Firefighter of the year deflects praise

Award-winner has been with the Huron River Joint Fire District since 2004.
Aaron Krause
Jan 30, 2013


When Aaron Holm talks about earning Huron River Joint Fire District Firefighter (HRJFD) of the Year honors, it sounds as though he believes the entire department deserves it.

The honorees would include not just firefighters, but board members, the chief and the district's voters.

"I think that I'm doing everything that everybody else in that department would do in a heartbeat," he said. "If you need a minute of their time they'll give you an hour."

Holm, a 41-year-old who's been with the department since January 2004, also complimented the board and voters. "They give us every tool that we need," he said.

A feature story about Holm was published recently in the Norwalk Reflector.



Two thumbs up !!!


Humble and a Hero! Congratulations Mr. Holm

Brock Lee

good job