Gasoline prices in Ohio continue to fluctuate, rise 9.7 cents in past week

National average increases 4.5 cents per gallon during the same span.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 28, 2013


Average retail gasoline prices in Ohio have risen 9.7 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.38 per gallon yesterday, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 5,345 gas outlets in Ohio.

This compares with the national average that has increased 4.5 cents per gallon in the last week to $3.31/g, according to gasoline price website

Including the change in gas prices in Ohio during the past week, prices yesterday were 1.9 cents per gallon lower than the same day one year ago and are 3.7 cents per gallon higher than a month ago. The national average has increased 4.5 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 6.7 cents per gallon lower than this day one year ago.

"The national average has picked up in the last week on the apparent start of refinery maintenance season," said Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Refinery production has taken a hit in the last week as companies begin looking towards the summer driving season, utilizing this time of year for maintenance and any upgrades before gasoline demand races higher for the summer season," DeHaan said.


swiss family

Local merchants keep telling us to buy locally, and to support local businesses.. Well, we would like to IF AND WHEN the merchants provide competitive prices for the same product that you can buy anywhere away from Norwalk for at least 20 cents less per gallon....It works 2 ways merchants... we will buy locally, BUT we expect and deserve to be treated fairly, and honestly

Estrella Damm

Gas was $1.87 51 months ago.

swiss family

that's right Estrella.... that was the DAY of the election... but for MONTHS before that election, the price of gas was the highest it has been.. it was OVER $4.00 a gallon.. of course that was under the previous President , the one in the other party.... but those are FACTS and it is more entertaining to distort them.. don't you think????


Circle K and Speedway are not local merchants. They are big corporate chains. They make their profit on the chips, pop, cakes and candies. Not to mention the beer. Not on gasoline. Our local merchants are just that, local friends and neighbors who don't have the big pockets and endless resources that the corporate giants have. They attempt to remain competitive against companies that have huge buying power. They have to make something on the fuel they sell, and the chips, pop, etc. Between the swipe fees that they pay so that you can use your credit and debit cards to buy a $.59 cent pack of gum on your card and having to sell gas at below cost to fight the giants, It is a wonder they can show any profit at the end of the day. I will always buy local. And I pay cash.


Two weeks ago the local gas station had unleaded at $3.09/gal. The next day, the same station was at $3.54/gal. Prices jump 45 cents over night, but ease down by only a penny or two each day. This is "fluctuation"? This sounds more like "defecation" to me!

swiss family

Please!!!!!"nina" we have been told this same lie for how long??? you know as well as I do that if a smart merchant is not making enough profit off of a product, they will drop that product, but have you seen any local gas dealers stopping the sale of their gas???? of course NOT...So now not only are we getting robbed by our local "friends and neighbors" but they are lying to us as well....I would challenge any local gas dealers who has been claiming that they are only making pennies per gallon on their gas, to expose their books to someone at the Reflector, to expose once and for all what the truth actually is.

I think that some people might be willing to believe their story IF there was any other gas station between Norwalk and anywhere that had their gas prices consistently as high as Norwalk's always are... if it were true, what they are telling us, then all of the out of town stations that carry the same brand of gasoline, whether it is Marathon, Sunoco or BP, those out of town stations should be just as high as Ours by your theory...

I feel really insulted that the local gas station owners think that we are that "gullible" or perhaps, "stupid" to believe what they keep telling us. I also feel insulted to hear our local merchants telling us to "buy locally" and support our own... when they are lying to us, and gouging us as well. I do believe in buying locally whenever possible, but I travel too much out of town, and you don't have to go too far to buy gas at about 20 to 30 cents CHEAPER per gallon then our friends and neighboring gas station owners are trying to con us into paying....I guess I am not that "gullible".. sorry


@ swiss family:

I’ve read where gas is REAL cheap in Venezuela - take a drive and SAVE!

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Did you attend St.Paul's 'hall-of- fame' dinner ? I didn't. The pictures in yesterday's paper,were more or less my 'introduction' to the hall of famers

P.S. Gas is .15 cents per gallon in Mecca,Saudia Arabia


Nope. Outa town. (Good excuse as any.)

15¢ in Mecca eh? I'll have to remember that on my Hajj. :)

Curious: Why no comment on the Blizzard of '78?

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: As to the S.P.H. banquet. I hear it was extremely well done ( go figure)and I would've liked to have been there,but....

" Blizzard of '78 " Spent it in Fisher-Titus recovering from surgery. My future bride as well as my brother joined me there and we had a blast. (They are now buried next to one another at Woodlawn ) Yet,remember the Ronnie Milsap song : " Nobody likes a sad song...." And there you have it


@ Cliff Cannon:

Obviously you had a successful recovery. :)

There's more to my "blizzard" story, but can't share it in this forum.

As someone once told me: An adventure is a harrowing event you live to talk about, a tragedy you don't.

R. Milsap - Robbinsville, NC. Spent much time there yrs. ago. His family owned a restaurant and other stuff.

The movie "Nell" was filmed there.

(If playing Trivia Pursuit you'd want me on your team.)

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : " trivial pursuit " ? No doubt,I'd want a history major on my team.

" Robbinsville,N.C. " ? O.K. I'll geuss. You were either on vacation or pursuing Cherokee heritage. Me ? I was passing through on my way to Waynesville,Franklin and Cashiers,N.C. and let me tell you driving through there in a truck is a 'adventure'


@ CC:

Driving Rt. 129 to and from Knoxville was also pretty exciting in a car, "especially" at night which I did a few times.

Motorcyclists used it for a "run." Occasionally, some didn't make the curves.

The dam scene in the movie, "The Fugitive" was also filmed near there.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Since this article has lost general interest. Now,I can safely ask you about Youngstown 1978. We're you still there for I believe it was called " Black Monday " circa Sept.'78 when the mills closed ?

As I recall, nearly 50,000 jobs left at once. We ( Fanny's ) had 4 shops there. At Liberty plaza the shop manager did cry,when I asked her about it.While at the mall in Boardman ( South Park ?) one could've fired a machine gun through there and not hit anyone. (My first visit after the disaster came 3 days after the announcement. )

Obviously, Youngstown has never recovered from it. Here's hoping,praying and working, so that we in this area,at this time are not the next " Youngstown "

" The Fugitive " which,I think is a great movie. Also,filmed as you no doubt recall. A number of scene's on lower Wacker dr. as well as lower Michigan ave. in Chicago. Did you ever use the "lower " streets much ? ( I did,they were great)



Heres a link to exactly how gas prices are set....its not rocket science.

Most gas stations see gas as a loss leader, but by keeping prices at or below competitors in the area, the pumps stay busy and people will most likely spend money on higher profit margin items like coffee, cigs, beer and sandwiches.

swiss family

thanks for the info...BUT they are talking about any town or area that are being competitive with each other , with each trying to have the LOWEST price in town and then , as the article states, everyone flocks to the lowest priced station and buys their gas. That is how it USED to be in Norwalk... stations would drop their price, even if it was a half a cent, to be the lowest.

Apparently, they dealers in Norwalk have all discussed this, and have decided to increase their prices together, so they are basically all gouging us in the same amount... so now it is just a crap shoot as to where in town you buy it... because even though it is always anywhere from 20 to 30 cents higher per gallon that any other area... they are still competitive with each other, and all are enjoying the extra money they are taking from their friends and neighbors.

If this is NOT true.. tell me why we do not see in Norwalk the same "price wars" that we see everywhere else?? if you go to other communities you will see. different prices that fluctuate greatly all within the community each going 1 cent or 2 cheaper than the last trying to lure gas consumers in and then making money from them on all of the other products that the station sells... why is that NOT happening in Norwalk?????????

So I will say to you, as you have said to me.. why won't one local station, it doesn't matter which one, show the invoice from their gas supplier to the Reflector??? that way they can verify that they have no options and they are told what to charge and that they are only making pennies per gallon... it is NOT rocket science.... unless we are willing to count 30 cents or 25 cents .."pennies?"

Norwalk Lifer

Instead of making the same inane rant on here every time an article on gas prices, why don't you vote with your wallet and buy elsewhere?

Is it just easier to complain?


@ sf:

Obviously you're in love with loony conspiracy theories.

You're right, it ain't "rocket science," it's "basic economics":

The station with the lowest price would tend to sell out the fastest.

Three things can move a mkt: Supply, demand or speculation. Pick one.

If it was such a profitable business, stations outa be sproutin' up like mushrooms around Norwalk.

swiss family

yes sir... now you are beginning to understand economics... the lowest priced supplier would sell out faster...AND THEN THEY ORDER MORE....go to any larger metropolis where they have gas stations across the street from each other, you will see them having the lowest price war that I am trying to point out to you.....and you say "if it were such a profitable business, stations "outa" be sproutin' up like mushrooms"and I say if it were NOT such a profitable business you would see gas stations CLOSIN DOWN like window shades....


@ swiss family:

When they "sell out," they order more and usually at a price higher than their competitors.

NOBODY "wins" a price war.

It becomes a reversion to the mean.


Gas is an overall loss leader whether you accept it or not. I know of two people who own gas stations and both have said that gas is a penny maker....which means, not much profit. Where they make their money........ cigs, beer, lotto tickets, and all the junk INSIDE the store. Gas is just something they use to get you to the store.

In larger cities where gas stations are all over and right next to each other, gas is every month either a loss or a break even item. Smaller towns might make a tiny bit on gas because the competition isn't there as much, but in no way possible is it their "big ticket" item.

A little math never hurst. If a station sold 1000 gallons of gas a day and made on the high side 10 cents a gallon. Thats 100 dollars a day they make. 700 dollars a week....36K a year before taxes......HARDLY enough to keep a store open. That may pay 1 employees pay for the year after uncle sam takes 35% of that 36K.

swiss family

I did not say anyone was getting rich from just the sale of gas...but it seems as though the station owners in Norwalk have found a way to make more money than other areas to dig deeper into their customers pockets ( remember it is there friends and neighbors that they are gouging).. If you were to go and observe at any gas station you would see that MANY of the customers only use their credit card to buy their gas and then LEAVE.. Granted the station owners do not make much profit from them...BUT Norwalk dealers have decided that if they charge every customer at least 20 to 30 cents more per gallon than they can buy anywhere out side of Norwalk, then regardless if that customer came into their store after buying gas, the owners have still gouged them and sun deeper into their pockets to get more money than they are entitled Sorry Norwalk gas station owners in Norwalk.. I am insulted that you think I am too dumb or lazy to shop elsewhere, I am not, and I refuse to buy from anyone who is deliberately gouging me, and then lying on top of that.. This could all be cleared up if any one of these local gas station owners who profess to only make "Pennies" from their gas sales, opened their books and showed their gas invoices to the media... but that will never happen, so what does that tell you