Car wreck claims life of local man

A Monroeville man was killed and his brother was injured during an accident that ripped a car in half early this morning on Ridge Road. The passenger, Michael D. Brant, 29, of 2612 Ohio 162, was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood. It's unknown if he was wearing a seat belt because of the damage to the right side of the vehicle.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


A Monroeville man was killed and his brother was injured during an accident that ripped a car in half early this morning on Ridge Road.

The passenger, Michael D. Brant, 29, of 2612 Ohio 162, was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood. It's unknown if he was wearing a seat belt because of the damage to the right side of the vehicle.

Norwalk Fire Capt. William Knadler estimated Brant was thrown about 50 or 60 feet from the 1993 Dodge Intrepid driven by Timothy A. Brant, 26, of 330 Peru Center Road, Monroeville.

Knadler was one of 11 firefighters who assisted North Central EMS and established a landing zone for the medical helicopter which took Timothy Brant, who was wearing his seat belt, to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. There was no further information from the hospital or the state Highway Patrol on his condition this morning.

Sgt. Mary Mack said Timothy Brant sustained what may have been internal injuries to his chest area.

Knadler said the back half of the Intrepid looked like it was torn through the passenger area and the front section had part of the passenger side ripped off.

"The car was so torn up, it was kind of hard to tell," he said, adding that it appeared the vehicle probably hit a bridge abutment at an angle on the passenger side.

Timothy Brant was heading south on Ridge Road near South Norwalk Road about 2:15 a.m. today when he failed to negotiate a curve. He went off the right side of the road and hit a guardrail and bridge, which ripped the Intrepid in half from front to back and ejected the passenger, troopers said.

Mack said both halves of the vehicle were about 100 feet apart on the same side of the road where the driver left Ridge Road. No charges have been filed in the ongoing investigation.


jennifer (Anonymous)

my prayers and thought are with u tim .u guys took my old car and my mom told me about the accident. i don't get that news up here in michigan.

jamie mullins (...

the highway patrol and huron county sheriffs department need to patrol Ridge Rd. more often too look out for people speeding and driving reckless. My cousin just wrecked on Ridge Rd. about two weeks ago cause he was speeding do 65-75 MPH.How many people will get hurt before something is done.

jamie mullins (...

the highway patrol and huron county sheriffs department need to patrol Ridge Rd. more often too look out for people speeding and driving reckless. My cousin just wrecked on Ridge Rd. about two weeks ago cause he was speeding do 65-75 MPH.How many people will get hurt before something is done. But my prayers go out to the whole Brant Family.

Aunt Loretta (A...

Mike is with the Heavenly Father and Tim is laying @ Toledo Hospital asking where his brother is , I can picture what my sister and her family has to face. Accidents are a terrible nightmare and when something like this happens all we can do is look to God. Picture in your mind that you was driving and got into an accident with your brother or sister and there life was taken. It's something that stays with you the rest of your life.The pain will remain in the depth of our hearts 4-ever.GOD BLESS MY SISTER AND HER FAMILY AND MY GODS ANGEL WRAP THERE WINGS AROUND THEM AT THIS TIME OF NEED AND ALWAYS

johnboy (Anonymous)

Mike, you will be missed and never forgotten.

sorrytohear... ...

This is a terrible thing for the family...Once the highway patrol releases the results of the investigation, we'll all see it was something that was entirely preventable.
Even so, thoughts and prayers to the family.

hello (Anonymous)

I heard the car was traveling quite fast...maybe up to 100 mph. If people would follow the law, things like this wouldn't happen.

Tanna Frey (Ano...

Youve never left my heart over the years, I asked about you all the time. You will be missed and never forgotten. Look over the rest of us down here. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

Realistic Human...

This is in response to Jami Mullins comment. You can't blame the police for not patrolling the area enough. If people drink and drive, or speed, that's their choice. It's sad that things like this happen, but these things will continue to happen as long as people make bad decisions. What I think is really upsetting is that each year thousands of innocent people are killed because of people like Tim. Everyone over the age of 2 knows that if you drive crazy, or under the influnce things like this will happen. I can't feel sorry for someone who brought this on themselves. The truth hurts - but he asked for it!

Aunt Loretta (A...

If people cann't post anything anything nice, then don't post anything at all.Realistic Human posted a sad comment. Well do you know people that talk on cell phones kill more people each year , then people that drink and drive. So , do you have a cell phone.Two years ago my other sisters son was killed because a lady just had to talk on her cell phone.

Cell Phone Free...

As a matter of fact Loretta, I don't have a cell phone. I don't believe in them. I'm a total enviromentalist, I even drive a hybrid car and recycle everything I can. Don't get me wrong, I do feel bad for the family, I just don't think people should blame the police for not patrolling the area enough. I do realize that blame is one of the steps off the grieving process, maybe that is what's happening here. I just don't like people to point the finger at the wrong person, the driver is the one responsible in this accident wether you like it or not. Mike knew the risk he was taking when he stepped into the car with a drunk driver.

sorrytohear... ...

What good would patrolling that area do? It's not a sharp curve where the crash happened, and it's not a high-accident area.
There were other factors involved...Once the Highway Patrol releases the results, we'll know how fast the car was moving (triple digit speeds?), and if or how much alcohol was involved.
This is a tragedy that shouldn't have happened.

me (Anonymous)


sharon hicks (A...

First, my heart goes out to this family. I'm sure the worst is yet to come for them and Timothy. He will have to live with his guilt for the rest of his life. I am not judging anyone as I have a brother who has 25 DUI's in this state alone. Fortuantly, he has never hurt anyone but himself.
There are many ways to look at this accident. The law will only look at it as he killed his brother. I'm sure his brother was well aware of the dangers but that does not enter ones mind at the moment and if it does it doesn't matter to them at that time or they would not get into a vehicle. If my brother would have had an accident that took a family member he could not live with himself. But we are human and we do many things we know we shouldn't. I'm sure Tim did not force Mike to go or physically force him into the vehicle. It was Mike's choice to make and he chose to go. So who's fault is it, Mike's for going or Tim's for not making him find another ride?? There is always more than one way to look at a situation. But the powers to be of Huron county will look at it only one way. And what is this going to fix? It will be devastating to the family to have to go thru but worse for Tim who already is going to have to live with the guilt the rest of his life. And is this going to bring back Mike? Would he want his brother to go thru this, I'm sure not! Does he blame his brother, I'm sure not!
But, like my brothers and sons, they have the "name and reputation" that the judicial system makes and example of. They just look at the name and judge never bothering to look at the circumstances. Never getting a fair trial like the "good" people in this county or the ones who have their money to buy them their way out.
Perfect example is my son who is currently in the county jail serving a 10 days sentence. He does this every 6 months because he refuses to do anger management counceling orderd by Judge Ridge almost 3 years ago. He said he will not just to show him he was innocent and will never do it if he has to go to jail for 10 days every 6 months for the next 20 years. My other son was charged with aiding a drug dealer. He has done almost 6 months and is facing the other 5 months as soon as they apprenhend him. Why, because the dealer himself is not even on probation so he said screw it and stopped reporting to his probation officer and quit drug court. He will spend the rest of his tim e in prison and the dealer, well guess what he's doing??
I've heard there was drugs alcohol and speed involved and that they were no "stranger's" to the law. So that tells you one thing, they have already judged them and he will be put thru hell. Its sad that that was even said as what does it have to do with any of this. A man lost his life and unfortuanty his brother was driving but the media has to put remarks like that in the story, why?
I do not know these men. My older son went to school with Mike. I just happened to see the comments about this accident and decided to comment myself.

Rachel (Anonymous)

He was a good man. If you didnt know him then stay out of it.

A MOTHER (Ano...


law student (An...

Everyone knows that if it would have been some random drunk driver that killed this young man the whole family would be fighting to press charges and have him thrown in prison for the rest of his life! However, since it was his brother their acting like it was an accident and nothing should be done. I'm sure he feels awful, just as anyone would if they took a persons life. So why should we spare him punishment but persicute the next man. The law is the law, no matter if it's family or not. Ask yourself how you would feel if it were a stranger that took his life.

sharon (Anonymous)

to law student: the difference is this was not a random drunk driver. This young man had a choice, he did not have to ride with his brother but he choose too. I'm sure he had friends or other family members he could have called. Or another choice was to call a cab, which Norwalk has. So this was not a randon drunk driver causing a fatal accident. He choose his fate at his own free will I'm sure. I'm sure his brother did not force him in the vehicle and intentionally set out to end his life. They were probally both intoxicated and their judgement imparied but that is what happens when people think they can drink or do drugs and drive. If they would have caused an accident that caused an innocent persons life to be taken then yes, punish them to the fullist extent of the law. I'm sure this family has had enough grief and Timothy will punish himself far greater from guilt than any form of punishment the court could ever impose on him. This family needs time to heal not go thru all the court battles and having their sons names splatterd all over the newspapers making things far more tragic than they already are for the loved ones of Mike.
A word of wisdom to those of you who are so eager to point the finger and judge someone else, just be careful because your words can come back and bite you right in the behind. espically if you have children coming up or even grandchildren, you never know when it will be your family.


Rachel,His rap sheet says otherwise. It's full of convictions for criminal behavior.
It seems he and his brother made a number of bad decisions.
Now, one of those decisions has cost the man his life, and quite possibly, his brother's freedom.
This accident was a terrible thing. I'm just glad someone completely innocent, a law-abiding citizen wasn't hurt or killed in this crash.
BTW: Drinking and driving isn't a mistake. It's a crime.

just_me (Anonymous)

Yes, drinking and driving is a crime...and so is speeding! Both these brothers have lengthy criminal records and the one driving needs to be punished for getting behind the wheel. I'm just glad an innocent person wasn't hurt.

MADD (Anonymous)

Why are people making it seem like Tim was the victim? He was driving under the influence, it's not that hard to figure out who's to blame1

Cell phone user...

Aunt Loretta, how can you possibly state cell phone cause more accidents or kill more people than drinking and driving. Cite your sources for this information. It is totally irresponsible for you to spout for as fact something such as this just to try and defend these boys for drinking and driving. It is a terrible accident if the evidence shows that a crime was committed then there should be a punishment.

Throw the book....

Does anyone remember the young girl who was driving a high rate of speed and killed the people in her own car? Everyone wanted to throw the book at her. Those kids got into the car willingly also, should she have been let off the hook because she feels bad about it or didn't mean to do it?

sharon (Anonymous)

I also agree with cell phones causing accidents. I have almost been hit many times only to see someone too busy talking on their phone than paying attention. I get so mad I want to jump out of my car and smack it right out of their hands. I think cell phones should only be used in a vehicle if there is an emergency and then pull over to take or make the call.
And as I said earlier, people have already found this man guilty based on his past record. If it had been a child then yes, punish him to the fullest extent of the law. The child has no fear of a drunk driver nor does he have a say. He gets into a vehicle trusting the adult he is going with. But these were two adult men who knew the dangers but chose to drive and ride anyways and they are paying the price. No one else was involved, thank God, so let it be. Give the man his DUI and alcohol and drug counceling and his jail time and be done with it. He is going to suffer far mare with his own guilt to live with than anyone could ever impose on him.

Throw the book....

Sharon, If he was intoxicated while driving then he needs to be punished period. It is bull crap to say that because he will regret his actions that he should not be punished. I am sure there are a lot of people who commit crimes that regret their actions after the fact. The point is that it is no secret that drinking and driving is dangerous and against the law, so just because he knew the risks and the person he killed knew the risks does not excuse it and give them a free pass to get out of jail.

sharon (Anonymous)

To-throw the book....You have your opinion and I have mine and so does everyone else. We all know very well what the judicial system is going to do to this man as I am sure he knows himself. I'd be wishing it were me who died about right now as I am sure it has crossed his mind many times this past week. Just remember, someday you or another family member could be in this very situation and how would you feel. It can happen to any of us. And no, I do not drink, in case you were wondering. My own family by their drinking and driving taught me long ago, drinking and driving do not go together. As a matter of fact it taught me not to drink at all. I vowed as I watched my brother rack up his 25 record DUI's I would never have one. His brother lost his life, his siblings lost their brother, a mother and father lost their son and I'm sure if you asked any one of them they all would have the same response....let it alone and let us heal as a family. I'm sure they do not want to lose Timothy to a prison cell. Who will benefit from that, the people out their pointing their fingers, or the judicial system who feel they have to see justice is served to make the people out here pointing fingers happy. And last of all, do you think Mike wants his brother and family to have to go thru more than they already have? Do you think he is pointing his finger to blame and condem, I really doubt it. Do you think he wants his brother to be behind bars and his family to have to see that on top of loosing him, I really doubt it very much. One last thought, opinions are like _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, we all have one. And I am not here to argue with anyone. We should be more concerned in his family that are left and helping them. And I have not seen one word of concern for Timothy and how he is doing. Remember, he was injured also and also lost his brother. I'm sure a few kind words would be helpful. I do not know any of them personaly but my prayers are with them, as well as everyones should be.

SADD (Anonymous)

So do you think all drunk drivers should be let go? That's what it sounds like to me. I do feel sorry for the family, but I have no simpathy for Tim.

norwalk residen...

You really should read your comment over before posting it. I can not believe you would honestly want this man to go free. What if it were your child he killed? It might just be if he is set free. How can you even compare talking on a cell phone to driving while intoxicated? I think you should seek some counseling of your own. I bet if Mike would of got a ride home from a stranger and this happened the family would be suing the person and want them in jail. It doesn't make it okay because they are brothers- get real!

A friend of mik...

I think you all should grow up and mind your own damn business. It hard on all the family and friends to lose mike. But it would be hard to see Tim behind bars also. THey were both in the wrong, and none of us can do anything about it now. You guys sitten here online arguing back and forth isnt going to do anything.My love goes out to the brant family.

brittney-the co...

norwalk resident-i too think that timothy should go free. juss because he happened to have been drinking doesnt mean anything. and you know what the police also said that there was a third party. did you think about that one? i've seen all timothy's injuries and none of them are drivers side. so how could he have been drinking and driving when none of his injuries are driver's side? there had to be a third party. no one know for sure but we will get to the bottom of it. yes, if people would follow the law maybe the world would be a better place. but no one is perfect. not even you. you probably broke the law. who kno's i dont know you but i do know my cousins. they would never try to hurt one another because they love eachother with everything in side of them. and try looking at this whole situation from your side of view. what if some one killed your brother or sister of cousin, what would you do? would you be on here trying to get some1 locked up? no you'd be greving like our family is trying to do and not worring about some1 trying to lock up any1 else. how cold-hearted can you people get. i love all my family members. and i'll fight for each and every1 of them. timothy did not do this to michael, i know that for a fact. leave our family alone. i'm tierd of asking. im just leting you know timothy is a great guy. stop accusing him of a crime im almost certin he didnt do. LEAVE US ALONE.