Suspect pleads guilty to theft of firearm

Authorities are calling it a heroin-related crime.
Aaron Krause
Jan 26, 2013


A theft and breaking-and-entering suspect pleaded guilty Friday to theft of a firearm in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

In exchange for the guilty plea, the state dropped charges of receiving stolen property and breaking and entering against Kevin J. Loyer, 36, of 330 E. Water St.

The Norwalk Police Department investigated the suspected June 30 theft of a firearm, which reportedly involved a co-defendant, Erica L. Trushel, 41, of Norwalk. Both live at 330 E. Water St.

Loyer is accused of stealing two handguns from a family acquaintance while Trushel was with him, a prosecutor said earlier.

The break-in case, which reportedly happened Aug. 17, was investigated by Huron County Sheriff's Detectives Josh Querin and Bill Duncan. Detectives have said Loyer and Trushel stole an undisclosed amount of money, but they didn't have to forcibly enter the Cleveland Road business because they had a key.

"We believe it was a heroin-related crime," Querin said during an earlier interview.

At a recent arraignment, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler alleged that Loyer has been involved in selling heroin and activities "to support that habit."

"We're claiming he's trafficking heroin now," Leffler also said.

Loyer is prohibited from having any association or communication with the theft victim and can't be on the premises of 777 Sweepstakes, 359 Cleveland Road. Loyer also is subject to random drug screens.

Loyer is scheduled to be sentenced at 8:45 a.m. March 14.


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Estrella Damm

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swiss family

so he allegedly broke into someones home, and stole a gun.. along with probably more stuff, and then got his hands on stolen goods, and out wise Judicial County system dropped everything but the theft of a fire arm????Do the Judicial team actually hand them a "free pass" card when they decide to drop some charges?? like here.. you get a "free pass" for breaking and entering... and you get a "free pass" for recieving stolen property... bot crimes if dome singularly would call for jail time.. but here Criminal... please step forward and get your 2 free passes.... we are tough on crime after all.... it's a joke

Simple Enough II

Can anyone tell me if these folks who are hooked on pain meds and heroin, when they finally get off the stuff are they alright or are the damaged goods? Where did I read or listen to about children being born hooked on pain meds, heroin or methadone cause mommy is on the stuff, that is just awful and crimminal.


1% chance of recovery, so 99/100 are damaged goods. These two are the furthest away from that 1%, complete opposites, if that's what you were asking. It's too sad kids being born compromised because of pain killers. Unfortunately, she did have multiple born addicted kids. He's been in and out of jail his whole life. Both sad stories

Simple Enough II

Then there really isn't any use in trying to rehab them is there....


Most likely not


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@newspaperreader12 know her kids so well... then you should know not to talk bad on them... oh right your hiding behind your screen name duh!


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Really my names Jamie im one of her so called addicted kids I have lived in georgie with my dad for the last year so please tell me how im addicted and to what nd how you know me cuz if u did u wouldnt be runnin your mouth?!


I'm sorry to hear of your luck. Glad you made it out to Georgia I hope your dad isn't the same as mom. I'm not talking about you but I think two of your sisters is who I meant. Good luck


My father is my hero he is a firefighter he risks his life to save people even the people who run people to the ground nd the ones who judge others my mom may not be perfect but she raised 4 wonderful children on her own and I love her all the same and I will defend her until I die! Everyone sins everyone makes mistakes... how is she supposed to get back on track with people talkin about her like this... everyone shuns bullying but if you think about it all of these judgemental mean posts are bullying so be a better person!


I can't respect a thief or a heroin addict sorry. Once they steal from you you'll understand


I have had normal everyday people who work (and do not do drugs) steal from me so am I supposed to respect normal people? Yeah nice logic!


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Also I know her kids personally and NONE of them are addicts and she wasnt on any type of drugs when her children where born... that started when 3 of them were grown or close to it... mind your business

Live and learn

Pretty sure that his mug shot from summer he had hair.... They get these charges dropped and try to get ex landlords for assault when she's 66 and can't make a fist from arthritis


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