Drunk man tries to urinate on police officers issuing him paperwork

DUI suspect also accused of assaulting officers and fleeing from them during Huron County traffic stop.
Cary Ashby
Jan 26, 2013


Two Wakeman officers were assaulted Tuesday night during the arrest of a highly intoxicated Wakeman Township resident.

Leon E. Hunt, 35, of 5571 U.S. 20 rear, Wakeman, was arrested and charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer and a single charge each of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

"Neither of the officers were injured," Chief Tim Hunker said.

Hunt, after reportedly refusing field sobriety tests, is accused of running from officers during a traffic stop in the Riverview Mobile Home Park.

"He got 10 to 15 feet from the vehicle he was operating," Hunker said.

"During the struggle, (Hunt) grabbed both officers and later used his chest and legs while handcuffed to strike at them. He threatened both of them as well. He had to be pepper-sprayed at one point," the chief said.

Police requested assistance from the Huron County Sheriff's Office. Dispatchers notified Sheriff Dane Howard plus six other deputies and sent Citizens Ambulance to the scene.

The incident started about 9:45 p.m. when police were on patrol and stopped by a motorist about Hunt's supposedly erratic driving.

"She told police that she was nearly rear-ended by Hunt's vehicle on two occasions," Hunker said.

"Officers then observed Hunt as he pulled onto East Main (Street) and traveled eastbound from the BP gas station in Wakeman," he said. "There were also multiple open containers of alcohol found in the vehicle (about) which he has not been charged with at this time."

Hunt later denied treatment from Citizens Ambulance. Hunker said paramedics transported the suspect to the Fisher-Titus Medical Center emergency room "for clearance for incarceration."

While at the hospital, Hunt reportedly "attempted to urinate on officers while they issued him his legal paperwork," the chief said.

"He was in the emergency room. ... They (the officers) were able to get out of the way," Hunker said.

Hunt eventually was taken to the Huron County Jail to await a bond hearing.





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Wearing a wife beater in the middle of January, driving drunk, and fighting the cops in a trailor park.........you might be a redneck.

black crowe

hilarious foxworthy would be proud


I'm afraid he'd even give Rednecks a bad name. They don't run from cops, they go toe-to-toe with them!


he must have been pissed.


This guy is my new hero!! He has to be the #1 Role model for all the kids back at the park.


From this day forth Leon Hunt shall be known as Pee-on Hunt ; ))))


...I can just see the officers trying to get out of the way ...one in the dive, tuck, roll, and up to knee position with drawn firearm; the other scurrying around screaming, "take the shot - take the shot"


Nah. Since they're in the ER, one comes back with the defibrillator paddles while the other one yells, "Clear!!"

Simple Enough II

I give that a thumbs up also!


...yes! even better!!!


Of course, the cops are now standing in the puddle, too, so the sparks REALLY start to fly!


...what comes around, goes around

Simple Enough II

Now that is hilarious!

Lillie Chaos

What a bunch of wise crackers we have here. Need that to offset the repulsion of this guy.


First, we had the guy who crapped his pants running from a purse snatching and now this pissed off drunk. I sense a theme to the Reflector's crime coverage. Can't wait to see what comes up or out next. True life is stranger than fiction.

hor mone

I cain't change my name to mike hunt.

Second Opinion

I guess with age I become more intrested with reports on students who achieve, do things for others, Church youth groups who visit those who are sick and in homes. I suppose there hard to find since the geneation of todays wtiters grew up only behind a nintendo game or a joint...


He must of been really pi22ed off lmao


He must of been really pi22ed off lmao


He must of been really pi22ed off lmao