Alcohol suspected in Ridge Road fatality

The state Highway Patrol suspects the driver in a Thursday morning crash on Ridge Road that killed a Monroeville man was under the influence of alcohol. Trooper Steve Drew, in his report released today, said there was a blood test performed on the driver, Timothy A. Brant, 26, of 330 Peru Center Road, Monroeville. Brant's brother and passenger, Michael D. Brant, 29, of 2612 Ohio 162, was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


The state Highway Patrol suspects the driver in a Thursday morning crash on Ridge Road that killed a Monroeville man was under the influence of alcohol.

Trooper Steve Drew, in his report released today, said there was a blood test performed on the driver, Timothy A. Brant, 26, of 330 Peru Center Road, Monroeville. Brant's brother and passenger, Michael D. Brant, 29, of 2612 Ohio 162, was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood.

Two witnesses saw both men at a Benedict Avenue bar minutes before the crash, Lt. Jim Bryan said. One of the witnesses reported seeing Timothy Brant consuming alcohol, he added.

Test results for Brant won't be available until about four to six weeks after the patrol subpoenas hospital records, Bryan explained.

The driver, who was wearing his seat belt, was taken from the scene to the Medical University of Ohio Medical Center in Toledo. A Medical University spokesman said the hospital had a listing for Brant, but no condition was available this morning.

"I believe he has been released," Bryan said.

Brant was heading south on Ridge Road near South Norwalk Road about 2:15 a.m. Thursday when he failed to negotiate a curve. He went off the right side of the road and hit a guard rail and bridge, which ripped the 1993 Dodge Intrepid in half from front to back and ejected the passenger, Drew said.

A Norwalk firefighter estimated the passenger, Michael Brant, was thrown about 50 or 60 feet from the car. Troopers haven't determined if he was wearing a seat belt because of the damage to the Intrepid.

Earlier, Sgt. Mary Mack estimated both halves of the vehicle were about 100 feet apart from where the driver left Ridge Road. She said Timothy Brant, the driver, may have had internal injuries to his chest area.

Sgt. Anthony DeChoudens, who arrived first on the scene, spoke to Brant and "detected an odor of alcohol on him," Bryan said.

The post commander said a Mansfield-area trooper has been assigned as a crash reconstructionist to determine speed and make sure "all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed" because of the severity of the crash.

No charges have been filed in Norwalk Municipal Court, and the investigation is ongoing.

"I'm waiting to hear back from the patrol," Norwalk Law Director Stuart O'Hara said.


The Oldest Sist...

Alright I have read ALL of your last comments that everyone has left and I have somethings to say . For those of you that are not in this family you do not know what we are going through and yes drinking and driving is against the law but you tell me which ones of you havnt broke the law in one way or another? You better believe there is an investigation going on and IF my baby brother was behind that wheel you better believe he would have never took my brothers life on purpose my brothers were the best of friends and I mean all of them and for those of you who to chose to bash them about their criminal record that is none of your business just because they have made some bad choices in life dont mean you are God and are able to judge ANYBODY.You better believe the truth will come out

brittney-the co...

Ok, listen, why does everyone have to be so judgemental over my cousins Timothy and michael Brant? They are good people and the best of friends. Tim would never try to hurt any of his family and let alone his brother. If yoy dont know Tim or Mike why are you guys judging them? i love my cousins with everything inside of me and i know that Tim would never hurt his family. So please dont judge him if you dont know them.

Please learn (A...

I feel sorry for your family. However, when you make the decision to drink and drive, or even get into a car when the driver has been drinking, you need to realize that a horrible tragedy like this can easlily happen. This is why it is illegal. Let's just hope that someone can learn from someone else's mistake. God bless your family.

Tiredofexcuses ...

This was a terrible accident, but it should have never happened.
And I'm tired of people talking about how DUI is a mistake. It's not. It's a crime, and a crime by choice. Nobody is forced to get behind a wheel while drunk.
I have no doubt Timothy Brant wouldn't have purposely taken his brother's life. Yet for some reason, he chose to get behind the while while impaired (we'll find out how badly later), and chose to drive at speeds that approached twice the speed limit. (That will come out later too.)
Both of these men exhibited poor-decision making skills in the past, based on their criminal records. Oldest Sister, that is our business, because it's affected other people's lives.
Unfortunately, this incident took a life. Fortunately, no innocent people were killed.
Let me ask this to any of the family members...What if it had been someone else, not a relative who caused this accident? Admit it...You'd call for his or her dead.

Also, am I correct in saying sheriff's deputies had to be called out to the cemetary, because at least one family member was drunk during the service?
You would think relatives would swear off alcohol after this.
Yes, the truth will come out, and it won't be very flattering. But perhaps it'll get someone else to think, before making a stupid decision.

sharon (Anonymous)

And this is what I am talking about.....olest sister's comment....leave these people alone. Who are any of you to be pointing fingers at anyone. This is a time for grieving not having to defend their loved ones to everyone. Let this family have some privacy and some time to heal. Do any of you out their pointing your fingers and judging think God is smiling down on you with acceptance. He is our judge, not all of you heartless people who are only worried about their past records, how fast he was going, how much they had to drink, who are you, not my God, and certainly not theirs so keep reading all you can so you have something to gossip about. I'm sure all of you somewhere have a few ghost in your closets, don't we all. Give this poor family some time to grieve in peace. All of us have lost loved ones and know how hard it is, now imagine having to go thru all this blaming, ridiculing and judging on top of their loss. How cold hearted can some people be? As I have heard it says in the bible, "Those who are without sin, cast the first stone." How many of us could do that, none! I'm sure in God's eyes all of you judging this man and his family is a SIN. Amen!!

brittney-the co...

thank you sharon. our whole family thanks you for sticking up for us at the time we need it the most. and as for you people that say things that you dont know anything about or let-alone know our family, please stay out of this cause you have no idea what we're going through and how things feel for us. we try so hard to be strong and let michael know that we still love him. and then turn around and here's some people that dont even know our family say stuff that no one knows its the truth or not. we never said that drinking and driving was not a crime because it is and we all know that. but how many of you have cell phones? cell phone cause more accendents than drinking and driving. so think about that one for a change. and as far as you all saying-in the last story-that you should throw the book at Timothy, you have no place to judge anyone. and about their passed and their records, thats none of your buisness. you may think it is but it's not. its not even the family's business. it's only michael and timothy's buisness. so im asking you nicely stay out of the family buisness. know matter what happens we will still love timothy and michael both.

Cell Phone (Ano...

Brittney, stop quote as fact things which are not true. Cell phone use does not cause more accidents than drinking and driving. I dare you to cite any credible references which show that it is. Alcohol related accidents are the leading cause of death in men 35 and under. In this link to a study in 2005
You will see that alcohol related deaths are more than all other accidental deaths combined, which includes falls, machinery, and many other type of accidental deaths. So please, please, quit repeating misinformation. Alcohol related accidents are caused by careless people who apparently care about the safety of noone else. This was a tragic accident but it was complete avoidable and preventable and it is too bad that someone will learn their lesson over the death of a loved one.

me (Anonymous)

To the family: I'm sorry this happened to you but if you don't like what people have to say don't read this on-line paper. This is what people think and they have the right to voice their opinions. What these brothers did was illegal and unfortunately are paying the ultimate price for their decisions. And yes, it is our business when someone gets behind the wheel of a car drunk...its everybody's business. I'm just glad no innocent people were hurt.

The Oldest Sist...

You know I am soooo amazed about everyones comments in this whole situation , soooo judgemental and cruel but you know its pretty funny that there has to been said by a couple "professionals" that there was a third party involved so lets see how people really feel when the TRUTH comes out. And yes I thank God nobody else was hurt but you better believe that nobody was ment to be hurt AT ALL and Im sure you perfect peopleout there that love to bash people before they know the WHOLE TRUTH have broke a few laws yourself a time or two. Nobodys saying it wasnt wrong were saying just wait till the whole truth comes out and maybe people will lay off their cruel comments.

hello (Anonymous)

Yeah, lets just wait until the whole truth comes out. We'll see then, won't we? And no I haven't broken any laws a time or two. I'm a law abiding citizen.

Amazed (Anonymous)

To the family: Sorry for your loss.
But get real: If Timothy Brant is found guilty of any felony charges which are certainly pending, he should be locked up for a long time.
His criminal record, and this particular accident only proves he belongs in prison.
He's lucky he didn't kill someone else.

brittney-the co...

to all you guys:LEAVE Timothy alone. i bet none of you cruel cold hearted,heartless people kno him. so why would you sit here and say cruel things about my cousin, when you dont even knopw him. and why do you people keep bring up their old records? like i said that is THEIR business. leave them alone! and as far as you saying that Tim should sit a long time-you get real. yea, theres a third party and i cant wait till we find out the truth. just please leave our family alone. we dont need all this right now.



You're confusing cruelty with facts.
Were the brothers intoxicated? It appears so.
Were they in the car? Yes.
Were they going well past the posted speed limit? Yes.
Do they have a history of making poor decisions? Yes.
Again, cold hard facts, not cruelty

sharon (Anonymous)

All the what if's or could haves and should have and shouldn' haves is not going to change a thing. I believe everything happens for a reason, whether bad or good. Quit saying, if it were an innocent loved one of yours or mine...IT WASN"T...end of story. Yes, if he drank and drove then he's guilty of that, give him a DUI, if he was driving? You can what if all day long and it won't change a thing so why keep making things worse than they already are. Best thing the family can do is forget about this comment page and not worry about what all you judgemental people are saying and just be there for one another and try to get through this as a family. All this is causing unneccesary grief and pain to Mike's family. Shame on all of you.

simplyamazed (A...

Who caused the unnecessary grief here...Readers or the driver?
Once again, the family is trying to shift the blame.

sharon (Anonymous)

and who are you, are you the judge and jury. And for your information, I am not family, I have never even meet this family. I just have a heart and don't think anyone should be judging this family and tearing them apart here online. I may be the only one who feels this way but it is how I feel and no matter what is in their past, I still feel the family deserves a kind word, not ridiculed by anyone. Its not about what is right or wrong, it is just showing a grieving family that others care. What is wrong with you people??????????

sharon (Anonymous)

I am not going to be commenting anymore. All I am doing is giving you "judge's" a reason to keep this up. It's sad that this is all you can find to say. How boring your lives must be if this is all you can do is sit online and ridicule a grieving pitiful!

johnboy (Anonymous)

You are all idiots. Leave this family alone. When the time comes for Tim to pay the consequences then he will do so. Until then, quit bashing Tim and his family. Let them grieve.

Denial? (Anonymous)

So how did Tim get into the driver's seat and put on his seatbelt after the accident? Must've been that 3rd party, huh? LOL... And if they were seen at the bar minutes before the crash, they must've been going pretty darn fast. You guys seem to be in denial.

retired judge (...

I love how their blaming this 3rd party now. Accept it, Tim caused this accident noone else. It's sad that people are blaming cell phones and everyone but the one responsible.

reader (Anonymous)

If there was this third person wouldn't that person have been hurt and in the hospital, by the way the papers states the car was ripped in half, I think they would have known if there was more involved. Sorry to the family to have to hear all these comments

me (Anonymous)

If you check with the Norwalk Municipal Court, Timothy has 19 criminal convictions (last one being in June '07) and Michael had 58 criminal convictions! Lovely family.

disgusted (Anon...

Thank You to the person(me)who pointed out all their criminal charges. I'm sick of everyone making it like these are 2 good guys and he shouldn't be punished. He didn't make a mistake, he broke the law!

T$Robinson (Ano...

Iam amazed at the cheap excuses that the family and friends of the Brant family are using to shift the blame away from Tim and Michael ,who are Not "victims" in this incident , as you are trying to portray them , they are the cause of this terrible incident .. there is no third party , and they were drinking and driving , and that is not a mistake !! they did that deliberately and they got what they got !we, as a society should be way past the acceptance of drinking and driving .. it is not a harmless prank as the family is making it seem , it is a deadly combination , with gruesome results , as we have seen in this case.for someone to have 25 dui's , like Sharon's brother , not only should he be behind bars for a long time, but the judge who keeps letting him go free to do it again , should be his cell mate as well!you are correct .. it is wrong to judge anyone for who they are .. but it is acceptable and neccessary to judge people for what they do ..such as it is wrong to judgs someone because they are of a different race than you , or they are skinny , or fat etc. that is who they are , but if they are liars and theifs, and cheaters or child molesters , it is for our own protection that we not only judge them , but we also need to expose them to the entire community , so that we can protect our community. As far as having sympathy and compassion for the Brant family .. it is somewhat difficult to have compassion when people that you know , your brothers , sisters , mothers , neighbors etc. have been victims of the crime spree that the Brant family has put this community through

mona (Anonymous)

Unfortunately, Sharon's brother won't be sent to prison until he actually kills someone while drinking and driving. Our laws need to change. Yes, he should be in prison now.

me (Anonymous)

T$Robinson, you are exactley right. Thank You for being real and speaking the truth!

nosympathy (Ano...

The third person angle is ridiculous...There was no third person. The Highway Patrol's tests will bear that out.
Evidently, troopers noticed the speedometer was pegged at 120 mph.
I understand, and some ways even appreciate that the family is sticking up for their own.
But they've got blinders on. Maybe amongest themselves, the feel the two men are good people, but to the rest of law-abiding society, they're not.
It's not like they made a mistake or two...19, and 58 convictions?!? Ridiculous.
Then, after alcohol was obviously involved in the crash, at least one member of the family shows up to the funeral drunk? The sheriff's office had to be called to the cemetery? Give me a break. There's a term for that, but I won't get into that here.
This may sound cold-hearted, but I don't really care. I have no sympathy for anyone who drives drunk. My uncle was killed by a drunk driver. He didn't do anything wrong, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and some drunken idiot plowed into him, and killed him.
It's really no different than murder, and it should be treated the same, regardless of the victim.
If charged and convicted, I hope the judge gives the driver the absolute maximum prison term allowed by law.
It wouldn't be a loss to those of us who try to do things the right way.

The Oldest Sist...

Who died and left you all God ???????? I pray none of you people go through this but if you do then you will know how it feels . Trust and believe THE DAMN SHERRIFS DEPT asked Mikes ex wife the mother of his sons who the third party was and we didnt even hear of a damn third person yet. So no were not just blowing smoke out of our a$$ it was asked to us THANK YOU . And yes you better believe us Brants stick together and we aint the hard a$$ you make us out to be . You havnt lived the life Mike has lived eigther it wasnt easy so go bash someone you honestly know and let my baby brother rest and all you so called smat people let the police do their job .AND WE WANT NO SYMPATHY FROM NOT ONES OF YOU PEOPLE WE HAVE EACHOTHER AND THERES ENOUGH OF US TRUST THAT.

yup (Anonymous)

This is why the Brant family will continue to be a blight on this area: they blame everyone else but themselves. They have learned nothing from this.

me (Anonymous)

You're getting no sympathy from us here. You can rant and rave all you want, it isn't going to do you any good.