Boy, 4, and Girl, 10, flown from scene of two-vehicle collision near Norwalk

One of the youngsters was ejected from vehicle after accident at intersection of U.S. 20 and Halfway Road.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 27, 2013


A 4-year-old boy was flown to a Toledo hospital following a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Halfway Road between Norwalk and Monroeville on Sunday afternoon.

The accident involved a Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Trailblazer.

(NOTE - To see pictures of the accident, click HERE.)

The driver of the Impala who was northbound on Halfway Road failed to yield at the U.S. 20 intersection, resulting in a collision with the Trailblazer, said troopers with the Norwalk post of the state Highway Patrol.

The collision near the driver's side door caused the Trailblazer to go off the road and hit a telephone pole before sliding to a stop, troopers said.

A 4-year-old boy in the Trailbazer, was flown to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center Toledo hospital after sustaining serious injuries. A 10-year-old girl, who was ejected from the vehicle, also was flown to St. Vincent with serious injuries.

Look for the full story in Monday's Norwalk Reflector.



Our prayers to the family. Hoping the kids are ok.


Ejected huh?? So no seat belt anchored in the booster seat or the car seat? I really hope hes okay, maybe the parents need to relearn the laws and safety of a 4 year old in a car. I know I am gonna get a bunch of slack for this, but everyone should know to buckle up a 4 year old!!!!!!


you are a moron, dnt you think the people feel bad you were not there so you dont know what really happen in the car


Well marlinfan you can tell from the pictures what happened. It was an accident duh! How would anyone get ejected from a car if they were wearing a seatbelt or were strapped in a carseat/ booster seat.


Well now that the reflector decided to change stories, let me correct myself. I still see NO booster seat or car seat in any of the pictures. So the ten year old was ejected? No seat belt huh? wow


I have found that the paper is no different than the news channels on TV. They all want that FIRST report.....BREAKING NEWS....they do not care if it is accurate or even correct. After getting everyone worried and upset they come back with an update and the story has completely different information. But, I thought the same thing when I read the story the first car seat? no seat belt? Wonder if the story will change again.


Prays for the children.Hope they both are OK.