Car wreck claims life of local man

A Monroeville man was killed and his brother was injured during an accident that ripped a car in half early this morning on Ridge Road. The passenger, Michael D. Brant, 29, of 2612 Ohio 162, was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood. It's unknown if he was wearing a seat belt because of the damage to the right side of the vehicle.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


A Monroeville man was killed and his brother was injured during an accident that ripped a car in half early this morning on Ridge Road.

The passenger, Michael D. Brant, 29, of 2612 Ohio 162, was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood. It's unknown if he was wearing a seat belt because of the damage to the right side of the vehicle.

Norwalk Fire Capt. William Knadler estimated Brant was thrown about 50 or 60 feet from the 1993 Dodge Intrepid driven by Timothy A. Brant, 26, of 330 Peru Center Road, Monroeville.

Knadler was one of 11 firefighters who assisted North Central EMS and established a landing zone for the medical helicopter which took Timothy Brant, who was wearing his seat belt, to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. There was no further information from the hospital or the state Highway Patrol on his condition this morning.

Sgt. Mary Mack said Timothy Brant sustained what may have been internal injuries to his chest area.

Knadler said the back half of the Intrepid looked like it was torn through the passenger area and the front section had part of the passenger side ripped off.

"The car was so torn up, it was kind of hard to tell," he said, adding that it appeared the vehicle probably hit a bridge abutment at an angle on the passenger side.

Timothy Brant was heading south on Ridge Road near South Norwalk Road about 2:15 a.m. today when he failed to negotiate a curve. He went off the right side of the road and hit a guardrail and bridge, which ripped the Intrepid in half from front to back and ejected the passenger, troopers said.

Mack said both halves of the vehicle were about 100 feet apart on the same side of the road where the driver left Ridge Road. No charges have been filed in the ongoing investigation.


me (Anonymous)

This is for the oldest sister: actually someone did die, your brother! It is our business when he's driving under the influence. I believe that there are enough of you to comfort one another, theres enough Brants to comfort the whole damn town. And I don't have any trouble makers in my family that even come close to the things your family has done. Stop blaming and pointing the finger at everyone else.

me (Anonymous)

sharon I thoiught you were done commenting? Please be done!

Alan (Anonymous)

Wow. Pretty intense here.
Regardless whether you like the family or not, past transgressions etc, why not let the family grieve?
One way or another, the rest will work itself out.

disgusted (Anon...

This is for "someone who knew mikey". Your obviously just as dumb as the rest of that family. I'm sure that people never mean to kill someone, that's what happens though when you break the law by driving drunk. As for your little story goes, Tim wasn't at a party and he didn't have a family emergency. He chose to drive drunk and wrecklesly. So your story makes no sense and has nothing to do with what really happened. I know people who attend get togethers all the time. Responsible people don't get drunk if they have children at home to attend to. That just goes to show the order of your priorities. Your type of people don't care about getting wasted and going home to your children, it's normal for you. I feel sorry for all the innocent kids that have to grow up with parents like you and the Brants.

disgusted (Anon...

Sharon you said that people must have a boring, pitiful life to sit on the computer and look up court dockets. You yourself just stated that you looked it up as well, so what's that say about you?

sharon (Anonymous)

just to prove what a bunch of crap you all are spouting. And I am done commenting unless I am attacked personally, thank you!!

sharon (Anonymous)

Also if you are going to state facts make sure they are just that. Not some number you pull out of your butt, just because thats where your brain is.

rea (Anonymous)

Sharon, I've heard you say twice now that you were done, it's it true this time? As for your brother, he deserves to be put to death for all his dui's. In some countries he would have been already.

sharon (Anonymous)

To everyone...isn't the last comment so sweet. Yes, as far as the Brants I am done commenting because idiots that make comments like "rea 6:24" wrote, but the last few are personally to me so yes I will comment to a point. Because actually you are not worth my time. Unlike you, I have a life that is more important than sitting online trashing other. Would love to see whats in your closet??? Those who yell the loudest..well you know what they say, hmmm, makes a person wonder about you. As my mom always said about people like you, "there is a special place in hell for people like you!" AMEN To the Brant Family-God Bless

#1 (Anonymous)

Sharon Hicks- I knew your name sounded familiar. Danny is most likely your brother. Now I know why your defending the Brants so much, your family isn't to far behind them in the trash department. It all makes sense now!

smalltowner (An...

Did none of your parents teach you "not to speak ill of the dead" when you where growing up.Let this family have what little peace than can now, for the road ahead will not be pleasant I'm sure.

Getting tired o...

Ok people. This is too much information. It is getting hard to keep up with the reading here. It usually takes a couple of weeks in this town to get this much fighting.

sharon (Anonymous)

#1--seems I am the only one on here who is not afraid to put my name and not hide who I really am like for! There are quite a few women with the same name as mine and hopefully she will read your comment and realize who you are. And if not, even though I do not know you I say you are a coward and must be ashamed of who you are. Anyone who comments on here and they feel they have to have a phony name then you shouldn't be on here. And shame on the Reflector for not making everyone prove their identy before they post comments.

drama (Anonymous)

There you go commenting again Sharon. Do you ever shut off your computer?

sharon (Anonymous)

right back at you drama, do you ever shut your computer off, or your mouth?? I don't think I was talking to you, whoever you are since you like to keep your identy top secret like most people on here, wonder why, lol. Anyways back to you #1...I think I know who you are referring to, Danny Hicks, sorry, he is not my brother or any relation to me at all. But I do know some of his family and I will be glad to pass this on to them for you. Maybe one of them have a computer and can get on here and talk to you personally, that's if they even have one, you know, being trashy and all they probally don't.

Ms.Billard (Ano...

Sharon-my last name is Billard, does that help you out any? No matter how hard you look you will not find anything negative to say about me, or any of my family. Check the papers and the courts! My Grandfather, Father, and Brother are all in the law enforcement field. My Mother, and Sister are both in the medical field. And I am currently on break from med. school, where I'm studying to be a doctor. So before you make your smart comments about me being ashamed of myself, or my family, I thought you'd like to know a little about us. I couldn't ask for a more loving and supporting family. I've been so blessed. As far as I know our families record is clean all the way around. Fortunatley we haven't lived in the Norwalk area for years.I still stay in contact with old friends, that's how I know so much about the Brants. So, now that you know me and my family, does that change the situation at hand? The point is still that Tim deserves to be punished and not treated like the victim. I hop you sleep well tonight now that you know more about me!

sharon (Anonymous)

that still does not tell me who you are on here, which name were you. I just feel if people are going to post comments they should not have to hide who they are. I think everyone should have to prove who they are to protect themselves. Anyone could get on here and say they are someone they are not and cause alot of problems. Just like me being singled out about who I am. That was wrong of #1 to do. And they think I'm some other Sharon and give me grief over it? My point for even commenting in the first place was to offer a kind word to the Brant family at such a devasting time for them. Look what all it has caused. I have lost many loved ones and I feel for anyone who looses a family member at such a young age and in such a tragic way. It is tragic anyway you look at it for all involved. No matter who or what kind of people they are, and that is not for us to judge, they are devasted and a kind word is not too much to ask. I know how I would feel if I were in their place right now. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy and for some people to say the things they have to this family is totally uncalled for. Down right cruel and hurtful.

T$Robinson (Ano...

Sharon , you are amazing , you say that you want people to identify themselves , and you wont identify who you are ?? someone said that your name was Sharon Hicks and i assume they got there because of the drunk driving record that your brother has ... 25 dui"s and you keep mentioning that over and over , so someone figured out who you are , so first you deny that you are Sharon Hicks , and then in the next breath you are complaining that someone identified you ?? you are a strange creature indeed !! I do feel sympathy for any family who has lost a loved one ,, in this case the Brant family ..but it is not like he died from a tragic disease that he had no control over , in this case , he is dead because of his and his brothers actions, if you drink please don't drive , when you drink and drive especially at extremely high rates of speed , you get what you get , and thank goodness that no innocent parties were harmed

sharon (Anonymous)

To; T Robinson, if you knew what you were talking about you wouldn't make yourself look like such an a**. If you could read it would help. Go back to my first comment and you will see my name right there in print for everyone to see. I have used "MY" name in every comment posted unlike others who just like to blow crap out their a**es, then hide their idenity. I simply wanted to send the Brant family a kind word. Isn't it strange the rest of you have judged me and trashed me all because I was kind to them. And you people call the Brants trash, go look in the mirror!

Joyce Strunk"di...

Sharon-You've done a great job of making yourself look like a fool. Noone was bashing you, people wre just leaving comments about how they felt. This is a comment page, people have the freedom of speach to say what they feel. It seems like you took the comments personally, they were not meant for you. Once you lashed out on everyone they replied to your remark. I think it may be best for you to stay off this page for a little bit.
Take care,
Joyce Strunk

sharon (Anonymous)

no one was bashing me, please, can you read. Freedom of speech, not on here because as soon as you speek your mind you are trash. With the exception of a few on here anyways. As I just read over a few of your past comments, disgusted, you are one to talk. You have been one of the nastiest people on here. Enough said!! And please leave me out of your responses, I have nothing further to say to disgusting two faced people like you.

Joyce (Anonymous)

Sharon-only 2 comments were from me. I don't know the other ones. I read over mine and I don't think I bashed you at all. As for being 2 faced, I'm not talking behind anyones back and I stated my name. Maybe you should know the meaning of 2 faced before you say it to people. I hope you seek the mental help you obviously need!

T-BONE mother f...

This is to all the sh_t talking mother f_ckers here that don't have a life this my blog to you b_tches

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I’m tired of rich b_tches being stuck-up…
My opinion:
They need to get over themselves

I’m tired of all my close friends’ and family dying’,
GOD! you need to stop this because I’m tired of cryin!

I’m tired of nosy neighbors…
All they do is spy!
My opinion:
They need to get on with their life

I’m tired of cops who think they’re king sh_t!
But ya know what? Thats cool.
Ya’ll are just a b_tch!

I’m tired of preppy b_tches who think they’re all that…
My opinion:

But u no what's worst. Im tired of you mother f_ckers clowning on death.Like its a joke. I'ts not your family, or even your friend. So go ahead keep talking sh_t with you sick little heads. Your time will come and when it does i hope your name is draged through sh_t like IT should.

you act like your sh_t dont stink, like you've never sinned or even drink you sorry f_ck's make me cringe, remember this and rember that im not a brant but if i knew who you were i'd beat you with a BAT!
so go ahead and sit there and hide behind your keyboard scarred to to show your face, because fact the of the matter is any brant would smash you, any time any place.

My advice to you is to keep your comments to you're self like your mommy told you when you were young. if not you might start a war you ain't going to win. you would have a better chance of jumping in a pool of piranhas with porkchop panties then f_cking with the brants so back the f_ck off before i flip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joyce (Anonymous)

T-Bone- Wow, I really feel sorry for you. First of all, learn how to spell. You might not be a Brant but you sure write like one. Second, were you trying to make a little poem out of that? If so it was terrible. As for calling people cowards and saying they hide behind their keyboards, my name is clearly stated on everyone of my comments. I think it's funny how your saying your sick of the name calling and anger. You said a curse word about every other word out of your mouth and spoke about beating faces in. Thanks for showing exactly why the Brants and their friends are called trash. You've really proved yourself today. I guess you consider me a preppy b***h, why would I want my head up my own a**? You said preppy bi**hes have their heads up everyones a**es but their own. That makes no sense. You really should stay off this page with all your anger, you might give yourself a stroke! So since you know my name are you gonna send of of the Brant Girls after me? I'm really not to worried about that.

brittney-the co...

i luv how ppl keep trying to shoot us down. keep talking us brants luv the attention that we're gettin. yur only making us stronger than weaker. so thankx.

this is the bra...

to joyce with no last name ok biotch what is your last name and if i don't know you lets meet you trashy biotch and you can get off this page it is not your family you are so sorry.

Joyce Thomas (A...

Freedom of speach is a wonderful thing! Grow up, in case you haven't figured it out yet fighting isn't the way to solve problems. You wouldn't know me even if I posted my last name, I don't hang out with trash and I'm not from the are. We could meet if you'd like, I don't think it would turn out to your advantage though. Why not stop talking so trashy and maybe people would respect you more.

sharon (Anonymous)


Terry martin (A...

to joyce first of all. this aint a spelling bee b_tch. 2nd of all the meaning by that peppy sh_it is simple youre to worried about what ather pepole think of you. try thinking for your self 4 once then you might realize that youre sh_t talking is is just bringing more pain to this family my wife lost her mother her brother and now her nephew all in a 6 month period so why dont all u jack_ff's back the f_ck off and 3rd i dont need a brant GIRL to come get you ill blast u in the f_cking mouth my self b_tch as far as me saying that i was sick of the name calling youre right i did say that because actions are bigger than words. i never said nothing about anger but sense were on that subject im a very angery man you have no f_cking idea i got a jet black heart b_tch and i dont think twice so there's my f_ucking name try calling me trash to my face

sharon (Anonymous)

Terry Martin...I'm glad I'm not the only one who see's this cold hearted biotch, Joyce, for who she really is. Its a shame that this is going on at such a tragic time for your family. God Bless you all! Stay strong and love one another and be proud of who you are. God created us all equal but a few people seem to forget that. My prayers go out to each and everyone of you.