They're back... and seeking $: Gravelles want donations for defense fund

Michael and Sharen Gravelle, convicted of keeping their 11 adopted children in cages, are taking their case to the street. The Clarksfield Township couple held a press conference Wednesday afternoon with their attorney, Ken Myers, to announce a benefit auction for their defense fund at 5:30 p.m. July 20. The event will be at Kraus Auction Haus, 1521 Cleveland Road, Sandusky.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Michael and Sharen Gravelle, convicted of keeping their 11 adopted children in cages, are taking their case to the street.

The Clarksfield Township couple held a press conference Wednesday afternoon with their attorney, Ken Myers, to announce a benefit auction for their defense fund at 5:30 p.m. July 20. The event will be at Kraus Auction Haus, 1521 Cleveland Road, Sandusky.

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AlterEgo (Anonymous)

At what point does a spanking become abuse? As far as a remember from the newpapers articles about the Gravelles there were no physical injuries to the children and the cages were not locked. The worse I remember was that one of the got spanked with a paddle and one was made to sleep in a bathtub for continually wetting the bed.

monroeville (An...

Alter Ego: So do you think it's okay to make a child sleep in the bath tub? And as for the cages not being locked, do you honestly believe that? If you think this kind of stuff is alright I hope you don't have any children, you need them taken away if you do!

???? (Anonymous)

discipline is one thing caging your children is another. i have a child who gets up and wonders in the night we believe he is sleep walking.we would find him with food,sleeping in different rooms of the house, in fact one night he even set the table with plates,mugs and silverware including sharp knives that he would have had to get on a chair then onto the counter to get see he is only 3. but we never caged him.we locked doors,cupboards,refigerators,and did what we had to do to keep him and ourselves safe. we sometimes slept in shifts or with him to make sure he was not getting up but putting him in a cage was never an option. lets get real here. now the Gravelle's can be put in a cage and see how they like it!!! if they could not handle the problems or the disabilities of 11 children then they should have asked for help or not taken on such a huge responsibilty. there are other people out there who would be willing and greatfull to have taken in some of these children.

monroeville (An...

???/ Thank you for being a wonderful parent. I don't know you, but your raising a child with problems the way any loving parent would do. I'll say a prayer for you and your child, May God Bless you all!

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

You guys really don't get the point I am trying to get across. Everyone disciplines their child differently and those who take on the responsibility to raise special needs children in particular have it even harder, and most kids in the foster system are special needs in one way or another. You guys are posting on here that you spank your kids, send them to their rooms, and watch guard over them while they slept. These methods work for you in your particular cases. I know people who have 2 adopted kids with emotional issues. Spanking and sending them to their rooms does not work for them. They need more serious punishment, but at what point does it cross the line. Do they allow their children who they love very much continue to get our of control?

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

And Monroeville, twll me how you discipline your children and I can turn it against you too.


I've never locked my child in a cage and I never will. You stated that your not sure when it's crossing the line, If your not sure if it's right or wrong to lock a child in a cage, I pray to God you don't have children. I believe in disciplining a child when their wrong but this went way to far. Maybe they should of only had a couple children if they couldn't handle the responsibility. The children are the victims here NOT THE GRAVELLES!

??? (Anonymous)

i have to agree with both parties here. #1 yes all children require differnt types of discipline #2 snd yes all children in the system are a form of special needs child,but,maybe 11 children were way more special needs than the gravelles could handle.not maybe,OBVIOUSLY!!! i also feel the system is at fault for allowing one family to take on that many "special needs" children at once.Did they do to get them out of the sytem because they cared or so they did not have to deal with them themselves. this whole case really stinks from start to finish and it really makes people think about how our "sytems" work for us and others.

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

Monroeville, I am not defending the Gravelles. But at what point do the cages become something else? If the doors are not locked? If there are no doors on the beds? Or if the wood around the bunk beds is off? Does a crib count as a cage? How do we justify placing a baby into a crib? Isn't thank a psychological puch towards teach the child to live behind bars? I Just wonder how many criminals in Ohio's prison where put into cribs as babies. I better the percentage is very high, maybe even 99%. So if 99% of the inmates in prisen where put into cribs with bars as children what does that make a parent who places their children in one of these horrible contraptions?

Someone made an arguement earlier in the blog that anyone who sent their kids to their room at all are bad parents. It is nearly to a point that if a child gets mad at his parents they think they can call 911 and get their parents arrested. This happened to someone I know who whipped their child and the kid grabbed the phone and called 911. Sherrifs rolled to his house where the kid explained what happend. Of course nothing was done to the parent since it was not an abusive case just a kid who was mad at his father for spanking him properly.

monroeville (An...

Are you seriously comparing putting a baby in a crib to the Gravelles locking their children in cages? You are not even worth wasting my time on to comment anymore. Your right, I'm sure that almost 100% of prison inmates were put in cribs- that has nothing to do with how they turned out. Do you know for a fact that those cages were never locked? What would the point be of putting them in there if they didn't lock it? I find it reslly sad that anyone would agree with this and to make the comments you have made is insane. I'm interested to know how your children are being raised. With beliefs like yours I really feel sorry for them !

T$Robinson (Ano...

to all of you people who are so proud of the fact that you have never , and never will spank your child , i hate to tell you this , but i'm pretty sure that your kids are brats and will grow up to be trouble makers and law breakers... it is a parents job to draw that line that the child can't cross , and it is a childs job to try to push and go over that line .. and when they refuse to step back within the boundries that you have set , you MUST show them who is the boss .. i am not condoning beating at all , but i quick swat on their behind , where you startle them , but not hurt them is definately in order .. it is NOT a parents job to be their childs friend , they must be the parent first ! and a friend second .. if you don't raise your children properly , it becomes everyones problem , because when your child grows up , they will be totally out of control ..i am sure that i will be chastised for my opinions , but i am sure that "time outs" only work for the small stuff.. if your child is reaching for the hot pan on the stove , for the second or third time , and you have already told them repeatedly not to touch it , do you really think that a "time out" is in order ?? do you think that they will learn to listen to you from this ?? or would it be better to swat their little hand to teach them to listen ?? my parents did not beat me by any means , but whem we were extremely out of control , like all kids get from time to time , we got spanked on out clothes covered butts , it didn't hurt , but it did hurt our feelings and we knew to never do that again..sometimes we all stayed under control because of the previous spankings , we knew that more spankings were possible if we misbehaved!!like they say " spare the rod and spoil the child"

bobalouey (Anon...

People in HELL want ice water, too!!

No Name (Anonymous)

The cages did lock. Not only did they get these kids taking away but they have older children that were removed from their custody also. They should just face the music and do their time!!! Anyone who feels sorry for them and gives them money is crazy. They brought this on themselves. I agree with "MONROEVILLE", that the children are the victims here not the Gravelles. Let's help the chidlren by not giving the Gravelles any money. Let them be poor in rich they deserve!!

no name (Anonymous)

alter ego, Are you a family member of the Gravelles? It sounds like you are. Or are you Michael or Sharon?

lol some people...


AlterEgo (Anonymous)

Nope, I am not a member of the family and I have never met them. I am not involved with them in any way. I do know some of the people prosecuting and working with the children. And I do not agree with what I have heard them say in private about how to raise children. I don't agree with the Gravelles adopting that many kids, not because I think they did it for the money, but I know how hard it was to raise two kids who were good students and great kids, and to take on that many kids with special needs and emotion problems to start with is just asking for trouble.

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

I also don't take for granted what I read in the papers. Because as I said earlier it is all perception. A case can be made against just about any parent if you want to pursure it.

unknown (Anonymous)

Why aren't they in prison now, if it was anyone else they would of already been sent behind bars.... Thats where they belong and no one needs to donate them anything....What did they do with all the money they got from keeping the 11 children........ PUT THEM IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just little ole...

anyone who could possibly give these monsters money are no better than they are. It's like their getting paid for abusing their, "adopted" children. Gravelles, go do your time in "your cage," these poor children did their time in "their cages." They didn't get a say or a lawyer to keep them from being put in there, shame on you. How could you even have the nerve to ask for money.

Not a fan (Anon...

It is not about the cages, it is not about Michael or Sharon, it is about 11 children who came into this world with different personalities and different disabilities (Just like you and me). Parents are to protect their children not treat them like monkeys in the zoo. Wake up WAKEMAN these people suck at being parents!!!

speechless (Ano...

well it has been one week since I have blogged here and I am not surprised to see everyone is still going at it on here. We all have different opinions, thats great. Go on with your lives, dont argue over all this, that you yourself can not change. If you dont want to donate money to them, so what, if you do, hey it's not my money your wasteing, but that is just my opinion. I am soooo sure that as long as you can blogg on this subject, you all will be fighting back and forth. Personally I really dont care anymore, because I PERSONALLY, I PERSONALLY, EVERYONE HERE THAT, I PERSOALLY BELIEVE THAT THEY DONT STAND A FAT CHANCE,BUT WHAT DO I KNOW, I AM NOT GOD AND IF I WAS, I WOULD BE ON A BEACH SOMEWHERE WITH ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF MONEY AND NO WORRIES. good luck to all and god bless, i am outta here


I have a cousin who has Down's and he has boughts of rage that may harm himself or people if not properly supervised, but his mom has NEVER locked him in a cage, EVER. She instead deals with his outbursts with a calm, loving attitude and steers his mind in to a different direction, making him focus on a toy or something fun. I don't care how many stupid excuses these Gravelle's make up about how they had to protect these children from hurting themselves. There are appropriate ways to do things and locking mentally-challenged children up as if they were animals is NOT one of them. These people need mental help themselves and shouldn't have access to adopting one more child! I was outraged when I heard about this story; and the fact that they are seeking funds from the public sickens me even more. Whoever gives these people even a penny should be ashamed of themselves. I do believe in everyone deserves a fair trial and I believe they got just that, but they don't deserve funds from hard working people! Shame on you Gravelle family!


Oh my gosh. These people need to be in hell. Just like the hell they put those kids through, treating them like animals, just to get the government money, or better yet to use as cult kids. They just got caught, they need to pay, and I cannot beleive they have the nerve to seek donations. Anyone that helps these people ought to seek help too. Gravell's are a poor excuse for human beings. Imagine if their game had not come to an end .... just imagine.

Steffani (Anonymous)

These people are ridiculous! Who in their right mind would want to help them with their legal fees. Personally I think they should be locked up!

Hah! (Anonymous)

The Gravelles are ridiculous! They really need to be thrown in jail for the rest of their lives. That'd solve that problem. I'm only 17, but the "old-fashioned" ways sound agreeable.

angie (Anonymous)

are they crazy? what are they thinking,thay wouldn`t need help with legal fees if they didn`t put those kids in gages.if it was anyone of us,we would be sitting behind bars right now.why are they not behind bars?

just little ole...

Well, I'm curious as to how much money these child abusers recieved?? If they rasied any it should be taken from them and donated to charities that support childrens needs. NOT to support their defense for their "unfair conviction." Some people have all the nerve!

just little ole...

To Cary Ashby; come on, where's the results from the auction??? How much blood money did they recieve? Maybe front page tomorrow, right. it's a good trashy story about trashy people.

T$Robinson (Ano...

all of you people seem outraged that the Gravelle's would seek money to help them in their time of need ,and i certainly agree with you .. you think that what they did to those children was not only a crime, but a sin as well , and i also agree. you also feel that what the Gravelle's did to those kids , will take a lifetime to recover from , and i also agree.So , donating to the Gravelle's is unthinkable, right? but for all of the wrong doings that they did , you have to say that they did NOT sexually violate them . Thank God, I wish the same could be said for the Catholic Church , right here in our own community . there have been 4 if not 5 well known pedophiles that served as priests in our little town , and how many children did they violate will never be known for sure , but people are still compelled to give money to the Catholic Church...I do not understand the logic behind this. Don't get me wrong , there are many good things about the catholic religion , and being educated in the Catholic school system , but any child that was violated by the priests in the Catholic Church will tell you , it is an insult to see their parents , relatives , neighbors and friends donate money to this corrupt organization.The catholic Church does NOT harbor all of the pedofiles in the world , i know that , but they are the ones that were exposed .I will not donate any money to the Gravelle's , but if i had to choose between giving money to them , or the Catholic Church , i would be hard pressed with what would be the better decision

just little ole...

T$Robinson; very good points made here! But do we know for sure these children were not sexually abused? Maybe these children still have more to tell. You never know in the years to come what else might come to light. They could be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. I know I have read they are impaired, but to what point? Can some of them even tell what has happened to themselves? I pray not as they have had enough to go thru in their lives already.