Health inspection reports for Huron County eateries are released

Local restaurant inspection reports released.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 22, 2013


The health department inspection reports for Huron County food establishments in December have been released.

The following food establishments received no violations:

Willard Trade Market; 512 E. Tiffin St., Willard; operator, David Moore (Dec. 2, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Catering By Design; 210 Milan Ave., Suite B, Norwalk; operator, Arvydas Montvilas (Dec. 13, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Dollar General; 64 Hyde St., Wakeman; operator, Dolgen Midwest LLC (Dec. 13, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Hy-Miler; 110 Townsend Ave., Norwalk; operator, District Petroleum Products (Dec. 13, regular inspection) -- No violations.

VFW Post; 140 Milan Ave., Norwalk; operator, VFW Post 2743 (Dec. 13, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Burger King; 283 Benedict Ave., Norwalk; operator, Melmont II Enterprises (Dec. 19, regular inspection) -- No violations. Inspector's comments: Good job!

New Peking House; 2 W. Main St., Norwalk; operator, Jin Lian (Dec. 19, regular inspection) -- No violations. Inspector's comments: Great job!

The Office Bar; 11 Whittlesey Ave., Norwalk; operator, Lorraine K. O'Sullivan (Dec. 19, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Dollar General; 359 Milan Ave., Norwalk; operator, Dolgen Midwest LLC (Dec. 20, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Mickey Mart; 123 Whittlesey Ave., Norwalk; operator, Mickey Mart, Inc. (Dec. 20, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Tin Shed; 6 Myrtle Ave., Willard; operator, The Tin Shed LLC (Dec. 20, 30-day inspection) -- No violations. Inspector's comments: Good working order.

Willard Senior Center; 318 Laurel St., East, Willard; operator, Services for Aging, Inc. (Dec. 27, regular inspection) -- No violations.


To see the list of food establishments that received violations and read the inspector's comments, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Reflector or log onto the e-paper.


Paranoid Illusion

So they didn't catch anyone bathing in the dish sink; that's good...

Brock Lee

what ever happen to mill street bisrtro that was on tv


Wonder how many more repeat criticals the chinese Garden place in B' vue will have before someone shuts that place down. So glad I've never tried the place, but know people who have and got sick more than once from there.


The health department should check out that Mexican food restaurant on Rte. 20 in Bellevue. We both got sick the time we ate there. We haven't gone back since.

swiss family

is it acceptable to just come on here in the comments sections, and defame any restaurant you choose?? would that hold true too if I were to defame the local Domino's Pizza store, or the local Bowling Alley, seeing that both are owned by past Norwalk councilmen???.. Not that I am... I have never had any personal issues with either store, well except when the picture in the paper clearly showing an owner improperly handling some of their food products.But heck, doesn't everyone and everyplace have dissatisfied customers... I wasn't aware that you could just call them out on here without any facts to back up your defamation...


It's fact... look up the old reports. Aren't you the one who always complained about the pizza guy and his hair nets?

Enough said.

swiss family

could you explain what you wrote in English??? what is fact???? and exactly what old reports are we looking up... I was saying that I was surprised that people were on here naming restaurants that they want to defame, who knows, they might just be the competition and there seems to be a free for all in the policy , that people are just allowed to defame anyone.. I wondered if someone, (in this case, Me) defamed a local place where the owners were ex city councilmen.. if it would still be allowed.. or can people only defame restaurants that are NOT city Council, connected....and yea m I am the one who complained about the owner of the pizza store passing out his product without following the stringent health codes which I am sure he is aware know as well as I do , had it been the Casa anything passing their food out without the proper health department approved equipment... people would be on a witch hunt for them.. I just wanted to see if there is a double standard... I will repeat.. I have never had any problems with either the Pizza shop in question, OR the Bowling alley either... it is just a question


Since I don't live in Norwalk, I have no idea what you're talking about regarding your city council, nor do I care.

Public restaurants are a different matter. Casa had a witch hunt for good reason. Illegal employees are not going to follow strict health codes, and as I recall, that particular strain of salmonella is caused by employees NOT washing their hands/ unsanitary conditions. Happy Garden is just plain filthy, and they've been warned before about dumping grease down the sewer drains. That's not only fact - it's common knowledge in that town. Do you realize how much that causes damage to the other businesses close to them?


Thank you starryeyes83. I have been in the restaurant business over 25 years. I will NEVER eat at the Casa Fiesta again. The strain was from the employees not washing after crapping. People think everything is fine. Bet they still don't wash


Actually you can pick up that strain of salmonella ANYWHERE....from ANYONE that did not wash their hands. It can be on door handles, telephones, menus, hot sauce bottle etc. If someone, ANYone had it on their hands it is now EVERYWHRE in the restaurant. EVERYONE needs to wash hands.


I agree with you ladydye_5 ....but the employees are the ones who actually handle the food in its' raw state and it's not like Casa didn't have numerous violations prior to that.

swiss family

you can blame Casa all that you want. and I have to believe that you enjoy putting them down because they are "ethnic" and of course that brings up all kinds of issues to many . The truth is , like has already been explained, that virus can be picked up on door handles, and menu's and basically anywhere. If you have worked in food service, you know that many of the foods come in already "processed" in some way. The tomatoes come in cases, the lettuce sometimes already washed, cut up, and mixed with other vegetables. That being said, any employee along the way could have contaminated the food. it does NOT necessarily mean that someone at that restaurant caused this virus.In fact if I remember right, there were also some cases reported at other downtown Norwalk Restaurants.. but no one is rehashing that...So what is the real reason that the Casa is the first restaurant that comes to your mind when you think of "dirty" places??


Hmm... let's see, Parkertown 2( now closed) was filthy and in massive tax debt over their heads - matter of public record-- Sugarcreek was filthy ( now closed) several others which I remember Starryeyes and ohters were blasting those . El Caporel was also operated for 3 years under Ornelas' bunch.

Ironic, isn't it ? That the ethnic one - Casa same bunch as El Caporel ) is the one who not only had a salmonella outbreak but also raids for illegal workers about two months later.... Hmmmm?

Very interesting... maybe there was payola involved somewhere down the line , or maybe not? Oh and the things they would get aways with in the forner El Caporel location outside in the back facing the other street... well, let's just say it was not very business like-- at least not legit business.