Norwalk establishes 'new' department

Street and parks departments combined.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 21, 2013


The city of Norwalk has introduced a "new" department to its citizens.

Josh Snyder, public works director, said calling the general services department "new" might be a bit of a stretch. "What we're doing is combining the street and parks departments into one -- calling it the general services department," he said.


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Does it really matter? They're not going to do anything either way....


Well now the Street dept. employees can hide in the parks, instead of driving around wasting tax payers money on gas!

swiss family

so now that they combined the 2 departments, and since I am pretty sure that the Streets Dept, had someone in charge, and the Parks dept had someone in charge there too.. and I will guess that these 2 people made a better wage than their workers.. SO with the combined departments, did we lose one of the higher paid positions so we can save some money by combining the 2 departments??? or are we now paying 2 top people for ONE nbew department.. I can pretty much guess that we didn't lose anyone and are still paying the 2 an undeserving high wage..

Swamp Fox

Merging departments, hopefully smaller goverment, if so good job. For all the critics, if you live in Norwalk and don't like it, you can always move, don't let the door hit you in the as*.........

Cliff Cannon

Great job city hall. Getting much more done,for less money.( 'word on the street' has savings at 100,000 plus per year ) Who would've thunk it ? Here's looking forward to other innovative idea's in the future.


Cliff - I thank you for always being open-minded and not always critical of everything. Unlike most people that post on here, you always seem to bring a level-headed approach to topics. It's comical how some people will get on here and post like they are God's gift to the world on a myriad of subjects. I guess we will always have the type of people that think they could always be better than others. It's obvious that you, my friend, care about people in general and our community. Thanks Cliff, just wanted to let you know that there are people out here that listen to what you say or write and that you are appreciated. I know you as a person and you have always been the same - respectful with an open mind and open ear. I know there are some people on here that critique you but they are the same haters that, like I said above, we will always have. So keep on Truckin' Cliff!

Cliff Cannon

@ Blaze : From the bottom of my heart thanks for making me cry.

jack langhals

I agree Cliff.In all the years I have lived here and watched all the city workers on their jobs, they are all great.If any Dept.should be toasted,it should be the garbage and recyclers.They are one hard bunch of workers.

Cliff Cannon

Mr Langhals : Extremely well put

swiss family

why do we have to hear "words on the street"?? why are we not told upfront, what they are saving or not saving, when they announce the combination of the 2 departments??? I thought that one of the complaints about the last administration from this administration was that they were NOT TRANSPARENT enough.. so I was sure that the new administration vowed to be more transparent.. so please do so.. I can not and do not rely on "words on the street"( Gossip ) I like to deal in actual facts


I would suggest calling City Hall and asking them. I'm guessing they (city administrators) don't always read and answer on these blogs. Or, maybe, you could call the Reflector and ask a reporter if they know. Personally, I leave these kind of decisions up to the people elected or hired to make them. I do not know, or pretend to know, the inner workings of city government so I choose not to Monday morning quarterback them. If I have a question, I go directly to the people that are here to answer our questions, which would be the people elected or hired, not bloggers or news reporters.

Cliff Cannon

@ Blaze : Extremely well put and I must say I totally agree. Then add " Monday morning quarterbacks " are normally 'players' who lack the courage to try out for the 'team',would you agree ?

Must admit, I missed the first story in the Reflector about these dept's merging. So yesterday, while visiting the paper, Scott Seitz who reported on this change.Not only filled me in,but chewed me out as well for not paying attention.

It seems a man from 'rec' applied for a job with 'streets' is how the ball got rolling. Then,fresh on everyone's minds was how the city benifited greatly last summer when a man from 'streets' with a talent for concrete masonery, was loaned to 'rec' to build the building at the soccer park. And the next thing you know.......

As to 'the word on the street'. I just always loved that phrase when " Huggy Bear " would tell it to " Starsky & Hutch " :) Truth of them matter is of course,in a small town. One need not travel far, nor ask many, to get some sort of 'scoop' ,do they ? So why publically expose your 'source ' ?

Bottom line 2 full time positions were not replaced and it don't take a math genius to figure out the cost of those positions,does it ?

Inconclusion, I ask; Did you see Joe Centers column this week ? He interviewed Chief Light and came away understanding how under staFFed the police are.Most of all, he came away agast at the advantage this gives the 'bad guys'

Not liking 'bad guys' and loving "good cops". I sincerely hope,that more savings can be found at all levels of local govt's. To give us what we can use in these troubled times---more cops.

Bottom line: We've got a wonderful place to live here in beautiful Norwalk,Ohio. And no matter,who's idea it is to keep it this beautiful or make it better. I am for it

Kottage Kat

Good post x 2
CC is and has been friend for a long time.
You can debate issues not be of his viewpoint and not get a hostile response
He looks at life from both sides and is always willing to meet you half way,
we have never left a debate angry much of that because Cliff is cool headed and not having an " all knowing" NPR does he have plan to change the world or the people in of.
He wears his white hat well
After all these kind words I hope it still fit
I am using my phone sorry for the errors


Cliff Cannon

@ K.K. : Just got done feeding and petting my pet Kat named " Fanny Farmer ". She is a wonderful Kat. Got to agree with you, Kat's are good friends to have.

Kottage Kat

See told ya

Kottage Kat

I might pet your Fanny
I sure ain't. Gonna kiss her


Hey Josh, you ready to come back to Sandusky? Sure would be nice to have you back!

swiss family

I can't help but notice , when Mayor Lesch was in charge,if she did not immediately come up with all of the details... some unnamed people threw her to the lions and accused her of holding back information... and that was one of their "selling points" why she needed to be replaced... They endorsed the current Man who ran for the position and declared that he would not hide any facts. and would be open and transparent in his dealings... I think that transparency means putting out all of the facts, when they announce the merging of 2 how much money this saves the city would be first and foremost on people's minds, and then if they got rid of any positions, and if they did , what position they chose to either reduce or let go....IN a transparent term of office, I would NOT expect to have to have as many question unanswered , or answered by pure speculation.....

Oh and I also think that the "garbage and recycling" guys do work very hard.. I would also like to mention that they are paid a different way... they are given a certain route to run that day... once they are done with it, they are done for the day.. so if they work really hard they could get paid for an 8 hour day, by only working 5 or 6 hours.... that is why you see them hustling and hurrying like they do... maybe there would be a way to get other departments using that same system, and maybe if that system was instilled, no one would be trapped behind a city streets dept truck doing 7 mph, like they are just strolling around aimlessly


Swiss - I take it you couldn't find these:
City of Norwalk
Phone: (419) 663-6700
Fax: (419) 663-6788
Mailing Address
Norwalk City Hall
P.O. Box 30
38 Whittlesey Ave.
Norwalk, Oh 44857

City Hall Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday

swiss family

Blaze.. from the bottom of my heart, thanks for making me cry....

swiss family