Parts of Ohio to be in path of snowfall being created by two merging storms

Late-week snow potential from Indiana to New England; wintry mix and slippery travel forecasted.
Jan 21, 2013


AccuWeather reports the combination of lingering arctic air and two merging storms has the potential to spread a swath of snow, wintry mix and slippery travel from the Midwest to the East Thursday into Friday.

Essentially the area spanning I-70 to I-80 in the Midwest to the central Appalachians has the potential for a light to moderate snowfall and the associated travel delays.

Cities that may be in the path of the snowfall include St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Ohio, Pittsburgh and Morgantown, W.Va.

Along the I-64 corridor in the Midwest, a wintry mix could bring locally slippery conditions in Louisville, Ky., Cincinnati, Ohio, and Charleston, W.Va.

Along the East Coast, the area from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia and central New Jersey could be in for anything from a period of snow to a wintry mix Thursday night into Friday.

The area from New York City to Boston has a chance at several hours of steady snow or just flurries. How much snow and wintry mix falls will depend on how quickly the storm strengthens upon nearing the coast.

A storm system moving offshore will bring locally heavy snow to part of eastern New England Monday night into Tuesday.

Colder air will have been around for a few days ahead of the late-week storm. As a result the snow and wintry mix has a greater potential to adhere to paved and concrete surfaces, raising the risk of slippery conditions and travel delays.

The arctic air is already unleashing locally heavy lake-effect snow even in areas missed by the path of the general storms this week.

Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski has more on the snowy and colder week for much of the region.

A weaker storm could bring snow showers, even a coating of snow from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia Wednesday night into Thursday morning. will have further updates on the potential for snow with the Thursday/Friday storm as the week progresses.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was written by Alex Sosnowski, expert senior meteorologist for


Brock Lee

i hate winter

Cliff Cannon

@ Brock Lee : We are just going to have to debate how "cool " winter is compared to the other seasons,aren't we ? :)

Brock Lee

cliff it so dang cold my car doent start winter sucks debate over i win lol

Cliff Cannon

@ Brock Lee : Was at our great auto parts store ----Action Auto--- today getting a part for my truck. Was informed,that most car maintence was suspended by the cold weather; Save for battery sales. As many people discovered,as you did. That their car wouldn't start in the cold.

Here's hoping,they buy their battery's at " Action Auto " and keep,this venerable Norwalk instituion,which still provides,what the " do-it- your selfer " needs most:Service . Going strong.

So that is the first advantage of winter. Then go straight to the best part: The air tastes as great as a fresh baked pie,doesn't it ? Then,add how beautiful,the day after a snowstorm always is.I ask:What is prettier than that ?

Now,think about how much time you spend indoor's in the cozy,warmth of your home. Great ain't it ? (Also,allows for the flu bugs of the world to die oFF) Then add,what you or Mrs. Lee bake this time of year-----warms the kitchen,belly and heart,dont it ?

So shall I continue, and mention how one can dress for the cold,yet ---NOT undress enough for the heat ? Then toss in the total fun it is, sledding,skating or skiing ? And may I ask; What tastes better than 'hot chocolate' after playing outside in the winter ?

In conclusion, my new friend. I think on the topic of winter. I win. That is unless,you have a "fender-bender" in the snow or stumble,then fall in the slush or get frost bite. Then your correct : " winter sucks debate over I win l.o.l. " :)

Brock Lee

your glass is half full kinda guy aint ya my glass is froze lol

Cliff Cannon

@ Brock Lee : Can not deny,I am a glass half full type. However,I was just enjoying playing on a topic where there is no real right or wrong answer. As which season one likes best, is strictly personal choice,true ?

So especially, after your hilarous response last week about Santa Claus. I thought it would be fun to play again on the same topic. Not to mention,your car problem, gave me a perfect chance to plug a locally owned business--- Action Auto.

So thanks as well as great day to you

Brock Lee

thanks for the laughs your cool which is probly why you like winter so much lol


If its too cold out, you can blame global warming. Warm winter? Global warming. If its a normal winter, global warming.