They can't go for that (no can do) - Grand jury indicts man accused of nearly biting off neighbor's eyebrow

'Maneater' case involves Hall being bitten by Oates, deputies say
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 23, 2013


A Norwalk man accused of nearly biting off his neighbor's eyebrow has been indicted by a grand jury.

Roger Oates, 48, of 13602 Arlington Road, was indicted Wednesday by an Erie County grand jury on a charge of felonious assault.

Ironically, the last names of the victim and suspect are the same as the pop duo (Hall & Oates) that created hits such as "Maneater."

Oates and Ronald Mantz, 53, of 13319 Milliman Road, initially were charged with felony assault, resisting arrest and obstructing official business in connection with the incident.

According to an Erie County Sheriff's report, deputies were dispatched to Arlington Road for an assault complaint in mid December.

The victim, Scott Hall, reported he was bit above the eye by someone who had already left his residence.

Hall told police he was in the garage of his home watching football when Oates, who is his neighbor, and one of Oates' friends, Ronald Mantz, pulled into the driveway. Hall said he confronted the men in his driveway. Hall further said Oates became angry because he would not testify in court on his behalf over an underage consumption complaint.

Hall told deputies that Oates "almost immediately charged" at him in a "bull rush" fashion. Hall further advised Ronald had come around behind him and he "was taken to the ground by both subjects."

Hall said he was striking Roger while he was on the ground to defend himself. He also reported being struck by Oates and possibly Mantz. During the altercation, Hall said Oates bit him above the left eye, causing the injury to his head.

According to the deputies, "there was a significant cut to his left eyebrow region in the shape of a bite."

After the incident, the parties separated, and Oates and Mantz left the scene, heading toward Oates' residence. Hall told deputies Oates and Mantz were intoxicated.

Deputies then went to Oates' home at 13602 Arlington Road.

Deputy Justin Smith wrote in his report that as he rounded the corner to the back of the residence, he observed officers struggling with someone on the back porch. The person was later identified as Oates, according to the report.

He was "refusing to go to the ground and attempting to pull away from deputies. I deployed the Taser probes into Roger's abdomen area," Hall said. "Roger continued to struggle, at which time I applied a drive stun to his back and shoulder region in order for us to gain positive control of him. During the altercation, Ronald Mantz emerged from the residence and was also refusing our instruction to get on the ground. Ronald was belligerent and yelling. Ronald resisted Sgt. McGlothlin and Deputy Valdiff's efforts to place him in custody and was escorted to the ground, where he was finally handcuffed."

The suspects were taken to patrol cars.

"Both appeared to be highly intoxicated and continued to yell prior to us leaving the residence," Smith said. "I had North Central EMS respond to the scene and remove the Taser probes from Roger.

Both men were taken to the Erie County Jail.




This is old news. Nice try rejector, this was amusing for about 5 minutes. It's norwalk, people fight... Shocker.


i'm damaged!!
never look @ hall & oats the same!!


this is all a lie... the truth is Hall sent Oates a txt saying he wanted to fight and when Oates went there Hall punched him first and when they were on the ground and fighting, Hall lifted his head up and Oates couldnt do anything bc he was down so he ended up biting him.. and in the picture thats not the blood from the eyebrow its from him being punched in the mouth. the news reporter should start viewing both sides rather then hearing one story and sticking with it.. so therefore Oates was defending himself. Fights happen soo why is this keep going i dont hear about any other fights... its done and over with LET IT GOOO!!!


ArmyStrong: "Hall sent Oates a text saying he wanted to fight, and when Oates went there..." thats problem #1, how old is this clown? "Oh, he called me out, I have to go fight him"! A couple of third graders. They both should get a G.E.D., then get a job.


Fights don't just "happen", unless you are eight years old.


AAACK !!! NOSFERATU , VAMPYPRE !!! You can't see it , But I'm making a hexs sign and spitting on the floor . ; )))))

Brock Lee

this is old


Was the victims name "Hall"? Hall and Oates..."Maneater". Nice work Reflector, very tongue in cheek but not clever.


@ArmyStrong.... REALLY??? Come'on.... I certainly don't see a fat lip or anything.. if he got punched then why is there no swelling.... and no busted lip? You can believe Oates's story, but I believe the picture tells the real story!


i know the REAL story... so maybe you should get some REAL facts instead of looking at the picture and saying ohh thats from biting him its all true... NOO he was punched in the mouth and it doesnt mean u ALWALYS get a fat lip

R U Kidding me

I remember him from the steroid days at the olcotts fittness center maybe that has something to do with actions now


Really?!? Steroids?!? Yeah, steroids make you want to beat the hell out of somebody, sometimes for stupidity but never bite someones face off...... This is just retarded, dude was clearly on bath salts! ;)


i am getting tired of hearing this.... i had a family member muredered and i dont ever hear about it and the cops dont even want to find out who did it... this is just a fight between two drunken adults.. they relize it was wrong... but seriously stop making it a big deal and find something that is worth investigating and put it in the newspaper


I just want to know... A1 or Heinz??