Cops use footprints to ID teens accused of stealing flat screen TV from home

One of the suspects had been arrested in December when a woman was inadvertently shot in the foot when cops fired at charging pitbulls during drug raid
Cary Ashby
Feb 4, 2013


Two Willard teens were arrested in connection with stealing a flat screen TV from a Woodland Avenue home Monday morning. Police said they used the suspects' footprints to track them down.

Josh Cerritos, 18, of 704 S. Myrtle Ave., and Kyle Zarcone, 19, of 631 Pleasant St., are charged with burglary. The Willard Police Department found the pair laying in an enclosed porch of a West Pearl Street residence, about 3 1/2 blocks southwest of the victim's home.

Chief Mark Holden said he's not sure if the suspects were sleeping or trying to hide from officers, but they initially denied any involvement in taking the TV. Police found the property in an alley.

"They supposedly put it down because one of the guys dropped his cell phone. They were looking for the cell phone. That's when we found them the first time," Holden said.

Police received the call about the burglary at 7:06 a.m.

Holden said four minutes later, the responding officers encountered Cerritos and Zarcone as they were walking, identified them and released them because police had nothing to connect them to the crime.

"They ran across the guys first but they didn't have the TV," the chief said.

Police were tracking footprints in the snow at the time.

The caller heard the intruders leave and noticed a flat screen TV missing from the living room, police said. The victim also reported seeing footprints in the snow leaving from an open window at her residence.

"The resident was there when they were in the house. ... She didn't see them; she just heard them," Holden said.

Police found the TV at 7:20 a.m., 10 minutes after they first encountered the suspects.

"Officers noticed that the footprints around the TV matched the shoes of the two males that they had identified earlier," Holden said. "The officers began tracking the footprints again and located the two males hiding (in) an enclosed porch in the 400 block of West Pearl Street."

Police found the pair the second time at 7:43 a.m.

"Both men were interviewed and made admissions to the crime," Holden said.

After being taken to the police station, Cerritos and Zarcone were transported to the Huron County Jail.

In December, Zarcone was at his residence when police used a search warrant during a drug raid, and a woman and pitbull ended up getting shot by police. Zarcone and Anthony R. Hicks, 19, of 607 Pleasant St., were arrested on felony drug charges in that case.

The shooting incident remains under investigation, although two officers have been reassigned desk jobs for now. The woman, who was shot in the foot about the time officers fired at two charging pitbull dogs, suffered a minor injury.



It is pretty simple don't do anything ILLEGAL and you wont get locked up!! Does not take that much common sense. Really because of them my daughter is scared to be alone and as a parent I hate to see that... Your comments are stupid..


Good thing they didn't break into a house with a GUN OWNER! You would be visiting them in the grave, there would be no "freeing" them. You better teach your "friends" how to make better choices. They are sitting where they need to JAIL. You steal, you go to jail! Sounds like they need to find a NEW hobby, they are not too good at stealing. They got caught by footprints in the snow??? Not too bright.

Lillie Chaos

@ W Man You agree they did wrong....but you don't understand they are a threat to the rest of the community? Regardless of what they have been through they have no excuse for this behavior. To allow them to continue to put the rest of the population at risk is absolutely wrong. Do you have any sympathy for their victim?

Brock Lee

take time in jail an learn a new career makeing lisense plates


LOL,these two have been turds since the day they were mutated...and yes I know them. They'd steal from the Pope if he turned his back on them for 5 seconds. Nice job W.P.D.!


THE ELEMENT OF SURPISE always works with a thief,

Mr. Touchdown

Zarcone was arrested on felony drug charges in December so they let him out so he can do more drugs & break in houses...Wtf is the judge thinking!Apparently the cops are trying to do their jobs but get no help from the court.If I ever catch any punks breaking into my house I will not hesitate blowing their heads off.Enough is enough!


I agree even though its sad they need to be in jail!


'In December, Zarcone was at his residence when police used a search warrant during a drug raid, and a woman and pitbull ended up getting shot by police.'

At least they didn't accidentally shoot anyone, that piggy should be locked up.


Its amazing how everyone in this ignorant town wants to say how his parents was so bad you have no right to judge NOT when there is only a handful of "good parents" in the whole town! I have know kyles dad for 10 yrs and he would have moved heaven and hell to make sure his kids had what they not only needed but wanted but one thing there father NEVER stole from anyone he has worked since ive known him. Stop judging when you dont even know his dad or mom for that mattter you dont know the hell they went through.


I for one am not blaming the parents. By this age these criminals know right vs wrong.


Yeahh 313 So true piggy should be locked up and by nips I bet he lived a harder life then all these people on here and yasha wey he like my brother so yeahh what they did was wrong but an If I could of stopped it I would of now they locked up so no one should worry now maybe when they get out lol ;]


RuffBoy...I can see why you're friends with these guys. You really should have stayed in school and learned the English language. When you can actually make sense, use correct spelling and grammar you would have a much better case. You sound uneducated and dense. And trust me- I had a harder life than him. But I grew up, worked hard for my things and now am able to comment with wording that the other hard working upstanding people on here are able to understand. You and "your boys" sound like gibbering baffoons. My opinion.


Lol. That was a real comment? I thought it was just someone trying to be funny and stupid. Eek!


And a lotta people try to scare people talkin about guns but if you don't ever wake up to catch em or don't have that gun in hand then puhhhhh its worthless


I am not trying to scare anyone, I am WARNING them. I sleep safe and I sleep very soundly. My husband who has 20 years of military training, a part time police officer and VERY over protective of his family HAS a gun. He knows HOW to use it and will NOT hesitate. I guess you THINK that as long as noone wakes up it makes STEALING ok?


Maybe I am in the minority here, but if one of my family members was dumb enough to break in someone else's house and steal from them, I would be happy to see them go to jail - probably because I have seen firsthand my loved ones rightly go to jail. Yes, I love them, but did I want them freed? No.
This "free my boy" stuff that I am seeing on social media and in the newspaper comments lately really shows the ignorance of part of humanity. Free your boys who terrorized a young child and stole from a hardworking mother? No thank you, that jail can keep them where they deserve.
Coming from a hard situation does not negate irrational behavior. I grew up in foster care and was often without food or parents at home when I was younger, but I have never gotten in trouble with the law. Once again, maybe I'm in the minority, but I actually went to college and am working my dream job - pristine record despite "the hell I went through".
Maybe if you're helping "your boys" so much, you could also help them learn the life lesson that stealing is wrong, blaming others for your misbehavior is wrong, and defending the guilty is wrong.
Everyone makes mistakes. Stealing is not a mistake. Those boys obviously intended to take what was not theirs. I'm sure the TV didn't just magically plop into their hands. There was an intent to do harm there, so none of this "caught up in a bad situation" or "made a mistake" junk.
Forgive me if I have high standards, but anyone who willingly breaks the law is a low life. I don't think highly of criminals at all - only when I get my new license plate that has been well-crafted by "your boys" do I have an ounce of respect for them.
If "your boys" want respect, they need to grow up, stop blaming others, and act respectfully. Until then, they can stay in jail, feeding off of taxpayer's money while I work 60 hours a week as a teacher and a retail manager to support them.


Very well put. If these "boys" would grow up into men I wouldn't worry about our country's future. Having it tough isn't a reason. Being stupid isn't a reason. You steal or anything else, quit whining and pay the price. You did it. Man up.




You're just stupid.


maybe when someone steals from you house you will feel differently...OH WAIT you are a ruff/ barrnet clan therefore you guys are the main ones that are in drugs and theives in town.. Grow up Loser!!


Get a JOB and pay for their BAIL! YOU can then be responsible for them!


Another valid reason why Willard is the armpit of Urine County. Another valid reason why many know that Willard has had so much trash there. Glad I moved.


And Norwalk is the taint of the county.

believe it

Go live in Columbus(I'm talking the city, not the suburbs) and see what kind of trash is there. It's terrible and I've seen it first hand.


agree @believe it. I lived in cbus for 9 years......had my apartment broken into once and car broken into 6 times.


Lol people can talk on here all they want but deep inside we know y'all is all scary yeah imma ruff/Barnett soo? We ain't the ones on drugs so get facts straight your honor haha


And stealing is not okay at all that's very true much true and yeah I understand where your coming from I'd blast on some one breakin in my house too but what can I do if I don't ever wake up?


And what one of us has been to jail Fer stealing why don't you do the research and tell me??


Our dogs have always loved billy meat.