Woman punished for heroin crime

Prosecutor: 'There's an impressive list of drugs she used daily ... a lot of heroin, a lot of cocaine'
Cary Ashby
Jan 24, 2013


A Plymouth woman was ordered to go to a lock-down treatment facility for having heroin.

Larissa N. Thornsberry, 31, of 311 Plymouth Springmill Road, will be screened for possible acceptance into a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

"Looking at the (presentence) report, there's an impressive list of drugs she used daily ... a lot of heroin, a lot of cocaine," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said at Wednesday's hearing.

Leffler requested Thornsberry go to a CBCF to get a handle on her drug addiction.

Thornsberry told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway she "stayed clean" while the Adult Parole Authority supervised her in Richland County.

"I did very well," she said.

In November, Thornsberry pleaded guilty to possession of heroin for a March 8 incident.

On Wednesday, she was ordered to reimburse the Plymouth Police Department $40 for the cost of drug testing. Conway ordered the $111 seized at the time of Thornsberry's arrest would go toward her $250 fine. The defendant, who is in the Richland County Jail until early February on an undisclosed charge, also had her driver's license suspended for six months.

If Thornsberry violates her three years of probation, she faces one year in prison.


Brock Lee

she goin to cbcf cuz she aint sorry enugh


Instead They should Have Thrown Her A-- in Jail and Let Her go through Withdraws

swiss family

another JOKE from Huron County's Judicial team... Leffler and Conway