How can you learn unless you are put thru it? None of us on here that has a driver's license and has driven in bad weather can say that they were experienced drivers when they first started driving or were experienced in driving in bad weather the first time they drove in it......kinda like the saying, don't go in the water until you learn how to swim. It's's amazing that we don't see more people walking on water from reading how perfect everyone else is...


I can see what the grandparents were trying to do. By the time I was 16 I had driven the required hours to get my DL. However nobody taught me the basics of driving in the snow. My first experience I was alone...10:00 at night, just got off work, had been snowing all day. I decided to take back roads thinking I'd be safer as less traffic. Needless to say those roads hadn't been plowed. I lost control several times & was scared to death. I made it home & thankfully didn't actually wreck. The grandparents thought they were helping. This is very sad...I pray for all involved.


Right! I hit black ice on the 1st day I got mine on Rt2...... dumb 16 year old girl didn't know that bridges freeze first.....yeah I know there are signs! I was happy to be driving to school! Needless to say I learned a fast leason. Thank god - I was the only car and I bounced around the guard rails. But once snow hit.....Dad took me to the mall parking lot at night and we practiced and stopped by PPD but they said just go around back and do it.....yeah I know now they don't have to learn somehow.....sad that she has to learn this way


Of course she was legal OMG people this poor young girl is gonna have a life time of guilt. Leave this family alone. They not only lost two wonderful members, but another member is gonna spend a life time trying to rebuild her life. I know these people and they are good hard working people who have lost alot. Let them morn in pease and stop writting crap about them. I also pray for Troy, I hope he recovers quickly.




You guys are all right. This child, and she is a child, has to live with this. The paper needs to let this go so this family can mourn in peace & this girl & Troy Green's family can focus on getting well ..
R.I.P. the grandparents.

Brock Lee

reflecter turn off the comment box for this one


This poor family-thoughts and prayers


I have to say this is one article that should not have been published when it was. Get ALL the facts first. Some of the comments were just ridiculous. I believe the grandparents were trying to do a good thing for a loved one. Just so happens it ended tragicly. My thoughts and prayers to all involved.


Poor kid. She is going to have a rough time getting behind the wheel ever again. I hope she know accidents happen and dont beat herslef up to bad.

Azure Ray

My thoughts exactly. She's going to need a good support system for a little while.

Azure Ray

God bless this young lady. She is going to live with this the rest of her life. Accidents can be very unfortunate and tragic - but they are called accidents for a reason. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. This is going to be a very tough thing for her to overcome in her life. I'm sure that they loved her very much and would not want her to hurt right now.


The bottom line is that it was accident, she didn't do this with the intent to hurt anyone. It could have been you or I behind the wheel. I've been driving for 30 years and had moments where I thought I might crash when I was driving on snow/ice on Rte 20 going to work in Cleveland. Stop blaming her and realize that accidents happen. My prayers go out to the families involved.