Willard cops cleared in shooting

Officers return to full duty after December incident in which a woman accidently was shot in the foot as officers tried to ward off charging pitbulls during a drug raid.
Cary Ashby
Feb 7, 2013


Local authorities have received part of the state's report on a Willard shooting in which a woman was shot in the foot during a drug raid. Two Willard officers involved in the shooting have returned to "full duty."

"It's a pretty significant report. They took some time on it," said Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler, who declined to share the basics of the results.

"It was thorough. They talked to a lot of people ... maybe a dozen," he said.

The report is part of an ongoing investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) of the Dec. 19 incident at 631 Pleasant St., Willard. A bystander -- Toledo resident Erica Devlin, 19, -- and a pitbull dog were shot when two pitbulls rushed members of the Willard Police Department and part-time Greenwich Police Officer Sean Nolen. Willard EMS transported Devlin to Mercy Willard, where she was treated for a minor foot injury and released.

Afterward, Detective Jeremy Draper and Officer Brian Slone were re-assigned to desk duty. They are now back to full duty.

On Wednesday, the Reflector published a full story with new information about the investigation and an update on the condition of the dog that was shot. To read more, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.

As for the two Willard 19-year-olds -- Kyle Zarcone and Anthony R. Hicks -- arrested in the drug raid, one was back in the news this week. Zarcone is accused of stealing a flat screen TV from a home. To read that story, click HERE.


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Glad to see them back.


I'm glad they were cleared. Years ago policemen were always afforded the benefit of the doubt. When did that change?


If US Infantry have to put their lives in harms way to not hit a Iraqi bystander Then willard police should have to do the same for a AMERICAN!

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swiss cheese kat

No drugs were found.


Seriously do none of you all have anything better to do with your day than to get on here and talk crap? Get a job! All ya'll want to get online and talk about these young ppl well yes they messed up and they deserve to go to jail but that dont give any of you a right to call them losers or to talk about there parents. My son is headed to prison does that make him a "loser" sure the hell dont! I really hope someone you care about goes out here and screws up then someone can talk crap about them and we will see how you respond!


Or maybe us caring citizens of Willard and the surrounding areas are tired of the trash ruining this town.....just maybe.


"My son is headed to prison does that make him a "loser"" Yes. I just hope there wasnt a victim in his crime.