Power outage announced

Outage scheduled for noon Monday, to last less than 15 minutes.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 20, 2013


A planned power outage was scheduled for Monday, affecting southern Huron County. Firelands Electric Cooperative planned to conduct maintenance work Monday on its Fitchville substation.

The work was to cause a brief planned power outage affecting about 1,000 Firelands’ consumer-members in parts of Bronson, Clarksfield, Hartland, Fairfield, Fitchville, Greenwich and Ripley townships in Huron County.

The planned maintenance power outage was scheduled for noon and was to last less than 15 minutes.This maintenance work will improve the long-term reliability of customers’ electric service, officials said.

Firelands Electric, a Touchstone Energy Partner, is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative providing electric service to more than 9,000 homes and businesses in rural areas of Ashland, Huron, Lorain and Richland counties.



I realize when these things are planned they do NOT know what the weather will be like. Nevermind that it is almost the COLDEST day of winter so far....but did this NEED to be done in January? They cannot do maintenance work in say.....May?


The last outage we had for repair was a couple of weeks ago. Same thing, to last no more than 15 mins. It only took 1 1/2- 2 mins. tops! So don't worry... it's all good... :-)


I am not worried...but if it goes "right" and took less time....(devil's advocate here) it goes wrong and takes longer? Just seems like they could plan these "routine" things at better times.


better times? i guess that those fellows believe its fun to be outside in the cold themselves? i'm sure the workers dont want to do it at this time ether. sometimes there are no other options.