Crash kills 2 in Huron County

Local couple lose their lives in two-vehicle accident in Fitchville Twp.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 2, 2013


The state Highway Patrol’s Norwalk post is investigating a two-vehicle fatal crash that occurred at 2:18 p.m. Saturday on Ohio 162 just west of Town Line Road 79 in Fitchville Township, west of New London.

Karlie Conaway, 15, of Greenwich, was driving a 2000 Dodge Dakota pickup west on Ohio 162 when she lost control, traveled left of center and collided with an eastbound 1998 Ford Ranger pickup being driven by Troy Green, 40, of New London, troopers said.

All occupants were trapped in the vehicle and had to be extracted by rescue personnel from the New London Fire Department.

Conaway sustained serious injuries and was transported to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. The front-seat passenger, Rodney Williams, 69, and rear-seat passenger, Betty Williams, 66, both of North Fairfield, were pronounced dead at the scene. Conaway and Rodney Williams were both wearing their safety belts, but Betty Williams was not belted in, troopers said. Their vehicle was towed from the scene by Jensen’s Towing.

Green received serious injuries and was transported to Fisher-Titus. He was wearing his safety belt and his vehicle also was towed from the scene by Jensen’s Towing.

Ohio 162 was closed until just before 6 p.m.

No charges have been filed, and there is no indication of alcohol or drug involvement, troopers said. The crash remains under investigation.

Assistance at the scene was provided by the New London Fire Department, New London EMS, New London Police Department, ODOT, Jensen’s Towing and A&M Towing.



It says Jensen Towing towed both cars why was A&M their. listening to the scanner and call chasing again oh im sorry they just happen to be in the area and drove up on it as always


A&M towing is a bunch of hacks there not even in Huron County there in Ashland County. For Jenson to call them for backup can't say much for Jenson. Can we at least try to keep the money in the county.


Instead of complaning about the towing company why don't you use your time to pray for all the broken hearts this family has. May god wrap his arms around this family and help ease there pain.


Thank you for bringing some maturity to the situation. I hope people from outside our area don't judge our citizens based on what they read in these posts. Whether you are religious or not, your heart should be thinking about the families who have suffered the greatest of all losses, not about how the logistics of cleaning up the wreckage could be better handled. If you have a complaint about that, go to a commissioner meeting or a council meeting. What you are doing here is equivalent to standing outside the funeral with signs voicing your complaint.


a couple loses their lives, and 2 others seriously injured and you are worried about who is at the scene trying to help, you should be proud of yourself!




Really bad attitude shut up it shows 2 people are dead and the girl is seriously injured... and so is another guy shut your mouth have some freakin respect for the dead who cares who towed them get a life our family is suffering right now and all you think about is yourself by making that unintelligible comments


I am by far a cold-hearted person but you are making this worse by even reading what is being wrote. People are entitled to their opinions, that's why this is called a comment section. Not everyone is always going to comment nicely or say the things you want to read. You have been on both papers saying how you are going to call the paper and have them shut down the comment section or get people for harassment when nobody has done or said anything wrong yet. My thoughts and prayers go out to both families.


so horrible.prayers to all the families involved.


Question?? WHY on earth was a 15 year old driving in the first place?? You can't get your learners permil til your 15 1/2... and on bad in peace to the people who were killed...


It was my sister and she will be 16 in april


Get them Tristan that comment was bull sh**


Sorry for your loss and that ppl have to be such idiots as to argue over who towed what! Who gives a shit! Two ppl lost their lives that's what you should care about! Many prayers to you and your family in this tragic time!

swiss family

relax Brenda... there are more important things to think about right now...

David Deerest.

Relax, Teresa...


You can't get your permit til your 15 1/2 really is the newspaper to print oh by the way she is 15 1/2 grow up that was my cousin you shut your mouth i didnt know her but Rodney and Betty are my cousins so you shut your mouth you don't ever talk bad about my family your basically saying they deserve to die because they let their granddaughter drive when there was 2 inches of snow... anyone else you makes negative comments keep it up, and I'm calling the norwalk reflector and telling them to shut comments page shut down dont you ever insult that poor little girl don't you think if she is awake and in the hospital she already feels bad enough she may have caused the accident that killed her grand parents have some freaking common sense you moron even if she isn't found at fault that's a heavyweight to carry maybe something like that should happen to your family and then you would feel bad don't ever comment on this page again.

Simple Enough II

You really should stop commenting as you are looking like a loose cannon.


Do you think i care what you think? No our family is hurting and so is troys and all you ppl can do is say how they really have no sympathy because my cousins let their granddaughter drive...theres a difference between an opinion and being ignorant and being a bully


My thoughts and prayers to all involved and their families. What a terrible tragedy!


Rip Rodney and Betty and pray for fast recovery for Karlie! Thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family!


My thoughts and prayers for everyone :(


this is sad things happen ive never commented you are hiding behind the paper ive watched and read it seems like its always the same people have a heart prayers to the family


My thoughts and prayers are with this family. The roads out that way were bad today.

Kottage Kat

Heartfelt sympathy to this family.
Prayers for God's comfort


First of all she was 15 1/2, and she had her drivers permit. So before you start running your mouth about stuff, think about the friends and family of that people that your talking about. My uncle and aunt where great people, anyone that has meet them or even knew them knew how kind hearted, loving, caring, and just all around good people they were. Barb, Stephanie, and Amy keep your guys heads held high and just think they are looking down on us right now and they are always going to be watching over us. God just got two angels today and maybe we all should look at this and hold our families a little tighter because you never know when it's going to be your last!!!!


So you believe that it is an intelligent idea to give someone who has had less than 6 mos of driving experience the keys the truck, and let them have at it during a snowstorm? While I agree it is said that people lost their lives, but this was totally avoidable. The learners permit is to allow new drivers time to learn BASIC driving skills, preparing them to obtain a drivers license. Driving in a winter storm IS NOT a basic driving skill. It takes advanced knowledge and skill to operate a vehicle safely under those conditions. I'm sorry for your loss. Lets hope that these people didn't die in vain and that all who read this learn a lesson. Don't put an inexperienced driver behind the wheel during a snowstorm!!! Unfortunately for the family not only will the sorrow drag on so will the legal ramifications once the other family gets ahold of a lawyer. Again, none of this would be happening if only someone would have utilized some mature decision making skills.


Dont let the Norwalk Forum VULTURES get to you family members and friends. This is a horrible thing but some people have such miserable lives that they feel their opinion is needed on every topic....even tragic ones.


I am so sorry for your loss. I remember going over to their house when I was in school and they always made me feel like part of the family. Amy I am so sorry that you and your sisters have to go through this. There is no words that will make it better, you are all in my thoughts and prayers.


What a terrible tragedy! My thoughts and prayers to all involved and their families.

Cliff Cannon

I had the great pleasure of working with Rod at " Pat Riley trucking " as sadly, as it turned out,the end of his career. What a kind,good and decent man he was. He shall be missed !

Godspeed Karlie's recovery. As well as grant peace to the entire family in this hour of terrible grief