Norwalk man convicted of theft

Suspect accused of stealing TVs from Walmart.
Aaron Krause
Jan 29, 2013


A man accused of stealing televisions from a Westwind Drive business has pleaded guilty to his charge.

Phillip D. Vinson, 40, of 137 N. Pleasant St., Apt. 1C, pleaded guilty to theft in connection with a Sept. 25 incident.

He is prohibited from being on the premises of the Norwalk Walmart.

Vinson is scheduled to be sentenced March 13 in Huron County Common Pleas Court.


David Deerest.

You know, you really need to start looking at your life style choices if you end up getting banned from Wal-Mart.


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The D stands for Dan. Not related..this is Dan. Surprise surprise. Once a low life sorry thief always a low life sorry thief! Attention! Attention! WalMart has more cameras than Fort Knox!!!! Are you kidding me...stealing tv's from wal mart? U just can't fix STUPID!

Karma Watcher

These comment sections of the paper are so amusing. (The following is NOT directed at EVERY commenter. Only those that this comment strikes a nerve) Just ppl who like to post judgments on others. No one is perfect and yes some even make some really wrong choices. In fact most of the human race is guilty of this. That's when that person has another choice. Decide to change, take corrective action, and move forward. Or do nothing and continue on a wrong path. It's called Free Will. That is the persons choices. It is not up to you who add their two cents to put another down. You too will be judged some day. But if it makes you feel like a better man just remember, when YOU make, or have made a bad choice, and you will or have. Remember how people treated uou or see how they will treat you. And remember you too judged. If u don't have anything nice to say, say nothing. OR say something for your own pleasure. You will have to answer to it some day. As it says in the above article this person plead guilty. And knowing some other facts, this person chose to take corrective action for his bad choice. Accept it or don't. But don't put someone down or call names for being an imperfect human. You are of the same imperfect race.

Brock Lee

but for some ppl if they could only say good stuff they would never say nothing

Karma Watcher

Sad but you are correct.


I'm sorry I have no sympathy for someone that would rather steal something, sell it to friends, screw them out of money, inconvenience them, involve them, waste their time, waste more of their money, waste taxpayers money, plug up the court system, lie, deceive and refuse to be a productive member of society. If you are defending these people then you are no better. The sooner people decide to be responsible for their own actions the sooner in the WORKING CLASS will be better off. So please take your opinion, turn it sideways and shove it as far as you can. You have the nerve to talk about judging people but in reality, you are judging my statement. At least my statements are educated and based on facts, not sympathy for yet another person who thinks they are entitled to something for simply breathing. Good day.

Karma Watcher

From what I understand this person has taken responsibility for the bad choice. He plead guilty, returned items and is planning on repaying anyone who is out $. And has personally apologized and or tried to, to those he involved. No one can un-do the past. But one can try to make things right and learn from their mistakes. And saying bad things or putting people down for their mistakes is not gonna change anything either. Just saying.


I'll never understand defending these people. How could you possibly know anything about the circumstances surrounding this case. The paper was very vague. Narcissistic people feel as if they're the victim. It's everyone else's fault. All I can imagine is you're close to this person and are believing the lies. I feel sorry for you if this is indeed the case.

Karma Watcher

Lies? What are te lies. This person has admitted their guilt and is working towards making the wrongs right. What is a lie about that? And at no time has this person played victim. OR blamed anyone but himself for his actions. And I do have inside info on this case. So YOU are putting false info out there and insinuating the person who committed the crime is blaming others. Again false information. But your opinion is your opinion and freedom of speech allows you to state your opinion. BUT there is a difference between YOUR opinion and FACTS. Again just saying.