Mom calls 9-1-1, says man is driving away with her children and thinks he might harm them

Deputies: 'No act of violence' in visitation dispute.
Cary Ashby
Feb 5, 2013


Authorities have determined no violence took place during a recent visitation dispute.

A woman had accused a male suspect of driving away with her children on North Butler Road, according to a report from the Huron County Sheriff's Office. She also suspected the man might harm her children, the report states.

Dispatchers received the 9-1-1 domestic-related call at 5:21 p.m. Saturday. Deputies responded and interviewed the woman.

"There was no act of violence at all," Maj. Greg Englund said. "It was over a visitation."

Englund said a father had contacted the sheriff's office about not seeing his children in several months, but he wasn't able to reach the complainant. The sheriff's spokesman was unsure if the call related to the same case.

"This was civil in nature," Englund said about Saturday's call, explaining that if the two parents couldn't come to an agreement, they'd have to speak to their attorneys and go to court.



she should be charged if she lied about the dad going to hurt the kids.


True! Since she obviously described father as "man". Means she tried to fire up a police man hunt. Make it a big spectacular event. My gut says she should be subject to a drug test. Based purely on my feeling that she is in a paranoid state which causes compulsive lying, and a fluzzie who knows she is a druggie and once again paranoid that Father, if given half a chance, may just find out what she has been doing thru kids and seek custody.


It's sad (and yes, I realize some of the dads are bad guys), but there a lot of women who just make this stuff up because they hate the guy and want to get him in trouble, or they just want to be a bi***. It's not fair to the guys who really want to be good dads. I hope this wasn't the case here, but it probably was. That's why people should be together more than a day or two before they have sex, so they actually get to know each other first. They aren't thinking about the kids they may produce. It's so unfair to the kids.


Whats sad is that the courts would allow woman to use the kids as tools to inflict pain in men. That is usually the first responce of women during a break up. And in Huron county the Woman has to be in prison before she loses a custody battle. There are as many bad woman as men out there that are bad parents, this case as an example. She was willing to have her children witness a felony traffic stop of their dad, just to show her ex who the boss is.


yea, then the kids start hating the cops because they had to see all this. Charge that women. Make it known that this is not right and wont be tolerated. Do it for the sake of the kids.


I agree, Spotted Toad. It's so unfair to the children and the father. I don't really think that's right that the mother automatically should get the kids. I'm a great mom, and my husband is a great dad. If we would ever split up, I know the kids would be better off with him. I've never worked and couldn't support my family. It should be whoever can take care of them long as they're a good parent.


Ahh the joys of custody...


Think first and always wear protection!
<1 minute of pleasure = 18 years of grief from the kid's mother