Edison officials, union agrees to terms

School district no longer will pay retirement payments; employees also agree to two-year wage freeze.
Aaron Krause
Feb 4, 2013


School district officials and the Edison Classified Employees Association have reached an agreement which will extend through 2014.

Although it's a three-year agreement, Superintendent Tom Roth said negotiations took a year and a half, the agreement is retroactive to 2011.

Under the deal, district officials will no longer pick up School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (SERS) payments. Also, employees agreed to a freeze on their base salary this year and next year.

School board members voted unanimously to approve the contract last week. A story was published in Friday's Reflector. To read more, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.



Second Opinion

To the teachers I say that this is a BEGINNING, if you would have worked with the taxpayers in the first place the schools wouldn't be in this financial situation, so STOP BLAMING THE TAXPAYERS. Were tired of you thinking mommy and daddy will give you everything you want just because you demand it. And when did it become proper to demand wage increases because a new calendar comes out and inflation increases. Nobody has guaranties in life and just because inflation increases doesn’t mean you get raises, welcome to reality. Many professionals had to take concessions but teachers think they are above everyone else, well the fruit has been squeezed to death and there isn’t any juice remaining, you’re just going to have to settle for powdered milk like the rest of us.

If this levy passes don't be shocked in 2014 by their demand of higher than normal wage increases to retrieve what they graciously ‘gave up’ for ‘the children’, yea, right! They will also bring to the table demands that we again pay for their retirement, stating that this current action on their part was a temporary concession to ‘help’ the community. It’s the same old magician’s cup and ball but they will replace the ball with manipulation of facts and deceptions with a perfect slight of hand.

I’ve lost most of my respect for this school system, a once shining example of great things. The last levy had two men visit my brothers home and when he said he wasn’t going to support it with his vote the one told him to go “F’ YOURSELF” ! Sounds no different than the events in Wisconsin with marchers holding signs saying “Its about the Children!” and then they shut the schools down for weeks as they went to the State Capital and caused millions of dollars in damages and actually threatened AND ASSAULTED several who were opposed to their demands! Make no mistake that the NEA is a socialist Union whose lawyers actually stated that its NEVER BEEN ABOUT THE CHILDREN, it’s about POWER AND MONEY!

Again, anyone in any workplace who doesn’t like their wages, benefits or work conditions are free to leave.


Well Said! The more people that become aware of their scam the more the levy will FAIL!

R U Kidding me

well I got a 2.2 percent raise this year and with the tax hikes I make 40 dollars less on a 40 hour work week then last year. I have to pay for my own insurance which went up 3 percent over last year and I had to stop my 401k to make it. So you want me to pay more so you don't have to make cuts. You can kiss me where the sun don't shine. Why don't you tell the cuts you have made personally. sorry but I will continue to vote no. I have a house and a family that I need to look out for. I pay 3400 dollars a year property tax and I want to keep what I have worked all my life for after I retire. at the rate of property tax I can not make it after retirement as it is. I am making changes now to try to save what I have I suggest you make changes to. I would not suggest anyone from the school to come to my door soliciting votes

Fiskal Konservative

If you want to see what any of the teachers are making, just go to http://www.buckeyeinstitute.org/
Click on Teacher Salary on left
Under District Name, in the drop down menu, click on Edison Local
All the salaries are there in alphabetical order, followed by the number of hours worked and the number of days worked. Then float over the pension and ck out what the lifetime pension liability is.
Now, what do you make?????
They have agreed to a "base wage" freeze, but will continue to get merit and tenure raises.
Time to Vote!


Another salary webpage at this link.
Just search your district and "Order by" High to low. OUCH!


Kottage Kat



I know one thing for sure, if I had to go to college all over again I would have majored in education and found a wife that was doing the same. I see quite a few couples that are going to retire on over 70K and one that will get 103K in retirement. I guess that business degree I got was a complete waste since when I graduated there were no companies that offered pensions and very few even have a match on the 401K. I'm not against the current teachers, but maybe they should do like most companies have done in the past 10 years. New hires get a 401k with no match, the salaries aren't that outrageous, but the legacy costs are.

Bleeding Turnips

I live in the district and make around $65,000 per year, pay my own medical and retirement out of that gross wage.
I also work 260 days per year not 187. Why am I being asked to take money from my family so we have less, and give
it to someone who is making as much or more than I am so his or her family can have more? I feel I deserve more money but
the budget at work says it’s not fiscally responsible for the good of my company. Obama care coming and higher taxes and all.
Why does the school not live by the same rules? It’s not fiscally responsible to give raises when the company (school)
doesn't have the money. Wants and deserves have nothing to do with any of this. This turnip is bled out… Sorry NO!


Well said, BT. Hope you don't mind it is being shared at https://www.facebook.com/VoteNo4...


"We have laws against extortion, theft and slavery, yet with a single vote, we can legally plunder our neighbor’s bank account without impunity and place him and his heirs into a position of involuntary servitude. Many of our retirees have found that even after working all their lives to pay off the mortgage on the cottage or family farm, there is still a yearly rent that must be paid. To refuse to pay will result in the confiscation and eviction of the supposed owner and the transfer of the property to a new "owner" who is more, shall we say, civic minded.

A criminal who comes to you with a weapon and demands the contents of your wallet will face the wrath of the legal system and in most states, you have the right to defend your person and your property. There is no defense against the vote. Once it has been cast, the ballot has the force of law to support it." Written by Mr. Gene W from a neighboring community.
Voters, you better think about his words. Think hard. With your vote for a new property tax, you could be giving away years of your rights and ownership to your "own" property!


Never seen this link before- Just took a quick look, here were the top wages on the site, I didn't copy all the way down the page, look for yourself... I feel sorry for the tax payers in the Edison school district...

Year Name District Building Salary Workday Hours Days Worked
2012 roth, thomas edison local edison $111,300.00 8.00 260
2012 goodwin, jeffrey edison local $98,797.00 8.00 250
2011 quattrochi, david p. edison local $88,171.00 8.00 260
2010 quattrochi, david p. edison local $85,951.00 8.00 260
2012 spriggs, nicole edison local $85,704.00 8.00 243
2012 menoski, dennis edison local $83,855.00 8.00 260
2012 smith, cory edison local $82,449.00 8.00 235
2011 menoski, dennis g. edison local $82,329.00 8.00 260
2012 morrison, matthew edison local $81,255.00 8.00 260
2012 sismondo, ronald edison local $81,255.00 8.00 260
2012 quattrochi, david edison local $81,073.00 8.00 235
2012 stipp, bethany edison local $80,500.00 8.00 260

This is a different state wage site (Link posted above), wish I was suffering this bad! O' and don't forget this doesn't include their BENEFITS!


This doesn't bode well for Edison. That is a lot of money for teaching. Many 4-5 year degree jobs won't ever come close to that money working around this area. Heck, there are some Dr.'s that don't make 111K.

tell it how it is

None of those are TEACHERS. Just so everyone knows. Those are principles and people that have absolutely nothing to do with the day to day schooling.

I wasn't even aware Mrs. Spriggs was a part of the school. Very few of these names I know, and I graduated in the past fews years, went there my whole life.

Brock Lee

move norwalk schools is better

Kottage Kat

To. Brocolli,
I live in Norwalk
Berlin -milan school district


We moved to Milan 3 years ago! Best teachers and school system around (transpartaion needs work) but when my child that goes from C's and D's at one school and after some help is in Advanced classes.........Edison speaks for its self!!!!! VOTE YES.... Everyone saying no........HAS NO KIDS IN THE SYSTEM and don't care about our future.


So are you saying if the tax payers don't agree to PAY MORE TO THE STAFF, the staff will teach to lower standards??

NOWHERE is teaching a GET RICH career, if you do the math of hourly wages, they are making darn good money.

Take an average 52,000 salary (NO benefits)
52k * 187 days * 8 Hrs a day = $34.76 hour
Now add in 9.3% retirement paid by taxpayer = $4836.00
Now the hourly wage is $37.99 an hour.
This is with a PAID LUNCH, take out the paid lunch and the hourly rate for actually working is = $40.53 an hour (assuming lunch is only 1/2 hour)

Several of the incomes are at $60k, look at that figure:
60K * 187 days * 7.5 hours = $42.78 hour
9.3% retirement added to it $5,580 for a whopping $46.76 an hour on a 7.5 work day, taking out 1/2 hr lunch.

This doesn't include medical pick up by the taxpayer or the state required 12% of retirement paid by the taxpayer.

Who can argue that? Come on..... They are compensated VERY WELL, not to mention they can supplement their income in the summer months by tutoring.... I'd have to say NO to a levy for more staff income also.


what a stupid comment. We have kids in the system and we have paid enough. get over yourself


Stopping paying their share of retirement now is way too late. Thats like robbing a bank of 100,000 dollars and being able to keep it if i dont do it again. If that 800,000 per year for the last ten years was kept they would have golden drinking fountains by now. And they have got raises during that time. TOO LITTLE TO LATE. WE HAVE TO VOTE NO

Edwin Ison

The retirement pick-up has been going on for more than 20 years.

Truth or Fiction

Now! Now! The information you are spreading over here is the same misinformation you spread in the Register. Your teachers with or without the STRS pickup have not been overpaid. In fact, in the past eight years Edison teachers at best have been at the mid or below in Erie County teacher pay.

The NEW CONTRACT has no NEW money! Your teachers are at the lower pay for teachers in Erie County. If you have an ax to grind, that's fine but get your facts right! FICTION is not the TRUTH!

Truth or Fiction

Now! Now! The information you are spreading over here is the same misinformation you spread in the Register. Your teachers with or without the STRS pickup have not been overpaid. In fact, in the past eight years Edison teachers at best have been at the mid or below in Erie County teacher pay.

The NEW CONTRACT has no NEW money! Your teachers are at the lower pay for teachers in Erie County. If you have an ax to grind, that's fine but get your facts right! FICTION is not the TRUTH!

Edwin Ison

The retirement pick-up has actually been going on for closer to 30 years.


If your above post is referencing me.... please refute my so called fictitious statements with quotes please.

And Edison teachers are only overpaid to the extent that district revenue does not seem to cover teacher salaries and benefits.

Truth or Fiction

Glad to hear from you. Actually I was referencing the quotes in general but since you raised the issue. The point you fail to recognize is that with STRS or NO STRS, your teachers were not overpaid for the past 10, 20, or even 30 years.

Your district has not had an increase in levy revenue in eight years. The State has reduced the other sources of revenue that your school used to receive (from tangible property and State allocations) by the millions. Inflation has increased costs over those eight years (just look at the price of gas and running those busses day-in and day-out) and you want draconian responses.

Quit trying to make it an us against them. Your argument attacks children not administrators, teachers, or support personnel.


yeah you have been drinking the koolaide. Since when do you think you are the spokesperson for Edison staff? The bottom line is.. ( and this time get it through your head )We have all had cut backs, job lose, etc. They need to cut back as well. If the school can't make it , then it is time to do something else. We are tapped out and voting NO

Truth or Fiction

I don't like Kool-Aide and your comments purport failure. They don't offer constructive solutions nor do they help to support the community you live in. Public education is just what it describes. The Public, your community, contributes to the education of your youth.

You don't want to allow for inflation, you don't want to take into consideration the State funding cuts (millions!), you don't want to accept that unfunded mandates must be paid by your district, and you don't want to admit that your district is in financial trouble to the tune of millions, not thousands.

I'm sorry but to argue that I gave eight years ago just doesn't cut it! Do you really think your solution is going to better your community? It's like I told you on the other blog. You are only hurting the kids!