Cocaine defendant asks judge for forgiveness, gets released from jail

Convict could be deported.
Cary Ashby
Jan 23, 2013


The cocaine defendant asked the judge on Tuesday for forgiveness for the crimes she committed.

"I will never do this again," defendant Elda E. Lopez told the court through an interpreter.

Lopez, 51, of 103 Jefferson St., Lot 57, pleaded guilty in mid-December to obstruction of official business, a second-degree misdemeanor, and possession of cocaine. The felony drug incident was for a July 28 incident.

"She's been forthright and contrite," said her defense attorney, Rhys Cartwright-Jones, who also said he believes his client acted out of desperation. "She's thoroughly sorry."

Lopez served 180 days in the Huron County Jail as of Tuesday's hearing, so Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway released Lopez from custody.

"That's the maximum amount the court could impose, given the circumstances," the judge said.

Lopez, who earlier paid a $2,000 fine with the court, must reimburse the Norwalk Police Department $80 to cover the cost of drug testing. Conway also ruled Lopez's six-month driver's license suspension would be imposed from the time of her arrest. As part of her three years of probation, Lopez must undergo random drug screens.

Although the judge released Lopez from custody after Tuesday's hearing, Conway said it's possible there's an immigration-related holder on the defendant and she could be deported.




Yeah, like she's going to hang around here waiting for that 'immigration-related holder' thingamabog. She's gone, already.


Why didn't they look in to this "immigration-related holder" thingamabog WHILE she was IN JAIL? Then the paper work would have been ready and they could have deported her on the day she was released. I agree with tadpole....I highly doubt she will stick around and wait.



God Of Thunder

No wonder Norwalk is in the heart of what is known as 'Heroin County'...No one suffers any consequences for breaking drug laws.. Your judges never cease to amaze me..

Brock Lee

im really sorry so let me go

Simple Enough II

Need to take a look at who is responsible at this end for not doing their job, if she is her illegal, then the those sworn to uphold the laws of our state and country are bound to execute them. Tired of the story, they came here looking for a better life and then demand we accept and take care of them, go back home and do that.........

Sitting In The ...

Is it sad that I knew which judge did this just by reading the headline...Great job Conway slap them on the wrist as long as they pinkie swear to never do it again.


Actually, she wasnt allowed to leave HCJ until immigration came and got her and if immigration didnt come get her within 48 hours of her court hearing they HAD to release her. Gosh, alot of you guys commenting on here are MORONS and know NOTHING about the law in HC.