Car wreck claims life of local man

A Monroeville man was killed and his brother was injured during an accident that ripped a car in half early this morning on Ridge Road. The passenger, Michael D. Brant, 29, of 2612 Ohio 162, was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood. It's unknown if he was wearing a seat belt because of the damage to the right side of the vehicle.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


A Monroeville man was killed and his brother was injured during an accident that ripped a car in half early this morning on Ridge Road.

The passenger, Michael D. Brant, 29, of 2612 Ohio 162, was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood. It's unknown if he was wearing a seat belt because of the damage to the right side of the vehicle.

Norwalk Fire Capt. William Knadler estimated Brant was thrown about 50 or 60 feet from the 1993 Dodge Intrepid driven by Timothy A. Brant, 26, of 330 Peru Center Road, Monroeville.

Knadler was one of 11 firefighters who assisted North Central EMS and established a landing zone for the medical helicopter which took Timothy Brant, who was wearing his seat belt, to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. There was no further information from the hospital or the state Highway Patrol on his condition this morning.

Sgt. Mary Mack said Timothy Brant sustained what may have been internal injuries to his chest area.

Knadler said the back half of the Intrepid looked like it was torn through the passenger area and the front section had part of the passenger side ripped off.

"The car was so torn up, it was kind of hard to tell," he said, adding that it appeared the vehicle probably hit a bridge abutment at an angle on the passenger side.

Timothy Brant was heading south on Ridge Road near South Norwalk Road about 2:15 a.m. today when he failed to negotiate a curve. He went off the right side of the road and hit a guardrail and bridge, which ripped the Intrepid in half from front to back and ejected the passenger, troopers said.

Mack said both halves of the vehicle were about 100 feet apart on the same side of the road where the driver left Ridge Road. No charges have been filed in the ongoing investigation.


r.i.p (Anonymous)

my heart go's out for the family your in my prayers

me (Anonymous)

T$Robinson: Way to go man. No one could have put it better than you have. thanks for the facts!

?????? (Anonymous)

the past dont mean nothing the past is the past !!!!!

mike (Anonymous)

we love and miss you so much

English Teacher...

To ???????: You said"the past don't mean nothing" Then it actually means something. Learn correct grammer, that would be a double negative. If something don't mean nothing, it means something.

????????? (Anon...

why do you guys have to be such a smart a**....all you guys are doing is useing the past to determin what you think about us brant just keep your nose out of our families business.......

curious (Anonymous)

i am wondering why so many people are using this tragic accident to fight and criticize people u don't even know? Weather or not "The Brants" are good or bad or have records or don't NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE!!!Right , wrong or indifferent. let the poor man R.I.P and think of the fact that he had a mother, a father, brothers,sisters and alson children.IF it was a family member of yours would you want their children to hear or see the comments being made about their father? children love their parents no matter what and don't deserve to grow up hearing that he was a "bad" man.I actually met mike a few times and he was always very nice and respectfull even though I had heard he was a trouble maker and this and that I still spoke to him and did not judge him. I also know Brian Brant who had the same reputation when I met him, but again, never had a problem with him. I just find it disgusting what people sometimes say or do to get a thrill for the day. Sorry for your loss and good luck to tim as far as I'm concerned he has already been punished for his wrongdoing and will have to live woith that everyday of his life. leave the poor man alone!

rip (Anonymous)

thank you curious that is the point us brants have been trying to put across to everyone!!!! they never knew them so why judge someone that you dont even know!!!!!!

MADD (Anonymous)

Curios: so you think it's okay for people to drive drunk and kill other people? My daughters life was taken because of a drunk driver, people like you make me sick. I don't care that it was his brothers life, who will it be next time!

curious (Anonymous)

no i don't tink that drinking and driving is ok infact i am very much against it myself. but i do feel there is a time and a place for everything and i do not feel that posting blogs on a mans obit page or anywhere else while a family is grieving is that time or place. i'm sorry that it was his brother and i would be sorry if it was anyone else. and i am sorry if you misunderstood what i was getting at and if it offended you in any way. you said you lost your daughter to a drunk driver well mike brant has parents as well and they are probably filled with mixed emotions. sorry for your loss as well

just little ole...

I think it is time for all these comments to end concerning Michael Brant. I feel the Norwalk reflector has let it go on too long. But I'm sure if it is up to Cary Ashby, it will go on and on because it is nothing but trash like most articles he writes. I remember Mike worked at Misslers here in Willard a few years back. He seemed very pleasant to me. He always had a smile and was joking and laughing with the customers. He was always neatly dressed, clean, and every hair in its place. He was a very pleasant young man. But then we all have a good side and bad side, some just show theirs more than others. Espically if people treated him in life as they are in death. No wonder he was a bad a** as you all claim. I hope he haunts you from his grave. Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you!

to madd and cur...

yes mike does have parents and they know all about this page do any of you care how they feel to know that all of you disrespectful people are talking about there son and family.not talking about the nice comments

TO just little ...

that was well said thank you so much r.i.p mike i miss and love you

curious (Anonymous)

listen i didn't have anything bad to say about mike or his family if you read my first comment you would know that. my intetions were not to stir the pot or be disrespectful.hey"little ole me" that's where i met mike also was at misslers.your right he was always smiling,clean cut and polite. i can remember his baby face and long hair when he would help you out with your groceries he would always talk to you and smile and say have a good one when he was done. that's funny no one else mentioned him like that or about knowing him from work or anything.i also agree that it is time for the reflector to close this page all it is doing is causing heartache for alot of people. if only everyone could post a memory of mike instead of bashing then a page like this wouldn't be bad.

r.i.p mike (Ano...

for curious on my comment i said i was not talking about the nice ones and i thank you for thinking so well of my family.

Sitting in the ...

You can't blame the paper or its staff for printing the story. You people both the grieving family and the general public for bashing one another if either would just not post a comment who would the other side have to argue with. I partially agree with both. The general public I disagree with the family when they say "he's suffered enough" really if i was drunk and plowed into them killing them both you would want my head on a stick. I didn't know this man but remember people like they posted before he was only human tragically he reaped what he sewed. I will only post this one comment and unlike others I'm true to my word.

no sympathy (An...

Well since were tellling stories about Mike: The first time I met him was when he was drunk and started a fight with my brother at the gas station. I was 12 and my big brother was 17. Mike walked up to us in a drunken rage (he was 23)and said "move b*tch" to me. Once again I was only 12. My brother told him not to talk to me like that, that's when Mike punched him in the stomache and face. My bro is a good christian man who would never hurt a anyone, he was only sticking up for his baby sister. So I'm sorry if I don't have a nice comment to post. I'm sure the reason no one has told any stories about him from work is because he rarely had a "real" job. I think "sitting in the shadows" said it best, you reap what you sow!

just little ole...

Hasn't anyone heard the old saying, "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all." And your story no sympathy, sounds just like a "story". i'm sure there is some you are leaving out if its true at all.

r.i.p (Anonymous)

that story doesn't sound true mike was never like that so come up with another one cause all these storys are the same bullsh-it.


Okay, Does everyone want to know what happened that night? Well I will tell you. I'll start from where I come into the story. Mike, Tim and Jeff were at the bar. Jeff calls me around 12:30 to come down there and hang out and give them a ride home. I get down there around 1:00 because I had to change. I was already in my pjs. Around 2:00 not sure of exact time they were ready to leave. They did not park their car at the bar. They parked it on Linwood. Why I have no idea. I told them I was going to take them to their car. But Instead of turning towards Linwood I turned on to Norwood. They asked me where we were going I told them I was just gonna take them home and they could just have their dad bring them into town tomorrow to get their car. I got to the stop sign at Elm and Norwood and all of them were telling me to turn left to go back to Linwood because they had a cooler of beer in their car they wanted to get. I started to go straight but then I turned. Biggest mistake of my life. I took them to their car when we got there they all jumped out. Tim was wanting to take the car home. He got the keys out of his pocket and Jeff and him were arguing over them. I was trying to get them to be quiet and get back into my car. But no one would listen to me. Mike got in the passenger side and shut the door. Tim walked over to the drivers side and got in. I was mad at them. Jeff got into my passenger seat. They left and turned on to Summit St. from Linwood I was behind them. They crossed Benedict to Norwood. I had to wait for a car that turned behind them. They stopped at the stop sign at Elm and proceeded through. I had to wait for the car in front of me it turned. By the time I got to the stop sign I could barely see their tail lights they were getting farther and farther away. The next thing I know I am driving over glass and stuff all over the road. Jeff lets out this bone chilling scream because he saw the car first. I stopped and pulled into a driveway. Jeff jumps out and runs over to the car. I tried to get out but my legs felt like Jello and I thought I was gonna puke. There were people already there from the houses. I could hear jeff screaming where is Michael? Where is Michael? He comes back to my car and is Hystrical. Saying we have to call their dad. I didnt know the number and Jeff was a mess. I didnt want to leave them there so I waited until an officer and an ambulance showed up. That part gets a little blurry. I drove home and fell in my back door I was search all over for my cell phone to call their dad. My teenage neices were at my house at the time. They asked me what I was looking for I told them my cell phone. They just looked at me, I had my cell phone in my hand the whole time. I didnt even know it. Also I didnt know until later that I called 911 to report the accident. It was the most horrific sight I have ever seen. Anyways I went back down there to be with them. Im not gonna get into the gruesome details of everything else. But the images are burned in to my brain. I cant sleep because I am constantly thinking: If I wouldnt have turned around, If I would of said this or did this or argued with them more. Thats what happened and that is the God honest truth. My sympathy goes out to the Brant Family. To answer some of their questions : There were only two people in that car. Tim was the driver. (sorry Tim only telling the truth). No one was racing them or ran them off the road. I didnt drive my own car to the showing because I had asked my friend to go with me and she picked me up. Thats it. I didnt drive my own car to the funeral because I had made plans to take my sister to take her boys to church camp while her husband took their van to Akron airport to pick their daughter up who was flying in from Flordia from Life a youth convention. When I promised her my car I didnt know I would be attending a funeral that day. So my oldest neice took me so I could pay my respects to Michael. RIP Michael.

Beth (Anonymous)

It's not your fault. You tried to help, and you couldn't have done anything else. They did what they wanted. Instead of feeling bad, you should be mad at them. For their actions, you have to have those images imprinted in your mind forever.

wondering (Anon...

Dear cant take it: just curious why you just now came out with all this? Why did Jeff end up with you and not in his own car? just wondering. But very happy you came out with the truth and Im sure Jeff will be also. And to all you that don't know him he is a great guy and would never lie about something like this. I do know him and care about him ver much. And dont like how he is being accused of things.

finally the tru...

Thanks for telling the truth. I hope Jeff gets a big apology from the Brants. Who can they blame now that the truth is told? As to the people that made the comment that the story about Mike punching that girls brother isn't true: well it is. I heard about it years ago. The reason the police weren't called is because he threatened them and said all the Brants would kick their as*. He begged his parents not to press charges. So next time you call someone a liar think about the source who's saying they lied. The same people who were trying to send a innocent man to prison for killing Mike when it was Tim and they knew it. The Brants will do anything to protect their family. They have already admitted they fight for each other, and lie for one another.

truth (Anonymous)

To the girl who told the truth: You better watch your back, I'm sure they'll be after you now.

?? (Anonymous)

to can't take it anymore, i'm proud of you for telling it all llike it was. it was not your fault and you have to do what you believe is right. your friends will be there for you as well as tims friends and family will be there for him. this tradgedy will be with you, tim and jeff forever and only you three will know the gods honest truth as well as mike looking down from above. god bless all of you

wondering (Anon...

I dont feel the girl who told the truth should have to worry about something like that. Im sure they already new all this but wanted to pass the blame off. I think its great she did, its about time. Like I said Jeff is a wonderful man and I care about him very much and I know that this was all hurting him very deeply. He loved mike and all the rest of the family. He is a good man.

T$Robinson (Ano...

to "can't take it anymore".. your story is really sad , and i do sympathize with all that you had to go through , and will go through , because you couldn't stop someone from drinking and is almost impossible to keep anyone from doing anything that they have their mind made up that they are going to do .. but your story demonstrates the helplessness that a friend of someone who has been drinking , feels trying to stop them .. usually the intoxicated person feels that they won't hurt anyone , and if they do .. it is no ones business but their own , but as we can all see from this tragic example that the one unfortunate incident affects so many people and will continue to affect them and others for years to would be a good person to join MADD and maybe if you could tell this story to a group of AA members , or teenagers , you might be able to save someones life !! i know that it is probably way too early to think about helping others when you need help yourself , but maybe , at some time in the future , after the healing has begun , you could change the lives and fate of others with your story !!

angel (Anonymous)

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to angel (Anonymous)

what does myspace glitter graphics mean?

Ignorance is bl...

I must reply to "cant take it anymore" I have a good idea of why they parked up on linwood. Because these good ole boys knew if they parked closer that the cops would of seen them stumbling to the car and pulled them over, which i wish would of happen because this terrible event wouldn't of happen. Of course eventually it probably would have. I just hope they let him walk free so they can go down and have a beer at the local watering hole.