Cops use footprints to ID teens accused of stealing flat screen TV from home

One of the suspects had been arrested in December when a woman was inadvertently shot in the foot when cops fired at charging pitbulls during drug raid
Cary Ashby
Feb 4, 2013


Two Willard teens were arrested in connection with stealing a flat screen TV from a Woodland Avenue home Monday morning. Police said they used the suspects' footprints to track them down.

Josh Cerritos, 18, of 704 S. Myrtle Ave., and Kyle Zarcone, 19, of 631 Pleasant St., are charged with burglary. The Willard Police Department found the pair laying in an enclosed porch of a West Pearl Street residence, about 3 1/2 blocks southwest of the victim's home.

Chief Mark Holden said he's not sure if the suspects were sleeping or trying to hide from officers, but they initially denied any involvement in taking the TV. Police found the property in an alley.

"They supposedly put it down because one of the guys dropped his cell phone. They were looking for the cell phone. That's when we found them the first time," Holden said.

Police received the call about the burglary at 7:06 a.m.

Holden said four minutes later, the responding officers encountered Cerritos and Zarcone as they were walking, identified them and released them because police had nothing to connect them to the crime.

"They ran across the guys first but they didn't have the TV," the chief said.

Police were tracking footprints in the snow at the time.

The caller heard the intruders leave and noticed a flat screen TV missing from the living room, police said. The victim also reported seeing footprints in the snow leaving from an open window at her residence.

"The resident was there when they were in the house. ... She didn't see them; she just heard them," Holden said.

Police found the TV at 7:20 a.m., 10 minutes after they first encountered the suspects.

"Officers noticed that the footprints around the TV matched the shoes of the two males that they had identified earlier," Holden said. "The officers began tracking the footprints again and located the two males hiding (in) an enclosed porch in the 400 block of West Pearl Street."

Police found the pair the second time at 7:43 a.m.

"Both men were interviewed and made admissions to the crime," Holden said.

After being taken to the police station, Cerritos and Zarcone were transported to the Huron County Jail.

In December, Zarcone was at his residence when police used a search warrant during a drug raid, and a woman and pitbull ended up getting shot by police. Zarcone and Anthony R. Hicks, 19, of 607 Pleasant St., were arrested on felony drug charges in that case.

The shooting incident remains under investigation, although two officers have been reassigned desk jobs for now. The woman, who was shot in the foot about the time officers fired at two charging pitbull dogs, suffered a minor injury.



Minor injury? She had to have surgery to remove a bullet that was lodged in her metatarsal....and as for Kyle n Josh free my boys!!

David Deerest.

Free my boys? Why? You did such a bang up job of raising them to be thugs and rob innocent people-maybe you should be sittin' 'long side them boys, Paw. The nuts never fall far from the tree, do they Willard Man?


Haha my boys as friends??


Excuse me NO willard man didnt raise them boys but did one of them and you sir have not one clue of what your talking about!!! Do you have kids? Dont judge ppl you dont know!! let me guess u believe everything your read right!


I would guess Willardman90 that you were born in 1990 and that's what makes these "your boys". Your a fool and are probably as worthless as these smackhead thieves. Get a job-which I'm sure you don't have since you most likely hang w/ "your boys", get a life- since "your boys" probably stole the t.v. to play the stolen Xbox on with you and here's hoping they bust your as* with the stolen loot that is probably sitting at your house from "your boys". What losers.


Haha people are so funny. no I have nothing stolen in my house everything is paid for from the store like I said they are my friends. I think its low of them to take from someone else but I'm not gunna stop being there friend because of some bad choices they made



hor mone

I caint watch Springer no more.


Free my Boys Give me a Break F---kin Hoodlums,Let them sit in Jail,Worthless....


How dumb can u be to support these boys!!! They need to know that stealing from people duo work hard for what they have us wrong!!


Here's some good ones Jerry Springer material !

believe it

I think "your boys" should have their hands cut off...that's what they do in Middle East countries to thieves. Think they'd like that? What a bunch of losers, hope they rot in jail the rest of their lives(which it looks like they may do based on their record so far).


Is it really necessary to talk like that about people u dont know? People make mistakes. It does not make it ok to steal from someone but do any of u talkin crap kno what its like to raise urself from the age of 16? To not have a home to go to every night? To not kno how you are gonna eat that day? Kyle is basically my son becauae he does not have parents. He has had a tough life and his parents have constantly turned him away. he hurts every day from that. He has hung out with the wrong people for a couple years and they have taught him thats the only way to live. He wants a job but in Willard thats pretty hard to find. People in ameriCA should want help for people that make mistakes, not for them to just rot in jail. Kyle is a great person. And I will always stick up for him. he needs changes in his life and instead of bashing him im gonna help him. U ppl should think before u make stupid comments.

believe it

Kyle should think before entering someone's home and walking away with a TV that the homeowner bought with their earned money. Any 19 year old should know that no matter what type of upbringing they had. Sorry, I just don't feel sorry for people stealing.

Simple Enough II

It is all about family and choices! So why did his family turn him away are they that horrible a parents?


It is okay to feel sorry for the young man because of his circumstances. However to support the choices he makes just shows that you don't care about the people he is hurting with the things he has done. If you really love and support him, let him move in with you. Give him all the things he supposedly deserves. I know it is hard in this world, but being a loser never makes a person a winner.


Its called enabling and way to many parents make excuses and enable their kids to keep doing the same wrong things over and over again.

Lillie Chaos

These "boys" are both over 18. Do they suffer from mental challenges? Are they not on med cards or assistance? Did they attend school? Poor babies raised like animals just living to the meantime who is going to protect the rest of town from these poor boys who have had no love or guidance? Where is the balance between their poor existence and their ability to be a threat to the general population? Life is not easy so you have to be responsible for your choices. Whining and crying for help gets old real should learn to help yourself. If not put them someplace where they can be watched and cared for......where is that?
Huron County Hilton.


If these boys are your sons or friends warn them. Let them know there are people like me that will not hesitate to shoot a home intruder dead. They should, and you should support, an extended incarceration now that they have made it through this situation alive. They should use the time to reflect on the possible scenario's that could have played out and think about how much they value the privilege of freedom. It is natural to want to protect your children and come to the defense of your family and friends, but I want you to think about the message you are sending to the boys by making excuses for them and endorsing the behavior.

America, we Americans are mortal. We do not know how much time we have to enjoy the things we value. We have the opportunity now, to live with the freedom our servicemen have earned for us, to enjoy the best quality of life found anywhere. Please do not waste moments, hours, weeks, months, or years incarcerated and reflecting on the injustices we have caused our neighbors or waste the opportunity we were born with in an early grave as the most severe repercussion. Instead, create an idea, lay a foundation, and cultivate and build an honest life you can be proud of when the Grand Architect of everything we know calls you home.

Become a proper example for each child and encourage fascinations of moral imagination.

Beware, if I catch you in my home without a proper invitation, I will assume you mean to harm those I love, and I will end your life and give the devil time to collect your soul.


Hmm I was the victim in this crime. I was in my bedroom along with my 9 year old daughter who was so scared last nite she couldn't even fall asleep. So please don't get on here saying poor Kyle he didn't have parents because he does have two that love him but his choices have landed him where he wants to is!!! Until you are in your home 8 months pregnant with your 9 year old daughter scared because you hear someone in your house not knowing what to do, you can't sit here and ask ME to be like poor Kyle because HE is not the one having to tell my daughter that is ok to not be scared when as a grown adult I kind of am also!!!!My boyfriend and I work with legit jobs to have what we have so it is not ok for ANYONE to break into my home and steal anything! As Kyle's so called "adoptive parent" are you going to pay for my TV if it doesn't work becasue it was thrown in the snow.. I doubt it so I suggest you move on with yoru comments!! I'm sure if someone broke into your house you would feel the same! Well I guess in less you are just like him and just haven't been caught!

Yall Make Me Sick

Yes he does have parents a step mom & a real dad in Willard. So don't you go talking crap about neither of them. He made these choices on his own neither of his parents did. And if your his so called "parent" then why didn't you do a better job? Your to blame not his real parents!!!


Thank you

Yall Make Me Sick

You're welcome.


What???? uhh no his dad was going to take him to get his ID so he could get a job the day he got arrested . Nobody turned ther backs on Kyle and yes he does have parents. Nobody has any right to judge anybody expecially in Willard Ohio!!!!!


It always starts this way. A little theft, a little pot, a little car break-in........either they learn or we will see these guys in the paper again and again and again.


18 and 19 years old and don't get footprints in snow? That is not a mistake, aaa927. It's just stupid. If kyle is your son, basically, I basically feel sorry for you as well as him.


Freeeeeeeeeee whiteeeeeee


I have known Kyle for a couple of years and the group that he hangs out with. He's not a bad kid but him and his friends all know exactly what they are doing and continue to make the same bad decisions even after arrests, raids, people trying to help, etc. It's easier to sell drugs and steal from hard working people than it is to straighten up and get away from all that crap. At 19 years old he's old enough to start making better decisions!

Lillie Chaos

@ Willard Man ... "....and as for Kyle n Josh free my boys!! " Free them to do what -- continue to rob the residents of Willard? What if next time they choose the wrong house and the owner comes out with a weapon? What if the next patch of poison they peddle puts your child in coma? Do you trust your boys with your life? I don't and I do not think you have any right to release danger or crime on the rest of the population.


I said free my boys cause they are my friends and hate to see anyone locked up if one of your family members or friends were in a bad situation in which a lot of people good and bad both happen to done across now and then wouldn't you want then free. I'm not saying they didn't do wrong I'm just saying I don't wanna see them locked up. I don't go out and break the law but I am friends with these boys and its sad the crap they have been through