Church theft suspect trying to avoid conviction

Defendant has asked for treatment in lieu of conviction, meaning if he successfully completes a program he won't have felonies on his record.
Aaron Krause
Jan 26, 2013


An area man accused of stealing checks from a Willard church has filed a motion to be considered for treatment in lieu of conviction.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said an assessment will be performed on Benjamin C. Shepherd, 26, of Attica. Following the assessment, a court hearing will take place to determine if Shepherd is eligible for treatment in lieu of conviction. If Shepherd is approved, the defendant will be plead guilty, however, the conviction won't be entered.

Shepherd is charged with two counts of theft and one charge of theft of checks, all in connection with an Aug. 14 incident. A conviction would result in as many as three years in prison and a maximum fine totaling $7,500.



Since when is being a thief and scum bag and "treatable" character flaw?

swiss family

heck yea... especially since the one "inmate" fessed up about all of the illegal drugs art the CBTS facility.. I am SURE our highly intelligent Judge and Prosecutor will continue to send all of the "criminals" there... good plan


He wouldn't be going to cbts facility, he would be out on probationhe for 3 years. Then if he stays clean and out of trouble for that period the case is dropped like it never happened.


Seriously, whats up with all the deals? This article makes it sound like the criminal has all the cards to play. He is a thief and a addict and if he doesnt wan't to do the time them he shouldn't have done the crime.