Purse-grabber pleads innocent

Man facing felony is prohibited from being on the premises of Schild's IGA.
Cary Ashby
Feb 7, 2013


A man who was chased down by witnesses and police after a suspected purse-snatching incident entered a "not guilty" plea to the allegation Monday.

Vermilion resident Glenn C. Pratt II, 31, is charged with robbery and tampering with evidence in connection with a Jan. 17 incident. Each of the third-degree felonies is punishable by nine months to three years to five years in prison.

"The defendant attempted to run from some people who saw him commit this crime," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said in court.

One of those witnesses was Crystal Jackson, a stylist with Tammy's Salon of Style. Jackson earlier told the Reflector she was inside the salon as she watched the suspect and believed Pratt was going to rob the 63-year-old woman "because he looked like he was really nervous about something."

The man who called 9-1-1 was taking his groceries to his car when he reported Pratt was acting suspiciously.

"It was just his body language made it appear he was stalking (someone)," said Norwalk Police Capt. Mike Conney, who eventually caught Pratt on foot as he tried to hide behind a fence in some underbrush.

Pratt fled from Columbia Gas and ACC Norwalk employees after he caught his breath at the VFW parking lot. Police and witnesses said the suspect ditched the purse during the foot pursuit, which witnesses returned to the owner.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said he was in the hallway of the Norwalk Municipal Court and police department building when the victim reported the crime.

"If I understand it correctly, this was a purse-snatching case," Longo said. "Nobody got hurt."

Pratt must post a $50,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail. He is prohibited from being on the premises of Schild's IGA and from contacting the victim.

Leffler said Pratt's criminal history includes "acts of violence" similar to this incident. His trial is set for April 16.



He sh!t his pants!


Hopefully they will give him a shi**y place to live! And some Charmin!


wow, really? i know that snatchin a purse from a helpless lady is bad, but, i know pratt, and if he wasnt sooooo down n out, he would never hav done that. go ahead nd make fun of him crappin. mayb, just, mayb, hav u simple minded ppl stop to think, he did that cuz he isnt a person that is comforable with stealing from anyone.


There are places to go if you are "down n out". You do NOT steal from the elderly!!!! How can you defend this person. "he isnt a person that is comfortable with stealing from anyone"?????? Are you serious, he STOLE A PURSE FROM A WOMAN! Numerous people WATCHED him do it. I might be simple minded but I have never stole from ANYONE. He should OWN what he did and do the time. Heck if he is "down n out", at least in jail he would have "3 hots and a cot". Sounds like the Hilton for him!

jack langhals

He don't want to sign up at JFS, they make you go to The Job Store and look for a job ! I don't understand all this crime, when most of the crooks are in Washington.


haha, so funny. hav u ever been homeless and desperate?


YEP and McDonald's is hiring...


Lived with the Gideons in Fort Meyers and at the Salvation Army same year to get on my feet. Worked at places that worked that day and paid that day. NEVER stole from anyone!! He can go to he** with his pantywaist excuse. Needs to be held while the lady beats him to death with her purse. Get a life if you are going to stick up for a low life thief..


i do hav a life. not at all saying wat he did was right! very wrong, and, i been down b4 too nd never would i hav done that. just saying, ppl do things wen ur down nd out. we all deal with things different.

jack langhals

Lorri 7777 Actually I have been in my younger years.I had an abusive childhood and never stole anything.Being abused is supposed to make you an abuser,I didn't like it, so I didn't become one either.This Bs is nothing but a cop out for stupidity.All the Illegals go to JFS by the truck load and get everything they need.The only excuse for Homeless is lazy !


What a damn waste of taxpayers money to have to provide his defense attorney when there's no way he's getting out of it. He's so guilty, there's a trail of turds that lead all the way to him. He's probably hoping for a plea deal which he doesn't deserve.


didnt the first story say is was homeless???


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lol, dont drink or do drugs. and wat does tatts hav to do with anything? i work for a living and i hav tatts nd guess wat! my tatts dont make me bad. let me guess, slimwhite56, u hav always been perfect, right?


If you have tatts of horns on your head, you might have a small problem interacting w/ society. Jus' Sayin'

Kottage Kat

If he had Jesus tatooed on his heart, maybe he would not steal.



Lori7777 I'll assume you are an ex of his probably ran the carnival together more than likely you were a meth dealer . Just stfu .slimwhite is in charge


good to see you back slim. where ya been?


??? assume, only makes an ass outta u.


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Brock Lee

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