Online exclusive - Commissioner Tom Dunlap responds to Bader's comments

Raceway owner wants Huron County Airport property.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 24, 2013


One could say the pressure has been turned up a notch on the Huron County commissioners.

Bill Bader Jr., president of Summit Motorsports Park, said recently he's tired of playing the waiting game. Bader wants to expand his business and the direction he could be headed is north.

The only obstacle with that concept is "north" means the Huron County Airport property.

Bader added if he can't do business here, he'll find a place he can.

Commissioner Tom Dunlap knows the importance of Summit Motorsports Park to this area.

"We don't want to see him go anywhere because of the economic impact his business has on this county and on Erie County," Dunlap said. 

Dunlap said the commissioners have the chance to end the airport drama with these upcoming appointments to the airport board.

"And then establish a good, working relationship with the raceway," he added. "That will be part of the process when interviewing airport board candidates. I know it will be one of my questions."

"Bill Bader is very important to this county," Commissioner Gary Bauer added. "Really, Bill Bader is very important to two counties and that's the truth. Erie County might even benefit more from the raceway with all of their hotels and restaurants."

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@ propman - I'm clicking the "LIKE" button several times.

fedup2 dumb can people be! Bader is not going anywhere. He is making threats and crying like a kid who doesn't get his way. No wonder they call this heroin county...everyone that thinks he will leave, must be using it! He never even bid on that property in was between Milliron and Hipp. Bader went as a ploy with a fake check and stood around like a spoiled child. He employs mostly teenagers, part time, and runs a seasonal business that has barely any asset to Huron County. I think Erie County could care less what Bader does as well...they fill up with Cedar Point and don't need his pennies!!


Racetracks, all of them anywhere are a waste of time.
County Commissioners, need to reevaluate what is important and actually focus on priorities other then themselves or silly matters such as this.
I lived in Norwalk for nearly 21 years and Norwalk is a dying town. That is all there is to it, whether the racetrack stays or goes it doesn't matter.

Dunlap needs to retire from everything and just go live a quiet life and leave everybody alone. He had his tenure in public service and politics, he doesn't need anymore publicity than that.


Maybe the heroin dealers in the county can stimulate the usage and fly their dope in. If the track leaves the airport will have a really nice north south runway already built right next door.


It is the job of the Huron County Development Council to attract and retain businesses. The HCDC website is still boasting of the "current" construction of the new Mercy Willard Hospital. It looks as though the HCDC is the one that is failing us. The HCDC should be trying to find ways to keep BOTH the racetrack AND the airport in our county.

There are a number of racing venues that benefit from having an airport right next door including:
* Daytona International Speedway
* Talladega Superspeedway
* Airport Speedway
* Edmonton Indy
* Sebring International Raceway
* East Windsor Racetrack

I don't understand why Bader doesn't see the advantage of this like other race tracks have and capitalize upon it. There are other options for expansion around the current race track without using the airport property. Something just doesn't add up here. As Judge Judy says, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."


I love the picture. :) It has "WHHHAAA!!!" written all over it.


The airport is an important fixture to the county. It has suffered from economic decline as many things have but it still holds valve beyond the real estate. Bader wants a circle track; he should look for something that is for sale. Nothing says it has to be adjacent to the dragstrip. I hear the argument that this would help Norwalk's economy. I say the best thing to help Norwalk's economy regarding the track would be to annex it into the city, something bader has gone to great lengths to avoid.