Looking for work? Postal service announces new job opportunities

Salary and limited benefits include $15 per hour, paid vacation days and eligibility for health care benefits; those interested can apply online.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 26, 2013


The Northern Ohio District of the United States Postal Service is announcing new opportunities for employment in the United States Postal Service.

The City Carrier Assistant (CCA) is a new category of non-career employee with a path to possible future employment as a career letter carrier. CCAs are appointed for a term of 360 calendar days and may be re-appointed for another 360-day term after a five-day break in service.

From now through Monday, online applications will be accepted for CCA positions. The positions entail all the duties normally performed by a city letter carrier. Salary and limited benefits include $15 per hour, paid vacation days, and eligibility for health care benefits as required by law or after the first 360-day term.

Applicants must create an external profile at http://usps.com/employment, fill out the online application, and follow the instructions to take Postal Examination 473. All applicants must qualify on Examination 473 to be eligible for selection to a CCA vacancy. Qualified applicants must have a valid state driver's license, demonstrate and maintain a safe driving record, and successfully pass a pre-employment drug screening.

Applicants will need an email address and should check their email frequently for further instructions.


jack langhals

What,more government employees?I thought they were cutting back !


Looks like lower pay and no pension, limited benefits, I guess they are finally waking up and realizing that the pension/legacy cost are not sustainable, now if they can get members of the congress to be on a plan like this I will be happy.


Amtrak, USPS, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Soc. Security, Medicare, Medicaid, et. al. all BANKRUPT and now these jamokes in Washington are working toward a single payer health care system?

Keep an eye on what's goin' on in IL over their bankrupt public employee pension system.

The public employee unions may have to sue the state in order to get their guaranteed benefits.

The Democrats own this cow pie, lock, stock and barrel.



soc sec is only bankrupt because the government never paid back what they "borrowed" from it.


It was a Ponzie Scheme from the word "Go." Those that got it at the beginning never paid into it, those that were paying into it were having it dumped into the General Fund to have it spent with a promise to pay it back at a later time. It was designed as a trust fund, but used as a pay as you go system to further expand the government. Our government has used the surplus to fight wars, grow government, expend other programs and we are now faced with he fact the Social Security will be a liability and not as asset on the governments balance sheet. I'm 45 and I know that it will not be there for me when I need it. How do they pay it back you may ask? Sell more Treasury Bonds at interest to the American public so our grandchildren can pay me when I retire. I can't remember the exact quote, but Thomas Jefferson said each generation must pay its own way and to leave debt to the next generation is immoral. Someone is going to take a hit if our Republic is going to survive, it can't be those retired, so everyone over 40 better expect to work till they die if this situation is going to get resolved


The major problem with SS is people are getting it that hardly/didnt pay into it at all. Factor in that less and less people are working = ONE BIG MESS.