Edison officials, union agrees to terms

School district no longer will pay retirement payments; employees also agree to two-year wage freeze.
Aaron Krause
Feb 4, 2013


School district officials and the Edison Classified Employees Association have reached an agreement which will extend through 2014.

Although it's a three-year agreement, Superintendent Tom Roth said negotiations took a year and a half, the agreement is retroactive to 2011.

Under the deal, district officials will no longer pick up School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (SERS) payments. Also, employees agreed to a freeze on their base salary this year and next year.

School board members voted unanimously to approve the contract last week. A story was published in Friday's Reflector. To read more, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.




so now i suppose everyone will vote YES to the tax hike? I wont... we can't afford it.like alot of people we are just barely making it!


hey who cares about the kids.......they don't need to learn!!!! Maybe thats why you are where you are......


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tell it how it is

And neither is the school. They will be shut down in years to come if people keep telling them NO then criticizing them for not doing or having enough.

I'm really sick of wondering how long the best school around here is going to hold up because of ignorant people that refuse to vote Yes to something that is NEEDED!


I am sorry to say this...you are either a very rich person and dont care how far taxes get hiked up or your an ignorant bystander who dont know what they are talking about? or a student who is just on here to call people names...


Blue...did you vote for Obama?

tell it how it is

Arnmcrmn...I'd say yes!

@Blue, I'm not ignorant, a student, or rich. I'm sick of every time a levy comes up, people like YOU come up with a reason to say NO on it. So, they fix that reason before the next levy..but of course there's a different reason now! I'm someone who did go to Edison, was given an amazing education, the best offered any where close to here, and used that to go on and get an even better education. Seeing it FIRST HAND, I can promise you this school needs the money.


If you think the teachers need the money so bad then write them a check. The reason has always been the same for voting NO on the levy. MONEY...They want more and we are all living on less. Time they do the same. Why dont they just go ahead and apply for all those OBAMA entitlements? Apparently you think they deserve them too.

Second Opinion

Our schools greatness is a result of having moral structure within its families. On the most part our local children know who their fathers are and many parents take time to instill a somewhat moral structure into their child’s development, THIS is what makes a great community and school system.
Equating greatness with more money is a socialist ideology within the teachers NEA union; a belief that its government along with an unending increase of tax revenue which determines if a school will be great or not. This is contradictory from the facts concerning larger city school systems such as Cleveland, Chicago, NY and others who also have many good teachers. In those cities the teachers claim the schools failures are not because of them but because of the parents failing to raise their children correctly along with lack of funding. At Edison they tell us the school is great because of the teachers but there STILL isn’t enough money; contradictory within their arguments. In other words anything good about the schools are always credited towards the teachers, everything negative are always the parents fault.

Any Edison teacher who’s unhappy with their pay and benefits should go to the inner city schools to fulfill their dreams of making more money. Be sure however to take defense classes to help protect you from the daily theft, assaults, rapes, and murders within the schools.

**I think it’s time Edison teachers start to appreciate what they have here.*

Edison teachers who feel that the safeties they enjoy while working here isn’t to be considered while reviewing their wages and benefits should by all means resign and go to the inner cities where they may pay more. Their students will give you a send off party, much different than the send off party you would receive in the inner city!,

In all walks of life many forget just how good they have it.



Cliff Cannon

@ Second Opinion : Since,I live in Norwalk I don't feel right sticking my nose where it don't belong.So please forgive me for doing so this once.However, I really like your comment.

Especially the first sentence " Our schools greatness is a result of having moral structure with in it's families " and the last sentence " In all walks of life many forget just how good they have it " Very well put !

Being somewhat a student of levy's and taxes. I can say this about Edison. They have 11 levy's that have been voted into their tax base through the years. 10 of them are " continuous levy's " which of course,is another word for " permanant ". While a 'whopping' 1 has a time frame for expiration.

All of which is to merely say. Voters should look closely at when or if their levy's will ever end. As well as once again apologize for sticking my nose into someone else's district

tell it how it is

I don't think anyone deserves any "Obama entitlements," thank you very much. I think anyone who is on any is nothing but worthless space in our community.

They are doing the same, people just refuse to recognize that. And I for one am sick of people like you.


Ditto..right back at ya!

Second Opinion

I suppose your sickness is the reason you can't provide an intelligent response?

tell it how it is

No. I could provide several. However, people such as yourself don't listen, so I'm done wasting my time. I got into these arguments in the fall, so I've kind of given up on our community that believes drug addict families deserve our help, but our schools don't.

tell it how it is

No. I could provide several. However, people such as yourself don't listen, so I'm done wasting my time. I got into these arguments in the fall, so I've kind of given up on our community that believes drug addict families deserve our help, but our schools don't.


From what I've read, the tax payers in your area have said the same thing over and over again,

Staff should pay their own retirement
NO RAISES- the economy is not striving

So now, the staff is going to start paying into their own retirement, BUT---- They were given a raise to make up for paying into their own RETIREMENT...

This isn't how CUTS work.... CUTS ARE CUTS, NOT "agree to pay into your own retirement and we will give you a RAISE TO MAKE UP FOR IT"

This type of behavior just adds fuel to the fire and sets the tone of "what they don't know, what hurt them". NOT GOOD...


I voted for Obama and kicking myself in the butt!!!!! Just getting by.......than get an education (ITS NEVER TO LATE) some of us want a good one for our kids that WHY I moved to Milan 3 years ago because it IS the BEST around! No I'm not rich I just want good things for our future and if you can't spend a little to get something what do you think is going to happen......MORE HAND OUTS BLUE??? Because something tells me you are use to getting hand outs.......Like i said before if you are doing so bad do something about it......wait wait no complain that works lol

Kottage Kat

NO thank you
I will be voting NO
Hoping NObody votes to pass this levy

Mr Bean

I would be interested in the percentage of the retirement payments---also, are they paying anything into their health care?---Until I see the dollar for dollar breakdown for each teacher/official--I will be voting NO___

Second Opinion


Second Opinion


Edwin Ison

The school board eliminated the retirement pick-up and promptly gave it all back in a raise....why bother?


Yes they got a big fat raise to off set their paying into retirement which should of been done years ago. Close it down! We really don't care. You are out of control.


close it down.....another wonderful person with no kid in the school system.....


It is wonderful they are agreeing to a condition which apparently is needed. It may be a necessary sacrifice & a condition to their employment. They aren't the only 'companies' with wage freezes, etc.
With the SS tax reimplemented and cost of medical and other taxes gone up, not to mention cost of living, my household MONTHLY income has taken a hit of over $200 less! (Yes, PER MONTH!) That is (WAS) part of my car payment or housepayment. I do not HAVE one extra dollar to SACRIFICE to the school. Nor does any part of my current INJURED budget have 2 cents to justify any more wasteful spending.


Tired of the crap: Since this is so dear to you, have you questioned the staff on why they would ask for a raise in this economy and not just be grateful to have a job with benefits at all? Or asked the school board why they are approving raises when in fact they can't afford it? Just curious...

Your chastising the tax payers (who are trying to live within their means) for not passing levies but these levies are needed because the staff asks for more, and the board approves it even though THEY DON'T HAVE IT!

It's no different then writing a check and not having the funds to cover it....


Your post makes no sense to me. I am not in favor of a levy passing and never will be. If you had looked at past posts you will see we have ask that question time and time again. All they want is more and more money and we are tapped out. You are barking up the wrong tree. That is exactly my point about the Edison staff. They keep wanting more and we keep saying NO


Ref: Tired of the crap---- My apologies.... I meant that message for tell it like it is.... Sorry.....