Police: Woman kicks in front door of home where husband’s truck is parked

Suspect, who reportedly knows the female victim, has no prior criminal history.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 2, 2013


A burglary suspect was arrested without incident at her rural Norwalk home early Thursday morning.

Penny S. Goostree, 46, of 321 Gibbs Road, was arrested on a Norwalk Municipal Court burglary warrant about 1:15 a.m. She was charged with a fourth-degree felony in connection with an incident Monday in the 1200 block of South Norwalk Road.

Goostree went to the female victim's residence because Goostree's husband's truck was parked there, Norwalk Law Director Stuart O'Hara said.

The suspect kicked in the front door, entered the home and did some damage inside, O'Hara said.

"She was confronted by a dog and took off," O'Hara said.

If convicted, Goostree faces six to 18 months behind bars.

Goostree, who reportedly knows the victim, has no prior criminal history. She must post 10 percent of a $5,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail.



I would do that too...only I would've had three murder charges...one for my husband, one for the ho, and one for the dog who was after me. So she did pretty well.


HEY...not the dog

jack langhals

i am with you !


Leave the dog out of it. He was doin' his job.


"She was confronted by a mirror and took off."


I have to click "like" on that. Lol


Was the husband even there? Maybe he was just visiting.


Gee, I wonder if her husband WAS there, or not. She may have had motivation to damage HIM as well as the other lady's stuff. Ah, the luxuries of partial stories or releases. It lets us make it up ourselves!


It's more fun that way!


Good for her! I would have done the same thing! I bet her husband will think twice before he goes for another " visit"!


This is great! He was cheating, she put on her sh!t-kickers and went to take care of business. Awesome!


You go girl!


If he was cheating, wait behind his truck until he comes out :) Now she made her kids and grandkids proud


Do a Carrie Underwood on his truck. Bust it all up to hades.




I wouldn't kick the dogs butt unless he was attacking me. I'm not that mean.

Live and learn

Not going to lie Really wish there was an actuall fight


Cheaters never prosper!!


I feel bad for her.
The hurt turned to rage.
I know two wrongs don't make a right,but come on!
Now this paper adds insult to her injury.
Sad some people can't or won't respect a marriage.
Hang in there Penny.
God Bless You and your children.


Come on with all this GO GIRL STUFF. If it was a man you all would be saying stuff like he should have been treating her better. Evil cheater etc. etc. Well i say SHE should have been treating him better and he wouldn't have strayed. THE END


no I wouldn't ...... I woulD be laughing my a$$ off just as much! She caught him plan and simple! Looks like she going to OWN HIM NOW TOO!!!!!! THE END!


Truckin why don't you just shut the hell up! You never have one damn good thing to say and frankly I'm sick of it and I'm sure everyone else is to! And no if it was a man id say the same damn thing hell yea kick those cheating pos's asses! Why do I have an inclination I know you!?!?


--he's not twinpappa2012, is he?


That's bull. Men cheat for the excitement of it. It's the newness of it. The other way to "do" it. You do it with one, then a few hours later you do it with the other. 2 different women, 2 different ways. It's exciting. It's a huge turn on. Kind of like Jim Beam and coke one night, and Long Island Tea the next. Like a smoke and good coffee. Cake and ice cream. And after, no matter what one or the other woman does or won't do, it's fantasy island in either bed. Like the "Don't close your eyes" song by Keith Whitley. "Don't close your eyes, let it be me. Don't pretend it's her, in some fastasy. Just hold me tight, when you love me tonight. But don't close your eyes". Yea, it's better than the Super Bowl, this cheating thing.


Marriages don't even seem to matter to people anymore. I'm lucky to be in a good one. Most people I know end up with people they spend all day arguing with. What's the point of getting married, if that's the case? But they do it anyway, then it ends in divorce. I really feel for this woman. I'm sure she's a good person who just didn't know how else to express how she felt.....
I don't say "go girl", and I know women are just as bad as men. I could see why a man or a woman would do it...and I don't think they should get in trouble for it. I do agree, Truckin, women don't know how to treat a man these days. I think it goes both ways, though, but I know we're old fashioned and most women aren't like me. As a matter of fact, most of my friends think I'm too nice to my husband, but I love him and I do everything for him because he works long, hard hours to provide for his family, he treats us well, and he's always taken care of us. He deserves to be treated right. And he knows he'll never find another woman like me, so I'm not the least bit worried.


Good for her. She stood up for her marriage....sad she's going to jail though and there are no laws against being a home wrecker........the other two are free to play around now and so sad

hor mone

I caint watch WWE no more.

Live and learn

If you have good enough morals its never okay to stray away even if she didn't treat him right! And I thinks it's a little more complicated then just straying away considering she's younger then both of their children (20) as of a week ago.... That's just plain gross


See this is a prime example of why I like my cat better- he only bothers me a couple times a day to get fed, doesn't leave the seat up, listens when I talk to him and doesn't talk back and he thinks I'm the most wonderful person in the world!!!!( Did I mention he doesn't hog the covers either?)

Kottage Kat

Happy feet