Lindsay Lohan appears in court on charge of lying about car crash

Case being heard by same judge who sentenced the actress to 360 hours of labor at county coroner’s office.
Jan 31, 2013


Lindsay Lohan appeared in court with a new attorney Wednesday after earlier indicating she would miss the mandatory appearance — on a charge of lying to police about a car crash — because she had been sick.

Lohan was back in front of Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner for allegedly violating probation in a jewelry shoplifting case and to answer to a new charge of lying to Santa Monica police for allegedly telling them she was not driving a Porsche involved in a collision with a truck on Pacific Coast Highway.

The 26-year-old actress decided to appear in court Wednesday at the last minute. Mark Heller, the New York-based attorney now representing Lohan, had submitted paperwork to the court saying she was too ill to travel from New York and could not appear.

But facing the likelihood of an arrest warrant if she failed to show, Lohan flew to L.A.

Sautner said Lohan was ordered to court only because she wanted to replace her lawyer and will not have to appear at her next court date March 1. Sautner approved Heller as Lohan’s new counsel, allowing him to replace Shawn Holley, who represented Lohan in years of court appearances.

“I know there was some drama,” Heller said, adding that Lohan was ill but recovered enough to travel to Los Angeles.

He initially suggested Lohan came down with the flu — calling it an “epidemic” in New York — but conceded it was a cold.

Sautner is the same judge who cracked down on the actress after she missed required therapy sessions and community service shifts at a downtown women’s center. Sautner sentenced her to 360 hours of labor at the county coroner’s office.


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when are they just going to sentence her to about 5 years in jail? sick of hearing about her and how she gets off with a slap on the wrist!! Get a life Lindsey!!


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Why is this in our local paper? These kind of stories go in magazines, ect. Not a small-town local paper.

- Getting tired of all these stories in the Norwalk Reflector and Sandusky Register that while interesting, have absolutely nothing to do with our area, so therefor irrelevant.


These stories break up the monotony of all the local drug stories.


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