Shamrock to be torn down

Schaffer family says the Norwalk establishment will not be a bar again.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 30, 2013


The former Shamrock Tavern will likely be demolished.

Huron County Treasurer Kathleen Schaffer, whose family owns the Shamrock, said Tuesday the establishment, which was founded in 1946, will not be a bar again.

The Shamrock and the apartment located on the second level of the building at 14 N. Hester St. burned on Aug. 1, 2010.

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Estrella Damm

Downtown parking.

Kottage Kat

The memories that shall go with it.
Many a glass twas raised there on St. Paddy's day.
Good bye me ole friend.

Cliff Cannon

@ Kottage Kat : Ditto

Kottage Kat

Mr. O'Cannon
being wee glasses to be sure, me lad


never been there...but at least there is one less place for people to go and drink and then get in there car and drive... sorry...but good luck with whatever you do and whatever goes there!!!


There seems to be an ongoing trend of more razing than building in uptown Norwalk.

Shamrock: Stepped inside it briefly maybe twice and never to drink.

My sympathies to those that once enjoyed it.

Preferred Friendly Corners or German Village in Sandusky.

Kottage Kat

We always had a DD
The last 23 years I was the DD
Abu and Judy were very good friend
( owned German village)
Think I bought stock in the corners
Spaghetti was so good, too

Cliff Cannon

@ Kottage Kat & Contango : Must admit,I was more a " Corners " person myself. In fact,Wednesdays when they had the 3 for 1 special. Was a " must " on my calender.

Here's a trivia question. There was a really good band that played there a lot called " Bump City Jones " I like to dance anyhow,when they played I loved to dance. Do either of you remember them ?



Can't help ya there.

Don't mean to mislead you. I was never particularly a "bar" person. Had my first "legal" beer at FC.

(I've sometimes wondered if the occupants of those apts. which sit on the ol' FC site ever experience any inebriated apparitions or strange unexplained noises?) :)

Tended to go to The Note, The Barn or The Cellar for beer, bands, buddies and babes. Ah good ol' 3.2.

"To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems." - Homer Simpson.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Don't blame you. Not much of a bar person either as my complaint is the noise,tends to ruin the great conversation " truth serum " ( alcohol) often leads to.

Wish,you hadn't brought up " The Note " as mentioned in my prior comment. I really like to dance,so with a degree of frequency,I went to " The Note " ( agree with you " beer,bands,buddies and babes " are good things.)

The problem was/is thinking of my John Travolta like white dance costume. (that I can still fit in) The memory of that brings both laughter as well as shame for looking so stupid. :)

P.S. When did 3.2 beer leave us ? Been asking and no one,has a real good geuss.


@ CC:

3.2? My guess would be around the time that the state legal drinking age was raised to 21.


My Question is this: why has it taken the Schaffers 2 and a half years to decide to tear the building down? Was there ever any question that this would be the final outcome?


Not a giant loss unless you're an ex local football hero trying to relive glory days, while growling at anyone that dare enter 'your' establishment. A better question will be, what's taking Cameo so long to find another building and re-open?


I am thinking that Cameo decided that there was too much competition in Norwalk. There are really too many pizza places in Norwalk already


@ whopper2011:

IMO, Cameo's is "unique." It has a buttery taste that I've never experienced anywhere else.

Pretty much gave up on any of the locals that serve the usual "ketchup on a cracker." Been makin' grilled pizza. YUM!


the only difference I ever noticed was the way that Cameo cut their pizzas. I agree about the "Ketchup on a cracker" style of pizza-which is why I don't go to Little Caesar's(which actually tastes more like ketchup on cardboard), Pizza Cravin', Pizza Hut, or Pizza Brothers(although their foldovers are great). I recently tried Domino's new Pan pizza and it was pretty good(and very buttery).

Cliff Cannon

@ whopper2011: I believe after hearing " the word on the street " from former Cameo employee's. That you are correct: " too much competition in Norwalk" for them

Kottage Kat

The Note was fun I like to dance
Must be the gypsy in my soles
The dances at the fairgrounds
Club 224 and the place in Wellington, don't remember the name
You young ones prolly don't remember.


...I too shall open a bottle of Jameson's, pour out and slurp down a wee drop of the creature ...great memories; absolute years of history


What stu said.

Kottage Kat

I rememember "bump city ".

Cliff Cannon

@ Kottage Kat : I'll bet you liked " Bump City " then,since you remember them. My favorite thing about them was the lead singer also played the sax---very well. Talk about getting the dancers,dancing.....

Kottage Kat

And now I I am Baptist
Daddy don't dance and mamma don't rock n roll and neither does kat

David Deerest.

For Pete's sake, lighten up, woman. Put on some knickers and take down your bun and have some fun once in a while. The man upstairs frowns on dancing?? I doubt it.
I, for one, will miss the Rock and the people that came with it. What is wrong with you 55-60 year olds who still talk about the Note and Corners? Quit living on your old memories and go make some new ones. Cliff, let your hair down, too and go try some of the new places. You oldsters and your 'set in your ways' attutudes need some adjusting...just sayin'.

Cliff Cannon

@ David Deerest : Quick question. Doesn't tearing down a local landmark,invite memories ? Personally, once the chat started towards, " Corners " & " The Note " I also enjoyed that.

Truthfully,my favorite part was admitting I still have my John Travolta like white jump suit. Which, I have wore on occcassion for my children to laugh at their dad looking like a fool in.

Which,is just one way of totally agreeing with you on " CliFF,let your hair down,too and go try some new places." I do let my hair down, I find as many things to laugh about as possible and still very much love to dance. Then add being blessed to marry a wonderful dancer,we dance as often as possible.

In conclusion D.D. I believe your point is to keep the child alive in you,so that every day is new,fun,exciting as well as it add's to your memory lane matieral. And I 1000 % agree with you.

Too bad,we can't have just one more " 2 for Tuesday " at the " Rock " because you sound fun and I would've liked to bought you a round.