Man wounded in accidental shooting at Medina Gun Show

Dealer accidentally pulls trigger and weapon discharges, striking another man who was standing nearby; Victim suffers severe bleeding and is flown by helicopter to Cleveland MetroHealth Medical Center.
Jan 21, 2013


Medina police late Saturday were investigating an accidental shooting at a gun show at the Medina County Fairgrounds.The shooting occurred when a dealer was checking a semiautomatic handgun that he had just bought from a man attending the two-day Medina Gun Show, witnesses said.

The dealer accidentally pulled the trigger and the weapon discharged, striking another man who was standing nearby shortly after 3 p.m., the witnesses said.

The bullet hit the floor first and then hit the man in the arm and thigh, causing severe bleeding, witnesses said.

A physician in the crowd stepped in and helped control the bleeding until an emergency squad could attend to the victim, witnesses said.

The gunshot victim was taken to a local hospital and then flown by helicopter to Cleveland MetroHealth Medical Center. His condition was unavailable. The injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, officials said.

The magazine was loaded and had been pulled from the gun, but one round remained in the gun, Medina police Chief Patrick Berarducci told WEWS-TV (Channel 5).

The gun was being removed from a box and a strap to secure the trigger was incorrectly attached, he told the media.

The gun was mishandled in the incident, he said.

The victim and the dealer are longtime friends, Berarducci told the Cleveland television station.

Signs were posted outside the gun show saying that all weapons must be unloaded.

About 200 people were in the hall at the time of the shooting at the Medina Community Center, 735 Lafayette Road, Medina.

Sponsors said there would be about 450 dealers at the show.



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Say it ain't so!

Dr. Information

Even when you know there isn't a bullet in the chamber, you always do a quick check. Im surprised this dealer didnt rifle the firing mechanism a couple times just to make sure and then do a visual check. Rookie mistake.


Note that the word ACCIDENT was used not CRAZED GUNMAN.


It's still NEGLIGENCE on the part of anyone handling it. As the good Dr. said, the LAST person to handle it (the dealer) should have made sure it was clear several times. Otherwise, ALL GUNS ARE LODAED.


Agreed.(execpt for your spelling of loaded)


You are correct, sir! My apologies and thanks!


Actually there were 3 this past Saturday.


to scooter58 negligence? I agree... the gunshows in my neck of the woods have off duty officers stationed to check the guns at the entrance and render them harmless with a thick red plastic zip tie; same for dealers ammo from dealer or buyer is ever allowed to be loaded into any weapon


The red plastic tie and no ammo are clear violations of 2nd ammendment.


...are not

hit the road jack

Anyone have any fishy thoughts with 3 gun show accidents the same weekend after all the chit that has been pulled over our eyes the last few weeks?