VIDEO - Exciting times ahead for Norwalk

Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan delivers state of the city address.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 2, 2013


Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan looked back on the past year and added exciting and challenging times face the city in the upcoming months, as he delivered the state of the city address at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

Looking back, Duncan reflected on economic development, city projects, grants, parks and recreation and administrative changes.

"Economically, things are still pretty tough," the mayor said.

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merging street department with park department . . . so does that mean park tax levies are moved into street department budget? Will that make it harder to track what is spent on street repairs vs park expenses, etc? Just seems like we were all presented with an accomplishment without any prior discussion?


the only thing that would make an announcement from him exciting would be if he announced his resignation

swiss family

with the merging of the departments, couldn't they lose at least One top dog from one of those departments??? if not, then again, just as our local school system is , we are Top Heavy....


@ NR:

Thanks for the video.

The background audio of the panting and shaking dog was a nice touch. :)

The man could seriously use some elocution training. He demonstrates insecurity and a lack of excitement in the delivery of his topic. Hunching over and gripping the lectern while reading the speech shows poor technique.

Since the essence of his campaign theme was, “jobs, jobs, jobs,” what was the 2012 net new jobs figure?

For 2013, he “hopes to see new businesses open,” Exciting and prescient. And for this the city annually pays Ms. Heinz $50K plus benefits?

After his election and in early 2012 (see: Weds. Morning Live), Mayor Duncan eluded to the idea that perhaps some large employers were coming to town but that he couldn't discuss it. This piece of "hope and change" was conspicuously absent. Why?

The fact that there were no questions asked at the end is telling.


Why don't you grow a pair and call the man up for an appointment to meet with him in person with all your questions and concerns? You have been blasting this man for months behind the scenes just to satisfy your own ego driven needs.


@ Clarence3:

Nice childish "macho" blather.

Why waste time talkin'?

It's common knowledge that comments are read. And based on the tenor of your response, they are effective.


This administration is doing very well. Mayor Duncun and Mr. Schloemer have a very good working relationship with not only department heads and agencies but the City's business structure as well. Keep up the good work Mayor :)


@ Clarence3:

Other than sophistry, where in his speech did you hear anything substantive to the prediction that: Exciting times are ahead for Norwalk?

As Clara Peller said: "Where's the beef?"


And you have a better plan or a crystal ball? How about you run against him in the next election if you think he is so inept and you have all the answers.


@ Clarence3:

And Mayor Duncan sees "hope" in his "crystal ball?"

Who campaigned on the theme of "jobs, jobs, jobs?"

What was the 2012 net jobs number?

IMO, you either hold politicos to their promises or you don't. Where do you stand on that point?


Mayor Bob did get a mess though. 3 BIG employeers leaving Norwalk; that hurts. Sure regret not asking Terry Boose to help Lt. Gov Fisher on those jobs also. He along with the other mayor did try.


Mayor Duncan:

“Economically things are still pretty tough as most of you know.”

"We’re moving forward cautiously, but with a great sense of optimism.”

This is from the opening of his SOTC speech. He makes assumptions and uses hackneyed phrases. What does this even mean?


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Or at least get rid of the illegals that pay NO taxes


I like the guy. I believe he would do more and is trying to do more. But unlike people think. Corporations are not in business to merely employ people. Bottom line for that is, as we do have ALOT of unemployed in the county, We do have ALOT of worthless soles. who unless it was top wage with little hours, little task requirement and NO drug testing, or they would not want any part of it. The only thing good about location is the many abandoned cheap real estate and logic location. But then you have the political relm which wants to see Duncan do poorly and comes up with every excuse under the son to NOT cut programs and such.